Talk To Girls You Like

From now on I want you to remember one simple rule.


Every day as you go about your day, I want you to talk to girls you like.

You may be walking to the bus stop, on the bus or train, getting a coffee, at the gym, on your lunch break, at work, at the mall, in the city, at the dentist, at a bar or nightclub, at a restaurant, ANYWHERE!

I’m not talking about girls who are online, you should still talk to them but I’m talking about girls you come across in real life.

When you see a girl that you like (and she is not with an obvious boyfriend, has a wedding ring on or you are not at a funeral or something) you must go up to her and initiate a conversation.

If you hold this rule in your mind every day and always be switched on, you will approach a lot of girls you like and get laid with a lot of girls you like.

You need to go after things you want in your life, if you want a particular girl, go get it. who knows, you may end up fucking her and dating her if you wish.

You will feel extremely happy and satisfied when you go after things you want in life. Even if that girl “rejects” you, you will still feel more happy and confident because you tried.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, not approaching her gives you a 100% of nothing different. Approaching her will increase you chance of making something happen by some positive percentage.

Remember the Nike logo, JUST DO IT.

The first girl you approach for the day is always the hardest but once you get that done you will feel super confident and ready to approach more even if she says no. Over practice it will become easier and easier to approach woman cold.

I will write an entire article on approach anxiety for you guys.

As far as what to say, keep it simple.

A canned opener and conversation starter that I use all the time with great success.

“hey I know this is random but I saw you from over there and just wanted to say I think you’re really cute/attractive and wanted to say hi” “what’s your name?”  “I’m (your name)” “how’s your day going?” “What are you up to?” talk some more (about 30 seconds or 1 minute then take out your phone and say “anyways I got to go but what’s your number ill text you”

Or you could use a situational opener depending on where she is “hey I like your shoes, hat, watch, whatever” if something happens in front of you guys you could comment on it to get her talking. “how’s that coffee, food, drink?”

Or you could ask her for the time or directions or something like that and then transition into a conversation.

Set a goal to talk to one girl a day. If you live in a big city you should come across at least one girl you like a day. Now you might not approach 1 girl every day but let’s say in a year you have approached 300 girls, I can guarantee you will be fucking and dating a lot of girls that you actually find attractive.

Or you could get shy, angry and think “what if” every time you let that girl pass through.

You never know what will happen, it doesn’t matter how hot she is or how out of your league or whatever you think, JUST FUCKING DO IT.

Don’t be like 99% of guys who don’t approach girls they like. You are better than them. You are strong. You get it done and you get rewarded.

So remember the simple but powerful daily rule.


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