What Happens If You Don’t Message Your Tinder Matches?

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For the last two months I conducted an experiment. I used tinder like usual, swiping right on girls I found attractive (above a 7) sent out my 1 super like a day and got matches.

However I did one thing different.


What happened?

I matched with quite a lot of girls over this 2 month period; all of these girls were in the 7-10 range in looks.

Now, my guess is that I am an 8 in looks, I’m 6 foot tall, in shape, good style, good hair/hair style and my photos on tinder have got me results in the past.

Also my past lays were with girls in the 7-9 range in looks with the occasional 10s so I’m guessing I’m around an 8 out of 10 in looks. So what happened?


Only a few did, the rest just stayed as matches.

After a while the matches just stayed as matches or they unmatched me.

I’ve always wanted to do this experiment, my usual process is open every match I find attractive then have some small talk with her and then pitch the date.

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Using that method I played the numbers game and screened out all the girls who aren’t sexually available and go on dates and have sex with girls from 1 out of 2 of those dates.

So my usual process of putting in the work got me laid regularly with different girls from tinder. But it takes work!

I was always curious to see if not putting in work would make me seem more “hard to get” and girls would message me first.

So I did that and it doesn’t work! And it’s not like I’m a guy that has nothing going for him in the looks department.

So what did we learn?

You have to keep putting in the work! Girls won’t pursue you! I can’t speak for a guy who is a 10 out of 10 in attractiveness/looks but for most guys you need to message her first on tinder.

Although women want equality I still think they want a guy who makes the first move and leads them through the process.

Guys out there will say “you need a more engaging bio” or “you need photos of you doing something interesting” or “you need to have a funny profile” but that’s bullshit

That’s clown game. Clown game might engage a girl in a stupid conversation but clown game isn’t sexy and won’t get you laid. Clown game will get you friends.

Looking attractive and putting in work on tinder will get you sex.

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