Rich People Are Not Greedy

Many people think rich people are greedy.

They think they just want to get their hands on as much money as they can.

They think that rich people will try and get money without considering other people.

They see rich people as evil, greedy people with no hearts.

There may be some rich people out there like this but I would say that rich people are not greedy and in fact THEY GIVE much more than the person who has a job.

And I’m not talking about giving to charity.

“How can that be?” you ask. I will explain.

You see, how are rich people making all their money? Are they stealing it? No

They make money when someone exchanges their money for what they provide.

When do you exchange money for something? When you find value in that product or service.

They aren’t holding a gun at someone and saying “give me your money!”

The people that buy from the rich people do so at their own will.

They buy when they believe what they are buying from the rich person adds VALUE to their life.

Rich people are RICH because they provide A LOT OF VALUE.

Think of bill gates, one of the richest men in the world. His Microsoft software is in almost every computer in the world, including in the computer I’m typing this in.

Think of a multimillionaire who owns a few super markets, that person owns the MEANS to PROVIDE THE VALUE OF FOOD TO MANY PEOPLE EACH DAY.

Think of a person worth maybe a couple million who owns several houses that he rents out, he owns the value of providing shelter to people and in exchange for providing that value the tenants exchange their money to him.

See what I mean? You can’t get rich without providing value, because that’s what is really transacting, not money, value, money is just a means of facilitating that exchange.

Now I want you to imagine the person who says that rich people are greedy, maybe that person has a job where he drives a truck for 8 hours a day Monday to Friday.

For 40 hours a week, he loads his truck and drops of the loads to wherever they need to go then he gets paid for providing that value.

Let’s say he drops loads for the supermarket that the rich person owns, he is still providing value, but he provides LIMITED VALUE, he can only do so much in his 8 hours.

He can only drop off so many loads that people will buy so the supermarket has many truck drivers like him to get all the loads done.

To provide the most amount of value you usually need to OWN THE MEANS TO FACILITATE THE VALUE. Read my rich people are owner’s article to learn more.

So that’s what I mean by rich people are not greedy, they can’t be because to get rich you need to provide a lot of value.

They are only greedy and bad when they do unethical things to get money like cheat, lie, steal, step on people etc. that’s greedy and bad. Watch dirty money on Netflix for more.

And another way they are not greedy is that they can donate more to charity than the average person.

Look at bill gates, warren buffet and many more billionaires who give HEAPS of money away to people in need.

The amount of money given to these charities is the equivalent of many average people giving to charities.

That’s it guys! Why rich people are not greedy 😉

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