Why You Should Stay In College


How many times have you heard “if you want to be rich, don’t go to college!”?

Usually the person saying this or something similar is some blogger who read one to many motivational books about how bill gates or someone else dropped out or didn’t go to college and ended up as a billionaire!!

Now I’m not saying that you need to go to college (Uni as we call it here in Australia) to become a millionaire, I’m just saying that it’s not actually such a bad idea to stay in college and finish it.

Not many people know what they want to do straight out of high school, and they lack real world experience so even if they have a good idea of what they want, it might not work out the way they expected.

The best advice I can give someone if they are planning to go to college is to choose a course that they are either interested in or talented at.

If you believe early on into the course that it is definitely not what you want to do, choose a different course that you think you will like should you wish to stay in college.

Some people don’t want to go to college and that’s fine, they may be interested in or talented in a field that doesn’t require a degree, for example, a mechanic, electrician, sales, transport and plenty more.

Whether you go to college or not doesn’t matter, what matters is working at a job that is right for you and your situation, choosing a job that you are interested in or talented in will make things go a lot smoother and you will be more successful at it.

Some people study a degree in a higher paying field and chase a higher paying job due to lifestyle needs and wants, and that’s ok to and that’s a decision you will have to make by yourself.

Whether or not you go to college isn’t relevant if your goal is getting rich because successful businesses are in all areas of the economy.

For example,

A mechanic might identify a need for a product or service in mechanics or a related industry and strike it rich.

A sales person might identify a need and strike it rich.

An accountant might start a share fund and strike it rich.

An engineer might start a plant or identify a need in that industry and strike it rich.

Most of the people who say “don’t go to college!” or “drop out of college!” don’t know the big picture.

They are thinking that college is a waste of time because it’s expensive and you’re better off using that money to start a business because rich people don’t work for people!!! Or some bullshit like that.

Look, they are sort of right, but they don’t get the big picture, some businesses are created because that person was already working in that field, has the knowledge, the degree, the connections, the experience and after some years working in that field, sometimes many, identified a need and started a business, usually not just motivated by money, but often to provide value to the world.

All you have to do is look around at who’s really rich, just some examples that I know of..

A man I know studied civil engineering, became a civil engineer and after many years in the industry and connections, started an concrete plant and now is a very rich man.

My friends dad who studied real estate and worked as a real estate agent for most of his life and only recently in his 50’s set up his own realty company that is doing well.

Another friends dad who started working as an electrician (no college degree) and started an electrician business and now is making a lot of money.

A man who started working as a mechanic in the mining industry and saw an opportunity to start a mining services company and is now a rich man.

Or the housewife with no college degree who starts a hobby making jams and goes on to become a millionaire.

The guy who studies IT and makes an app or IT services company and makes millions

The point Is, successful businesses can come out of any area of the economy, yes college is expensive, but if you want to do a certain course you should, one day you could identify a need or want in your area and strike it rich, you could pay back your college degree numerous times.

This is why chasing money directly isn’t the whole story, for example, you might think ok what I am going to do is work two jobs, save every cent and buy shares or property my whole life and end up wealthy, not rich by the time your 70, when some kid who likes computers goes to college, studies software design and makes an app for fun, and ends up making more money than you would of got if you had two life time’s doing what you’re doing.

I’m not saying working hard and investing in shares or property is bad either, it’s another path to wealth, a slower path, but a path some people might need to take.

I’m also not saying you always need to follow your passions or interest to get rich, but you might as well because even if you identified a need in an unrelated area, you will likely lack the skills and experiences to make it and you will probably not identify the need because you are in an unrelated industry.

The reason the “don’t go to college” preachers are usually bloggers is because they have no other options, so they start blogs giving their knowledge out because they haven’t specialised, I’m quiet guilty of this myself, yes I am trying to discover a need to start a business, but many needs and areas I don’t have access to because I am not in that area.

Many of the fastest growing businesses today are in IT, cloud computing and other IT areas, so someone who studied IT and works in that industry has an edge.

Back to finishing college, if you have finished most of your degree and you decide you want to drop out and not return to college, if you don’t have a better opportunity to go to, I suggest you finish your degree for a few reasons.

Nothing you do will be wasted; you are learning great skills in verbal and nonverbal communication at college.

You are gaining experience and knowledge, everything we do in life is a learning experience we will remember forever, you never know when what you learnt will come in handy.

The fact that you finished your degree will be good on your resume, it shows that you can persist and get the job done, even if you are getting a job in an unrelated field.

You will have some fun, college can be more fun than working full time, you get to learn and hang out with a lot of people your own age and have many good experiences.

You will become more knowledgeable, you will usually have well developed skills in reading, studying, computers and many other things regardless of what course you take.

There are plenty of other reasons finishing your degree will benefit you down the track, look even if you don’t finish, you will still have learnt something that will help you later on.

So there you have it people, if you know you don’t want to go to college because you want to be a gardener or something, don’t go, doesn’t mean you won’t be successful, and if you like or are good at managing money and decide to study accounting, do it, just remember to take action and work hard.

Another thing, some people want to go to college but can’t afford it, in this case, you must do whatever you can to put yourself through college, get a second job or higher paying job, get government assistance, study part time over a longer period of time, whatever, no excuses if you haven’t tried your best to put yourself through it.

The main thing is that you people are smart with your money, that your taking action and going after what you want in life, that you are happy, that you are making the most of it and become the best version of yourself J

“If you want to be rich and successful, go to college, or don’t, do whatever the fuck you want or have to do – LP”

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