What Is Your Personality Type?

Hey guys! Hope you are well 🙂

So I have heard about the Myers Briggs personality test before but never really took much notice of it..

But lately I’ve been seeing in a lot of girls profiles on Tinder and Bumble their personality types so you will see in their bio things like ETSP or INFJ.

At first I didnt really take much notice of it but latley ive been seeing it a lot on many different girls profiles!

I looked it up, its a personality test that ranks people into 16 different personalities based on the results from the test.

Once you have your results you will get a description of your personality type or types (you can have more than one)

This is really helpful because the description is often very much true of your personality! it feels like the description knows you better than you know yourself lol!

You will see what jobs you are suited for, what personality types you will work best with in a relationship and much more.

Heres a link to a good site where you can test yours.

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