The Butterfly Effect

the butterfly effect

You may have seen the movie the butterfly effect. It’s an awesome movie if you haven’t seen it then watch it.

In the butterfly effect the main character Evan (Ashton Kutcher) is this guy who has these bad headaches and blacks out and can go back to different times in his life and alter reality.

He had some problems in his past like his mates and him putting a fire cracker in a letter box and hurting someone so he goes back and changes that but what ends up happening is something else gets altered as a result of his change due to something called the butterfly effect.

He goes back in time multiple times and changes different things about his past which seem like a positive change but ends up causing a new negative change.

It’s best to watch the movie for yourself so you can understand plus it’s such a great movie! (Here’s an affiliate link)

So what is the butterfly effect?

The butterfly effect is the idea that a butterfly somewhere can flap its wings and the turbulent wind it creates has the power to manifest into a huge gust of wind somewhere else.

The same concept could say a drop of something in the ocean can cause a ripple that can turn into a huge wave somewhere else.

But simply what I mean by the butterfly effect is that decisions you make affect other areas of your life without you even planning on that happening.

In the awesome book the compound effect (affiliate link)

The author talks about the compound effect which means small choices add up over time into huge things.

For example a person saves $1 every day for 40 years ends up with $14,600.

A second person spends $1 extra a day and ends up with $14,600 less. So now the 2 people are $29,200 apart!

Or a person eats unhealthy every day. While it may seem insignificant, over time it adds up to something really significant.

The compound effect is very straight forward and easy to understand. But the butterfly effect or the ripple effect as it’s called in the compound effect book is different.

In the book he says the ripple effect (butterfly effect) is that when you make the good choices it has other unintentional positive outcomes in your life.

For example let’s say you were getting 6 hours or less sleep a night but now you get a healthy 8 hours sleep a night every night.

The compound effect would ensure over time you are healthy.

But the butterfly effect would look something like this.

You get more sleep so you are a happier and energetic person, this causes you to be more liked, you perform better at work, your boss likes you and your value so you get the promotion, the promotion makes you earn more money, the money, energy and nicer personality you now have causes the cute girl to be attracted to you, you also have more energy to work on your side business after work and play with your kids.

See what I mean?

Now let’s look at the negative butterfly effect.

You drink alcohol every day, over time the compound effect would ensure you spend a lot of money and increase your risk of cancer or a sudden alcohol related accident.

But the butterfly effect would look something like this.

You drink a lot every day, you are drunk so you are not thinking straight so you yell at your wife and kids, you don’t have an appetite so you aren’t eating right, you aren’t sleeping right, you’re tired and hung over at work and you smell, you have less money, less energy and you’re moody, less people like you, you get fired, you fail a breath test and lose your license, your wife leaves you and your kids live with her. That’s just a possible example.

See how the butterfly effect works?

It’s important to know that you must be conscious of your everyday choices and habits because you need to think are they steering me in the direction in life I want to go?

The small seemingly insignificant decisions you make every day add up over time and affect the compound and butterfly effect in ways you might not know about.

So go out there and make the right choices every day and use the compound and butterfly effect to move your like into positivity, success and HAPPINESS! J

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