Rappers Picking Up Girls

Check out this video of famous rappers picking up girls. These girls are literally getting wet while interviewing these guys lol

Anyone of these rappers can and do sleep with a lot of high value women.

Although rappers are not every girls type, these rappers are very high value because they are young, good looking, edgy/cool, rich, famous, talented and have good game as I will explain.

If you read my attraction article here you can see how these rappers tick a lot of these boxes and have very high sexual market value.

Along with that, they have very good game as you will see in the video.

They have rock solid confidence, wit, humor, sexual innuendo, social skills, conviction, kino (touching) cocky, playful, nice, complimenting and have a closing mentality.

Although some of the stuff they say is corny or to sexual, they can get away with it because of their high value.

Watch the video and emulate how they interact with women, I’m not saying act like a rapper if that’s not your style but this video does present some very good examples.


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