The Best Places To Meet Women

The Best Places To Meet Women

Hey guys! in this article I will tell you where the best places to meet women are!

We live in a world where everyone is on their phones and staying home a lot on messenger and watching Netflix instead of going out the house and as I will explain you can still meet women this way but there are still many other great places to meet women!

Why not give yourself the best chance of meeting women and use these places to meet women as part of your overall lifestyle?

Who will meet more women? The guy who just uses online methods or the guy who uses all the places in the below list?

By having a busy lifestyle where you are leaving the house and going to all these places you will naturally meet more women.

Here we go!


Years ago only a few people used online dating but once tinder came out everyone jumped on board and it became socially acceptable. Look around, everyone is on their phones so its no surprise meeting people online has exploded in use.

Online game is great because you know the women on there are single and looking, you arnt going in cold like in other methods where she could be married or has a boyfriend.

You can also do this while in the comfort of your own home!

The downside to this is the same girl is bombarded by heaps of guys just like you so her standards of who she will swipe right on will be higher so she will only swipe right on guys she finds very attractive from the photos which doesn’t tell her a whole lot about how you are in real life so often a girl you could get in real life might swipe left on you online. So that’s the downside of online dating.

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Night clubs are filled with young hot women who are having fun. A nightclub is a place that has a high concentration of hot women in one place so it’s a place to meet women!

The upside is its filled with a lot of hot women and you can hit on a bunch of girls in a short time frame.

The downside is the club is also filled with male competition who are also hitting on girls and the girls know they look hot so they have there guards up. Also its very loud and she may be drunk so talking to her is hard.

As above in a saturated environment she will likely go for a guy she finds attractive.

The good news is because you are meeting her in real life she can see your attractive personality in real life so you might have a better chance.

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Bars are similar to clubs except they are not as hectic so you can often talk to a girl easier there.

They usually have hot girls there aswell, there might be a dance floor but it wont be as hectic as a club where the whole club is basically a dance floor.

I prefer a bar over a club if im going out at night to pick up girls overall but nightclubs can work to.

In general nightclubs are filled with younger hot girls and bars can be more mixed with girls in there 20s and 30s but its easier to talk to girls in bars.


Below are a some places you can meet women during the day. For a detailed guide on how to meet women during the day read this article here.


The shopping centre or mall for my American friends is a great place to meet women. You can talk to girls who work there or girls who are shopping.

Its great because the girls arnt expecting to be hit on so they are more open to meeting you. The same girl who is friendly at the shop might be dolled up and reject you at a club because shes been hit on 10 times before you went up to her.

Also during the day like at the shop might be girls that don’t even go out at night to bars and clubs.


This is a great place to meet women, the core of the city is often filled with lots of girls shopping and walking around enjoying the day so it’s a great place.


The park is chilled where she will be relaxing, enjoying her free time so it’s a great place to meet women.


Strike up a conversation with a cute girl at a cafe and with the added caffeine you guys will be yapping away in no time lol!


The beach is great place because the girl is not rushed she is enjoying her time and relaxed so if you hit on her she will already be in a good mood so it’s a good chance you will have a nice chat with her.

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The gym is harder because she is working out and has her headphones in but it can still work as I have done in the past!

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This is definitely a great place to meet girls. You can use direct day game but also social circle game because you will have something in common with her and people she knows in common.


Friends, friends of friends is how a lot of guys meet girls, it’s the main way guys met girls before online dating came out.


Any hobby with usually be a good place to meet women who have similar interest in you to! So get busy doing a hobby you like and you will naturally meet more women. Things like a fitness class, surfing, cooking class, dancing, and a bunch of other hobbies.


Travelling is awesome for meeting women whether its bumping into girls from your own country or meeting the local girls.

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That’s it guys!

When you go to these places and you see a girl you like you can take action and talk to her! If you need to know exactly how to do that just read my site where I explain exactly that!

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