Pro’s And Con’s

One thing I have come to realise lately is that life is all about pros and cons. everything has its pros and cons.

I have realised this because I have always been a very analytical person. Always trying to find truth in things. And I noticed that some people would always give very black and white opinionated advice on things and I would think about the advice and realise it wasn’t 100% right. That’s because I don’t think anything is 100% right advice because whatever you do it will have its pros and cons.

Ok for example. Some red pill guy who lives off his blog will tell you to start a blog or some location independent service businesses like web design and move to a third world country like Thailand so you don’t have to work again and never get married and don’t buy a house and don’t buy a car and be a minimalist and some other things.

And that’s fine advice if you want to not work for someone your whole life and have lots of time and freedom but it’s not for everybody.

Maybe you chose the opposite (BAD!) advice that these types suggested and you bought a big house, nice car, got married and have nice furniture and things in the house.

Yes you might be working your whole life and have lots of debts but like I said there is pros and cons to everything.

The cons of taking the red pill guys advice is you live in a third world country where you can’t even drink tap water, you can get sick, the legal system sucks and anyone can be bribed, you are away from your family and friends, you miss out on the good parts of married life like all the family events, bbqs, joys of raising kids, and all that. Instead of living in a nice home your whole life you live in a small apartment and instead of owning a nice car you don’t have a car you catch public transport or something. And you don’t have  a nice tv, electronics or other fun stuff.

The cons of the stay in western society and get married means you will be in debt, stressed out, have to work for someone for a long time to pay for all those things and have to deal with being married and all the negatives of that.

As you can see there is pros and cons to both paths. Personally I haven’t taken either of those paths yet but I understand that both will good and bad regardless.

Think of it like owning a car, you could have a Toyota corolla. Its fuel efficient, practical, has low service cost, gets you from a to b, is safe and environmentally friendly.

But it’s boring, doesn’t sound nice, isn’t powerful, in general it doesn’t stimulate the emotions.

Or you could own a V8 ford mustang; it’s powerful, stylish and fun. It stimulates the emotions. People compliment you on the car all the time.

But it uses a lot more fuel, its service cost is higher, it has higher insurance, its impractical, you want to drive faster and you get more attention from police.

As you can see both cars have their pros and cons.

You need to understand that whatever you do in life will have its good points and bad points.

You sometimes need to just make a decision and stick to it. Sometimes you need to not keep analysing it and take action.

Maybe you are tossing up between going on an overseas working holiday for 1 year or staying at home and working for the year saving money.

You need to pick a decision and say that’s it that’s what I’m going to do.

You go on the working holiday and gain life experience, fun, perspective and all the good stuff of working abroad but you sacrifice 1 year of saving money that you could have spent on a down payment on a home, car and working on your career, business or something else.

Of course some decisions are just stupid, like if you decide to smoke your whole life you gain a temporary little high from the cigarette but you lose thousands of dollars over your life and your health. Read more about making good choices in my choices article.

I hope you understand what I mean by how everything in life has its pros and cons and when someone offers very opinionated advice it’s not always what you should do.

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