Recognize And Face Anxiety


Sometimes I will have an anxiety or fear about something, usually very small.

This could be,

Approach a girl I like

Eating alone in public or sitting in a certain spot to eat alone in public (like close to a busy area)

Having my car windows down with music a bit too loud

Wearing clothing that I think makes me stand out to much

Talking loud in public

And many other small things that I don’t usually pick up on that I get a small amount of anxiety about.

Usually I will think about doing something then I might get a small amount of fear and/or anxiety about it in my head and I will not do it or do something else and often I don’t even realised this happened. It just does.

Do you get what I mean? For example, let’s say I told you to go for a jog in a busy area tomorrow like the city park but you have to not wear a t shirt, how does that make you feel?

For some people who are comfortable in their body this might not trigger any anxiety but for others they would feel very un-easy about it.

Every day we get these little voices in our heads doubting us, talking us out of things, being fearful, stopping us living life to the full, and we don’t even pay attention to it most of the time.

I started paying attention to these moments. I started to RECOGNIZE them.

Now whenever I notice them I say to myself RECOGNIZE AND FACE ANXIETY!

And when I say that I do exactly what I was anxious about doing and after I do it I feel way better!

It’s just a small simple trick that I do that I want to pass on to you guys to help you when you have one of these moments, and I know every one of you guys have these moments from time to time.

But you should conquer these anxieties within reason; running naked through a shopping centre is not a normal thing lol and will get you arrested.

This trick is for little things that are holding you back living life to your potential.

What’s so bad about talking to a girl? What’s so bad about wearing bright red shoes and feeling like people are judging you? Etc.

So start today, when you have one of these moments, RECOGNIZE AND FACE IT!


Another thing is to recognize and think about all these little fears and anxieties and write them down.

Then you go out and DO THEM, you blast through your list and kill them.

Once you have done them once you can do them again and again and you will feel so good after.

You will feel so strong and happy that you have been productive and recognized and faced anxiety.

So start recognizing and facing anxiety today!

Good luck guys!

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