The World Is All Connected


I recently realised something interesting about the world.

The world is all connected.

What do I mean by this?

I shall explain.

Imagine if you were on a beach in Australia.

The water that splashes against the shore in Australia is the same water that splashes against the shores of every beach in the world.

You might be on Miami beach, on a beach on a Greek island, on a beach in Thailand. It’s all the same water.

We might NAME the oceans the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. But that’s just names we made up. The earth knows it’s all the same ocean. The animals know it’s all the same ocean.

All the land on earth is the same. Think of Europe, A big piece of land.

We have made names of countries and made different languages and cultures and borders but these are all products of our minds.

Besides an imaginary or actual physical border between one country and the next. Not much changes in terms of the landscape and nature if you went from say France to Switzerland.

If a bird flew from France to Switzerland it doesn’t know it’s in one country or the next. It thinks it’s the same land. It thinks the truth. The bird is smarter than us.

We humans have wars and fights and stuff like that but we are all the same humans living on one big connected planet in space.

We are all smart monkeys living on a rock floating through space.

Now another example.

I want you to imagine a man goes to work at his job in Australia in return for his 8 hours of time and energy he is paid money.

This one man affects the whole world. “Really?” You say. Allow me to explain.

He might go and spend his money in the supermarket that night to buy food for his family.

The supermarket earns the money and pays the girl who works there.

She goes and spends the money on a new hair style at the hair dressers.

The hair dressing company pays the girl who works there.

That girl who works at the hair dressing company is going on vacation to Europe tomorrow!

She takes the money she earned at her job and spends it in Europe on accommodation, lunches, dinners, entertainment, alcohol and tours.

Every place she spends money at pays their staff and cycle goes on. All because of the first guy in Australia earning his money and going to the supermarket!

Actually as you can see now, the cycle started before him. In fact there is no start and end it just goes round and round.

That’s how money is connected to the whole world.

But what is money? Money is just an idea, it’s a means of exchange. Exchange of what you ask?


You see, what did the first guy in Australia really do? He exchange his limited life hours (TIME) and his ENERGY at his job which created VALUE.

Then he got paid a means of exchanging that VALUE called MONEY.

He went to the supermarket because he needed FOOD which is extremely valuable.

Because the supermarket girl helped facilitate the exchange of the food value she was awarded VALUE in the form of money aswel.

So all around the world every second heaps of transactions of VALUE are taking place.

We are all connected.

The car you drive that was built in Germany might have plastic that was made in another country or a gear box made in another country. I just made this up but it’s true in many different products.

Another way the world is connected is how we treat people.

If I was having a bad day and insulted someone. That person would feel like shit and possibly get depressed, or attack someone else later that day, or view the world negatively, which would cause others to be negative and then we have a negative world.

This is why we need to treat each other with respect, positivity, good vibes and all that good stuff.

I hope you now see how the world is all connected and that you should always be good to your fellow humans and other living things.

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