The Best Foam Roller

The best foam roller

I use this foam roller a few times a week on my back, shoulder blades and any other area that I want to roll out.

My back might be tight from work or my work out a few days before so I’ll spend a few minutes rolling on this foam roller and I feel amazing during and after using it.

The surface isn’t smooth it has these knobs on it that really dig into my muscles and stretching them out.

The weight of your body puts a good amount of pressure on the knobs so it works really well.

Ill roll back and forth on it and you can feel your back cracking and loosening up it’s the best!

The size is great to because I can move around and get the sides digging into my shoulder blades.

This foam roller also comes with instructions of the different exercises you can do with it but what I would do is go on YouTube and search up some exercises as well.

After using this thing I always feel relaxed, less tense, less stressed, more flexible, less pain if I have sore muscles, better blood circulation and more benefits.

I highly recommend you get this foam roller if you haven’t used one before! Here’s a link to the one I use if you click on the image below (affiliate link) enjoy it guys, how cool is the colour!

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