Rich People Are Innovator’s

Rich people are INNOVATORS. They make the world a better place.

Rich people recognize NEEDS and create a SOLUTION to that need.

Rich people recognize what the people DEMAND and FULFIL that demand.

This makes the world a better place.

When you make a product or service that helps people, they give you their money.

When you make the world a better place, riches flow to you.

Money will transfer from other peoples banks accounts to yours because they want or need what you made.

The BETTER the PRODUCT or SERVICE you can make, the more money you will collect.

The more people you help, the more money you will collect.

Remember the law of effection. TO MAKE MILLIONS, YOU MUST EFFECT MILLIONS.

The stronger the need you fulfilled, the more money you collect.

If you satisfy something with strong DEMAND, the more money you will collect.

Other humans want to live happier, easier, less stressful, less frustrating lives, when you PROVIDE THE VALUE for your fellow humans, they will pay you a lot of their hard earned money.

You make them happy; they make you happy, everyone is happy.

Bill Gates made a really good software program that individuals and companies needed, now he is one of the richest persons in the world.

Steve Jobs created the iPhone, people WANTED this, he made a lot of money from it

You don’t even have to innovate something like the iPhone or an operating system to get rich.

Imagine you own a company that makes windows, if you make a better window or provide a better service than your competition, customers will choose you first.

To make millions you must effect millions, if you own a few sandwich shops that only feed customers in the south side of your city, that’s your limit. If you own sandwich shops around the globe, you feed millions of people, in return you make millions in sales.

If you build a house and rent it out to a family, you are satisfying their NEED for shelter, in return they pay you rent. If you own a 20 story apartment building, you SHELTER MORE HUMANS, in return you collect money from them, they are safe and happy, you are also happy.

If you own shares in a great company that helps satisfy a lot of peoples NEEDS and/or DEMANDS, you own a slice of that company, that company will earn lots of profit and pay you a portion of that profit called a dividend, the more of this value providing company you own in the form of shares the more profit you receive.

Rich people are innovators, this is why you shouldn’t think about money directly, you should think about solving needs, pain points, providing value, helping people, satisfying demand, once you do this the money will come.

This is why some kid that makes an app can make hundreds of millions of dollars while others don’t make much.

When you are an employee, you provide a small amount of value to your employer, let’s say you are a mechanic, you might fix 5 cars a day, the maximum value you can provide to the world is fixing 5 cars a day, that’s your limit and in fact you don’t even receive entirely what your worth because your employer decides how much you should receive for that day’s work.

But if you own auto repair shops across the country you provide a lot more value.

I hope you understand now a little how rich people get rich and what you need to do to become rich yourself.

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