Try New Experiences

When you think about it, life is one big experience, you are experiencing reality and everything about it. Throughout your life you have experienced different new things about this thing called life such as the weather, food, travel, people, fun, the beach, technology and everything else!

I realised not too long ago the importance of trying as many new experiences as you can in your life!

You won’t remember everyday working at your job, but you will remember when you went paint balling with your friends or when that time you went for a hike in that forest in Europe!

So try many experiences, set a goal that you will try a new experience/hobby this year. Your goal can be something like “I will do a new experience every quarter”

For example in the first 3 months of the year you might plan and go on a hike at a hiking spot in your area, then within the next 3 months you do road trip, then in the next 6 months because it’s a more involving goal you decided to learn how to surf, it’s up to you!

Just make an effort to try new experiences and hobbies.

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