Life Is About Experiences (Yes Man Movie)

The other night I watched the movie yes man with Jim Carey (affiliate link).

The movie is about a guy who lives a very average life. He has a dead end job at a bank and has been there for ages, doesn’t get promoted, divorced, is depressed, lives alone and watches movies every night and is just a real down guy.

His friends and boss invite him to things but he always turns them down. Often making up excuses that he has plans when all he is going to do is stay home.

Hobos ask him for money and he ignores them as well.

One night his mate invites him to something important and he forgets to go. Then his mate comes over and tells him he is a bad friend and he’s going to end up alone with no one if he continues to act the way he does.

He feels bad about this and the next day as if my coincidence he runs into his happy highly energetic mate who tells him he is part of a group where you have to say YES to everything.

At first he is hesitant but he ends up going to the seminar.

In the seminar he is closed off at first but the guy running it gets into his head and convinces him that from now on he has to say YES! To every opportunity that presents itself no matter what it is.

Now this part of the movie is really cool. He starts saying yes and as if by magic opportunities lead to more opportunities.

For example a hobo asks him for a lift and he takes him to this park and lets the hobo use his phone until the battery dies, then the hobo asks him for all his money and he gives it to him because he must say yes.

Then after dropping him off his car runs out of fuel so he has to walk to a gas station where he meets this cute girl who drives him back to his car on her moped and hooks up with him.

After that he’s thinking how the magic of saying yes is working.

After that he says yes to everything, flying lessons, Korean lesions, going to a rave, a gig, yoga and other things.

With all this saying yes he has lots of experiences and opportunities presented to him.

I won’t give away the whole movie but basically after while some bad things start to happen and he asks the guy who led the seminar why and he said he was only meant to say yes to everything at the start to get him going but the main point of the seminar is that eventually.


That was the magic and truth and point of the movie.

Where am I going with this? It’s just a movie I know but the movie has a very good point.

You see, life is all about EXPERIENCES

Life itself is one big experience.

Looking back in your life, what do you remember? Do you remember every day that you worked at your job? Do you remember the average days/weekends when you did the same things?

Or do you remember when you did that new experience? Do you remember when you travelled overseas? Went to that new place to eat? Went sky diving? Snowboarding? Etc.

Life is all about these experiences. It’s not just about the mundane task you do every day. When you are on your death bed you want to look back on your life and remember all the different things you did.

If you just spent your whole life accumulating money or something its quiet a boring experience less life.

When you try new experiences, your life becomes colourful when you do the same shit all the time your life becomes black and white.

Some experiences you could try are,

Travelling to different countries

Going to a music festival

Going sky diving

Going bungee jumping

Taking flying lessons

Going hot air ballooning

Learning a new language

Playing a musical instrument


Kite surfing


Mountain biking


Water jet boarding

And many more things, list them in the comment section guys to give us all ideas!

Another cool point about the movie that I never thought of is the OPPORTUNITY that presents itself when you do new things.

For example you could be taking music lessons and in that class you might meet a cute girl and you could get a job based on having music lessons on your resume or you could start a YouTube channel and teach other people music or that cute girl you’re banging from music lessons might have a friend who gives you are great business idea or she might tell you about how she travelled to some country you’ve never heard about and now you want to go there or she might just murder you….haha jokes!

See guys, the meaning of life is to enjoy life, experience it and be happy.

Just make sure you don’t spend all your money on experiences to point where you’re broke.

Live life in a good balance where you have a few good experiences a year. most of the time they are quiet cheap anyways.

Thanks for reading guys!

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