Will The Stock Market Always Go Up?

will the stock market always go up?

will the stock market always go up?

Hey guys

Its common knowledge that the stock market will always go up over time because historically its returned about 8 % per year so people assume it will continue to do this but how can we be so sure it will? what if it doesnt?

Take a look at Japans stock market for instance, it has not gone up over time it sort of went down then went up again to form a upside down V shape.

I watched the below youtube video yesterday and it really opened my eyes to the possibility that the stock maket may not go up in the future because of all the baby boomers retiring and cashing out there retirement funds.

Anyway watch this video and let me know what you think in the comment section below. It seems that dividend investing is a good plan going forward but i’m not to sure and also i’m not qualified to give financial advice.

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