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In this article, I will list the best books on making money, personal finance, investing and business that I have personally read and been helped by greatly.

I started taking an interest in making money from an early age, I recall reading my dad’s money books that he had in his office at the age of 10.

I wanted to be rich one day, I also recall being in the car coming home from the beach one day with my family and seeing a Ferrari 355, I told myself, one day I will own that Ferrari, and today that goal is still alive.

I have read a lot of books on the subject over the years, some were bullshit, some were great, some were more entertaining and others were more factual but had solid helpful information.

Below is a list of the best money books I have read and re-read to this day along with a short description.

Reading is a good thing, with books you will increase your knowledge and perspective, they don’t cost much but they can help you and pay you back 1000’s of times but only if you take action!

Think for a second..for the price of one or two beers at the pub that is short lived, you can increase your knowledge, mind and bank account 😉

Ok here we go, in no particular order..


This is probably the best getting rich and getting rich early book I have ever read, I only came across it this year, but as I read it my eyes opened and after a few chapters I knew it was unlike any other bullshit same advice money book I had read before.

The author is very intelligent, it is clear he has spent a lot of time and thought on the science of getting rich fast.

He explains why you will never get rich working for someone else and putting your money into a share fund.

Most people know the key to getting rich is own your own business, but that’s not the whole story.

He explains exactly what type of business you need to set up.

If you are serious about becoming rich, read this book.


I know what you’re thinking, another annoying person recommending think and grow rich, but this was one of those books that were in my dad’s office at the time and I believe part of who I am today was a result of the self-improvement mindsets outlined in this book.

Actually, a lot of the self-improvement knowledge in today’s books and presentations can be taken from think and grow rich.

The author napoleon hill interviewed rich and famous people of the time (around the 1930’s) and combined all his findings into this book.

You will learn how to reduce fear, take action, be persistent, be confident, think big, sex transmutation and a lot more.

If you are serious about becoming the best version of yourself, read this book


This is a very popular book and again one of the most popular.

That was the reason I originally bought it.

This is a fun book to read, it is challenging to read because it is based in ancient Babylon who were smart people at the time, the writing in this book is very ancient like but it’s fun to read as it is more of a story.

The book is about the richest man in Babylon who explains the laws and rules of personal finance which are still the same today.

After reading this book, I didn’t gain much knowledge I didn’t already know, but for someone who has no training in money and also likes a good story.


And here we go again with the books everyone recommends haha, but maybe that is why I bought it as a teenager to begin with, and maybe it’s because these books actually are valuable.

This is another entertaining read, a story about a boy who has two dads (one biological but the other was a close friends dad) who each gave him advice on money, one dad explained he had to work for money and other said build businesses and buy assets.

Whether or not this story actually happened is up for debate, but you will still derive value from this book, you will learn how cash flow works, reducing expenditure, how assets will earn you money, how businesses work and the tax benefits you will get from them and a lot more.


I actually read this book before I read rich dad poor dad, this book motivated me and helped me a lot, it covers a lot of whats in the original rich dad poor dad but also a lot of other things and give you activities to do which is great because it inspires action!

If you have a child or teenage who is interested in learning about money or perhaps you want to try and inspire them down the money path early, buy them this book, it’s only a few dollars but imagine the possibilities for them:)


This was one of those books in my dad’s office, I actually think this was the first money book I ever read when I was 10 years old, this is a personal finance book, it is an Australian book but it will still help you.

This book is very factual but it gets the job done, it will teach you everything you need to know about personal money management.

Things like budgeting, career progression, tax, investing, mindset and a lot more.

The author Noel Whittaker is a financial journalist and speaker and is a very smart man when it comes to personal finance.


This book is by the same author of MAKING MONEY MADE SIMPLE Noel Whittaker, but this book is targeted more too young adults, you won’t get as much detailed information as in making money made simple but you will get solid information.

Along with personal finance, you will learn about mindset, goal setting and advice for young adults to “get it together”

Although this is targeted to young adults, this book will be helpful to anyone.


Don’t mind the name, these for dummies books always are awesome.

This book contains page after page of solid factual information on how to invest in shares.

If you only had one book on share investing, this is all you need.

(I read the Australian version which I have linked along with the American version)

Ok guys, that’s the books I have personally read and have derived value from, they have helped me become the financially intelligent and stable man I am today, I will always remember when I started reading them as a young boy.

I will continue to read new books and if they are the best I will add them to this post!

I encourage you all to read and expand your mind in money but most importantly, you need to take action once you’ve read the book and refer back to it as you go.

One more thing, the picture links above are affiliate links, which means that if you enjoyed my article and decide to buy through my links, I will receive a very small commission at no cost to you, this will help me pay for my site and continue to bring great content to you:)

Until next time

Good luck with you financial journey!

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