The Secret Law Of Attraction

When I was around 16 or 17 I watched the film “The Secret law of attraction”

If you haven’t seen it already it’s a film about something called the law of attraction.

The law of attraction means that whatever you have in your life and what you will have is all because you attracted it into your life with your thoughts.

For example let’s say you are not rich yet. The Secret says that it’s because you are not thinking “I am rich..I am successful” but because you are thinking “I have no money..i’m poor”

But what about a child that was born with an illness or something, did they attract that to them with their thoughts? Did the parents? Absolutely not!

It says whatever negative things you have had in your life you have caused it by thinking about it.

It says the science behind this is because thoughts are energy and go out into the universe and affect other energy and this causes the same thought frequencies to come back to you and get you what you want.

As a teenager I was mind blown by this film! I was like “wow this is crazy, if this works I will literally have anything I want”

The next day I did an experiment. In the secret it says think about someone and you will hear from them or bump into them. So what I did is all day at school is think about my uncle, thinking that I will hear from him or see him soon.

I went home that day and had a nap with my bedroom door closed, I heard a knock on the door, I opened the door and you wouldn’t believe it! It was my uncle! I was shocked; he goes “hey is your dad around? I was just driving past and thought I would stop by”

In my head I was like what the hell! Is this legit? Or was that just a coincidence?

Another time this worked was when I lost my virginity. I remember I set a goal to lose it by the end of a month not long after I finished high school. I read over that goal every day lol “by the 31st I will lose it” what happened was the last weekend of that month close to the 31st my mate called me asking if I wanted to go to some house party, at that house party was this girl who I met and long story short I slept with her in my car that night. After that night which was about a year after watching the secret I remember thinking holy crap I think this actually works!

Was it the secret or was it just me taking advantage of an opportunity?

Throughout my life I have had more of these seemingly law of attraction experiences.

Quiet often I have thought about someone and not long after I see them. Is this the law of attraction? Or is this some other psychic experience? Or just coincidence? It seems to work a lot with people more so than achieving goals. Telepathy?

As many strange experiences I’ve had I’ve also had nothing happen many times.

I have in the past when experimenting with the secret imagined myself getting rich, having a Ferrari or some other expensive car, getting the hottest girls and other things and didn’t necessarily get that or get it consistently.

So if the law of attraction is real and anyone can get anything they want like they say why didn’t I get 10 of 10 super models in abundance lol? because victoria secret models are dating actors, male models and pro sport players! not some average nobody who’s visualizing dating Adriana Lima lol!

All these law of attraction and self-improvement books and stuff say anyone can get anything they want if they think they can and there is unlimited supply of what they can have and everyone can get what they want because there is unlimited supply.

But I don’t believe in this from what I’ve learned in life now that I’m almost 30.

For example. Success is defined by comparing yourself to the majority. Let’s take an example of owning an exotic car like a brand new Ferrari.

For every Ferrari you see on the road you will see heaps of normal average cars. Why is this? A Ferrari is rare, they make them in low numbers, they are expensive, most people can’t just spend 500kAUD on a brand new Ferrari.

So to be able to comfortably buy one of these you need to be rich. And because of this Ferraris are even more desirable because they are rare, expensive, out of reach, show that you are rich and powerful  etc.

So to get a car that is the minority you need to be richer than the majority.

What is rich? Same thing, it’s defined by comparing yourself to the majority. Did you know that the average net worth of the world is only 10k? This is because many people live in poverty. So if you have more than 10k you are technically above average.

But if you live in Australia or USA 10k is nothing. But if you are earning over 200k or have a few million in the bank you are above average. So it’s all relative.

But it’s hard being rich because of COMPETITION. Read my article where I explain how competition is the reason you can’t always get what you want.

It’s hard for you to get rich because everyone else does to and they are competing against you for jobs, businesses, margins, ROI, everything.

Imagine the economy as a giant tug of war and everyone’s pulling or a giant sandpit with everyone trying to get as much sand as they can and make a big pile with the limited amount of sand in there (exclude inflation)

Same with getting smoking hot girls, every guy wants the hottest girls, look on Instagram, the hottest girls have heaps of followers. There is only X amount of people on Instagram so that means more people than not are following the top hot girls on insta. There is not an unlimited amount of hot girls and people on Instagram.

There is a limited amount of hot girls in the world. Think about it. let’s say the world has 7 billion people and 3.5 billion are guys then there is 3.5 billion girls. The average life expectancy is 80 so that’s 437,500,000 girls in each age range e.g 1-10, 10-20, 20-30 etc. let’s focus on girls 20-30 so we have 437,500,000 girls now let’s divide that on a 1-10 hotness scale lol so that’s 43,750,000 girls that a 1s,2s,3s, all the way to 10 (excuse my shallowness this is just an example I’m not mean lol) ok so let’s say a hot girl is any girl that is an 8,9 and 10 well you have 131,250,000 HOT GIRLS IN THE WORLD BETWEEN 20 AND 30 YEARS OLD.


Yes I know the guys might be married and a lot of those hot girls are taken as well but it’s an example that those 3.5 billion guys are ranked 1-10 on looks scale as well and they all want those girls in their mind so do you see there is no unlimited recourses like the law of attraction states?


This is why those hot girls go for the top guys in terms of attractiveness and a lot of times this is looks so the guys who are the most attractive, read my attraction article here. Get those hot girls. Not guys who get them with their thoughts lol.

So you can see how you can’t just use thoughts and law of attraction because in reality we have order, scarcity and competition.

So knowing this now and also having memories of the law of attraction and other strange things happen what is my view on this?

Well I’m not entirely sure but it seems that when you focus your thoughts on something you identify opportunities more, and perhaps the universe does help you achieve what you want, but maybe people have it misunderstood, because the universe helping you might be the universe telling you why you can’t get what you want just yet.

For example you might visualise yourself with a Ferrari and you think you will attain it by just working hard at your job and saving but then you are walking to the shop one day and you see a Ferrari and you speak to the guy and he tells you he owns a business and then that sparks a thought in your mind that you need a more probable system for generating large sums of money. A business.

So I think the mind does have power and thoughts do have power and we can tap into the universe/god/higher power without thoughts and prayer but at the same time we live in world of reality and the universe explains that to us. (you cant defy gravity and fly off a building because you thought you can)

This is why you need to take massive action on your goals, you need to do the work required. (the harder you work the luckier you get)

Another thing is karma, when we do negative things negative things happen and when we do good and give more we receive back. This seems to be another way the universe works. One thing is for sure is that helping people makes me feel good. When I help you guys I feel good!

What’s your thoughts? Let me know below. I have become more open minded to spiritual things over the last few years as I’ve noticed things in life.

Let me know what you think.

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