Why You Shouldn’t Delete Tinder Matches

Here’s why you shouldn’t delete tinder matches.

At the moment I have over 1000 matches on my tinder account. I had a different tinder account before that which had over 2000 matches. And I live in a city of over 2 million people.

Why don’t I delete old matches? To filter out girls that I’m not interest in or girls who are time wasters.

Here’s how it works. A lot of those matches are girls that I wasn’t interested in. So I didn’t talk to them but I didn’t delete them so they won’t show up again. I don’t just swipe right on every girl. But sometimes I match a girl I must of kind of thought was cute but when we match and I look at her pics and profile I realised I’m not interested. I could just delete her but then she’ll show up again.

That’s one small reason, but here’s the big reason!

Of the girls I am interested in. I will talk to them/try to make something happen.

Some of those girls do end up being meetups/lays

As for the rest, some don’t reply, others reply, others meet up but then go quiet.

Now I don’t want those girls to show up when I’m swiping tinder again. So I don’t unmatch them.

And here’s the main thing. Like I said before in this article. A DIFFICULT WOMAN REMAINS DIFFICULT

There are yes, no and maybe girls. Once you find out a match is a no or maybe then you don’t want to match her again and waste your time again.

And you will forget about her and match her again and it won’t go anywhere again just like I explained in that article.

I live in a pretty big city (more than 2 million people) and I still continually saw the same girls show up over and over again to swipe on.

I even matched with these girls over and over and what happened was the same thing. It didn’t go anywhere.

Then I realised if I match these girls I will not unmatch them.

Sometimes they will unmatch you or make a new account and will show up again. You can’t do much about that. If you match just don’t unmatch them or if you remember them just swipe left.

Out of my current over 1000 tinder matches I know I have attempted to make something happen with the majority of them who I found attractive. I did with a lot of them but as for the rest. That’s hundred’s of girls who won’t show up again that I forgot about who won’t waste my time again.

Trust me, there will be plenty of yes girls who will make it a breeze to meet up, chat, date, lay etc.

A lot of those other ones just love attention, are bored, not interested, looking for Instagram follows etc. and in my experience they don’t change. A difficult woman remains difficult.

Just like in sales, you will make the most sales to people who actually want your product/service and have the means to purchase it.

When I worked in sales most of the time the sales came when someone just came in and wanted something. Not me trying to sell it to them. This is why if you want to go into sales you should chose a company that has a good product/service and you know the sales guys there are making bank.

When I called old leads, I rarely made any sales out of it.

You want to focus on girls who actually are keen and sexually available. Not chase old unavailable leads or rematching those old dead leads.

I hope that helps guys. Just a quick tip.

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