Why Hot Girls Make So Much Money

Why hot girls make so much money

Ever wanted to know why young attractive escorts, strippers, topless waiters, cam girls, private snap chat and amateurs on porn hub make so much money from men when all they are doing is sex?

Well in this article I am going to explain why!

You might of heard of a young hot escort charging anywhere from $200 to $300, $500, $600 or even $1000 or more for just half an hour of sex! But why is that?

How can a young hot girl with lots of Instagram followers open up a only fans private snap chat/patreon and get men to subscribe to her for hundreds of dollars a month just for her to strip and show herself nude?

How can an amateur on porn hub do the same and make heaps of money in tips?

Why do men pay for sex? Or pay to see a girl nude? Why?

Well you are now going to learn why.

The meaning of life is SURVIVAL and REPRODUCTION.

Number 1 = SURVIVAL (stay alive, avoid danger, have shelter, find food and water)

Pretty easy in today’s living standards right?

On to the next one

Number 2 = REPRODUCTION (every living thing is biologically wired to try to reproduce!)

Reproduction must be done to ensure the continued survival of the species.

This is why everyone is biologically wired to want to reproduce.

Men want to reproduce with women.

Women want to reproduce with men.

Of course in today’s world we have condoms and contraception so reproduction is optional but the underlying desire is still there!

But men and women don’t just have an urge to reproduce with any man or woman, they need to be attractive to us.

And what is attraction?

We feel attracted to men or women where we subconsciously believe that reproduction with them will ensure our offspring has the greatest chance of SURVIVAL (there’s that word again)

How this manifest is men being attracted to young, healthy, cute girls with nice legs, breast, lips, ass, skin and long hair.

This signals to the man that if he has sex with her he offspring will be healthy and strong; the opposite would be if you he was to sleep with an 80 year old grandma.

So when a man sees a girl like this, his biology is saying “I want to have sex with her with no condom and ejaculate inside her”

The same goes for women

When a woman sees a tall, strong, masculine, cool, confident, rich, famous guy it explains to her that her offspring with  have a high chance of survival because they will be protected against threats, they will have good security in the community because of the wealth and status.

When she sees a guy like this she subconsciously thinks (I want that guy to ejaculate inside me..especially when I’m ovulating)

Weird right but that’s how we work haha

Men are more sexually attracted to the looks of a girl and women are more attracted to looks as well as the other things like money and fame.

To learn about attraction in detail please read my attraction article here.

So both men and women want sex as much as each other because we have that underlying need to reproduce.

So why it is that only woman are making so much money when they sell themselves? Doesn’t it make sense that men should also be paid just as much for doing the same thing?

That leads me to my next point.

The slut stigma

What is the slut stigma? Well when a guy sleeps with a lot of girl’s guys might commend him, but when a girl sleeps with a lot of guys she might be labelled a slut. But why is that?

For a guy it might take a bit of work to sleep with a lot of girls, he might have to be good looking, approach a lot, swipe a lot, have skill, logistics and bunch of other things (that you can learn from my site) just so he can sleep with a handful of girls.

But girls are different, even girls that you would rate a 5 or 6 out of ten can go out and get laid in 10 minutes just by offering free sex to random guys. They would just offer free sex to maybe a few guys and it won’t be long before some guy takes her offer up. Think about it. But why is this? If a guy did this he would be slapped and arrested.

Why is it so easy for girls to get laid but they don’t because they will get labelled a slut?

Going back to biological explanation, a girl wants to get pregnant and reproduce, but she doesn’t want to go out there and get impregnated by multiple men and have all these kids to different dads and try to raise them on her own.

She wants to find a high value man and reproduce and give those kids the highest chance of survival by staying with him and raising the kids.

Another thing is while she is pregnant (9 months) and raising babies she won’t be out there sleeping with random dudes.

But today we have birth control, so theoretically she could go out there and sleep with as many guys as she wants but the underlying wiring is still there so that is why there is a stigma.

So girls usually don’t want to be looked at this way in society so they don’t go around sleeping with as many guys as they want (unless they can keep it secret lol)

So girl tend to keep their sexual partners low

But guys are different, there wiring tells them to reproduce with many different girls “spread there seed”

So we have a situation where guys want to sleep with as many girls as they can but girls don’t sleep with as many guys as they can which causes the supply and demand ratio to be unbalanced.

In finance, when demand is high and supply is low, PRICES GO UP!

And that’s why young hot escorts, strippers and cam girls make so much money!

They are the most in demand thing on the planet for us humans!

Think about it!

Besides survival the most in demand thing for a guy is reproduction with a young hot girl and because competition restricts a lot of men from obtaining this need, they pay good money for it!

This is why an old, low value man will exchange $500 of his cold hard earned cash for half an hour of sex with a 22 year old hot escort with a hot body and youthful face.

It’s pretty funny when you think about it, it’s just sex, some weird thing that us living things do, but its got to the point where we pay that much money for it!

And because the supply and demand is so high, these girls make a fortune! There is an older guy at my work who once said that every girl is sitting on a gold mind and he is absolutely correct lol!

This escorts are making $300 for half an hour tax free! Let’s be generous and say they see 5 guys a day 5 days a week. That’s $7500 a week! Which is almost 400k a year! tax free! That’s like earning 800k before tax. Very hard to do for a guy.

But any attractive woman can do that if she wishes, but most don’t because of the stigma that is still wired into them.

Now days the stigma is less and less so in the future we might see more and more girls do this, and that will bring prices down, and maybe more girls will pay guys for this, and they will make more.

But who knows, by then we might even have advanced sex robots that all those thirsty dudes start using instead and will not pay for sex anymore.

That’s it guys I hope you now understand how hot girls make money lol

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