Is Tinder Plus Worth It?

tinder plus

Is tinder plus worth it?

A few years ago I was about to go on a holiday to japan with some friends. One of my friends told me how he had paid for a 1 month subscription to tinder plus so he could swipe girls who were already in Japan from home in Australia so that when we got there we could link up with girls easily.

I thought about how good of an idea this was but I didn’t get tinder plus myself because I didn’t want to pay for it even though a 1 month pass was only about $20.

Fast forward to about 6 months ago  and I decided to try a 1 year subscription to tinder plus because paying for the year worked out cheaper per month.

The one year subscription cost me $77.

With the subscription to tinder plus I was now able to get unlimited swipes, 5 super likes per day, 1 boost a month and the ability to swipe girls in other countries.

Whereas with free tinder you get limited swipes per day, 1 super like per day, no boost and you can only swipe in your location.

So after about 6 months of having tinder plus was it worth the $77?

In my opinion I say yes, and I will explain now.

Before I was super liking 1 girl a day and now I am super liking 5 girls a day. A lot of girls you super like won’t match you or they do but it doesn’t go anywhere.

But I have slept with girls in the past that were the result of a super like. At least 3.

And in my opinion you just need to sleep with one girl you super like to make the whole year subscription worth it.

Imagine a guy in your city going to see a prostitute for half an hour. He will spend at least $100 for an entry level or up to $300 + for a hotter one.

I know this may be a funny comparison but it’s a good one. That girl you super liked and got laid from cost you $77.

And if you sleep with 2, 3, 4 or more from super likes that year that cost goes down even more lol

So it’s worth it just for the extra super likes.

As for the other benefits. The unlimited likes comes in handy more if you live in a big city (2 million people +)

If you live in New York, London or Sydney the unlimited likes feature comes in very handy.

As for the ability to swipe girls overseas. It’s definitely a plus.

I recently got laid on a trip to USA from a girl I met off tinder that I was talking to before I left Australia.

For more about this, read my article how to get laid overseas.

So tinder plus is worth it in my opinion. I use it more to sleep with multiple girls but you may wish to use the features to find a girlfriend or wife and that’s fine to you can use the benefits to help you do that.

One thing I would like to add is that don’t expect miracles. Most of the time the super likes and boost (I don’t care about boost much) won’t get you that much of a better result.

At the end of the day the girls keen on you or she isn’t. Super liking her isn’t going to change her mind.

It may just be that one little thing that opens the door though.

Thanks for reading guys. For more on how to pick up girls from tinder and other pick up and get laid advice please read my articles below.

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