The Power Of A To Do List

to do list

Having a daily to do list is so simple but so powerful!

We can think and plan about things as much as we want. But without action it will never manifest into reality.

Taking action is the key to getting things done! action is the work that is necessary to achieve a result.

We first must think/imagine/visualize what we are going to do, then we go ahead and do it.

A to do list is a powerful tool in taking action.

You can literally change your life just by having a daily to do list.

Each day you will be knocking off important things that you never use to before you started using a to do list.

you’ve heard the saying “if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

So if you’ve always just thought about things, planned things but never done things then no wonder you’ve got what you got.

Now you simply list thing you need to do to get where you want to go and you will get there one day.

Remember the compound effect. small daily action adds up over time.

How do you use a to do list?

Very simple.

Each night you make a to do list for the next day. you writ down a list of important things you want to get done the next day that will help you get things done and get you towards your goals.

You can write this list in a physical note pad or on a note on your phone. It doesn’t matter. whatever works best for you.

An example list could be.

Do my affirmations and visualizations for half an hour.

Exercise for 30 minutes

Go renew my passport

Spend one hour working on my side hustle

Your list can be as big or short as you want it to be. But I think under 10 items is best. You don’t want to over commit and find out there isn’t enough time in the day.

If you cant think of anything to put on your list then you need to stop and think about where you really want to go in life, make a plan, set goals, break those goals down into daily increments and that will form your to do list.

You should get done every item you have put on your list. But here’s a tip to make sure you get the most important items done!

I read something similar in the book “the 7 habits of highly effective people” (affiliate link)

In the book it says list your to do list in a quadrant where each quadrant goes from most urgent/important to least urgent important.

I recommend my way which is even better and more simplified.

Simply write a 1 next to the items on your list that a most important and a 2 next to the others that a not as important.

The 1’s should be on urgent things and things that will contribute towards your long term goals. These 100% have to be done today! imagine you have a gun to your head! you absolutely must get these things done as they will have the most positive impact your future and long term success and happiness.

The 2’s need to be done as well but get those 1’s done no matter what!

The best time to get the important stuff done is in the morning hours when you have peak mental and physical energy.

That’s it guys, I promise you if you use this simple tool you will change your life starting from today!

Go ahead and create a to do list for today or tomorrow now!

Let me know in the comments how this simple tool made a positive impact on your life 🙂

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