The Hair Care And Styling Product’s That I Use

In this article I’m going to introduce the hair care products I use and why I think they are the best


I was first introduced to these products when I was in my teens, up until this point in time I was using a hair gel to style my hair.

I didn’t want to use the hair gel anymore because it made my hair look too wet and shiny and also because it didn’t hold very well.

I’ve always had thick hair and I had always had trouble styling it using the current hair gel that I was using, it never seemed to hold where I wanted it to hold or have the right texture.

One day a family friend said he uses American Crew hair products and they were really good, I also noticed that these products were sold at my local barber so I decided to try them out.

Like I said I did not want a gel product anymore, I wanted a wax that held stronger and had less shine.

My barber recommended I try the American Crew Defining paste.

What I found was that it worked really well, I didn’t even have to use much, a little went a long way, it held a lot better than the gel I was using and looked more natural.

Once I finished the first small tub which last quiet a long time despite its small size, I tried the other types of hair products by the same brand and they were all good.

So now I basically have a collection of different tubs depending on how I need my hair to be styled.

I will outline the different tubs I use below with a small description on what you can expect from them, also the images are affiliate links, if you buy from these links you support my site and I will greatly appreciate it.

Defining paste

This was the first one I used, it’s like a wax, has a good hold and medium shine

Moulding clay

This is what I use now; it’s pretty much the same as the defining paste


This is like a gel; it has a good shine, gives a wet look and has a nice clean smell to it

Forming cream

I just recently bought this; it’s like a cream that is a little bit like the gel but with less shine


My barber recommended I wash my hair with shampoo every day and condition it every couple of days, honestly I have never done that.

I have read that the hair produces natural oils that protect it and you shouldn’t wash your hair every day.

Personally I will probably wash my hair once or twice a week with shampoo and then condition it after.

What I do is place a small (coin sized) blob of shampoo in my hand and rub it through my hair, you don’t need much, a little goes a long way and this way the shampoo and conditioner last a long time.

Once you rinse the shampoo out do the same with the conditioner however leave the conditioner in for a bit longer, wash the rest of your body then rinse it out.

What you will find using this conditioner is it leaves a nice tingling feeling after which is pretty cool.

That’s all you have to do, do that once or twice a week.

The shampoo I use is


And the conditioner I use is

Try the products out for yourself guys and let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments below.

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