Rich People Are Owners

rich people

Rich people are owners. The key to wealth is ownership.

Rich people own the businesses. They own the buildings.

If you want to be rich you need to own things.

Own a business.

Own buildings.

Own shares.

Owning shares mean you are part owner in a business, even if you own a very small part. Because you own a fraction of the company, you will receive a fraction of the companies’ profits in the form of a dividend.

Own buildings and collect rent from your tenants. Own a house that shelters another human and they will pay you rent. Own an office where a company can do business and they will pay you rent. Own a storage building and collect rent from people who store their things there.

The more you own, the more you will make.

Remember rich dad poor dad, the rich buy assets and the poor buy liabilities. Own assets. Assets are things that put money in your pocket.

Own a business. When you work for someone else they pay you a wage. When you work for yourself you make profit.

If you want to be rich, start owning things, things that make you money.

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