The Power Of Thoughts And Focus


Focus isn’t talked about in the success world as much as it should be.

Focus is so important. It is one of if not the most important things we do as humans to get us to where we want to be.

You’ve heard it before, we constantly move towards our dominant thoughts. What we think about is what we do.

Think about it, what are we? We are these physical bodies controlled by our mind/spirit, without our mind we would be nothing.

Everything we do, every second of every day is what we think about.

From when we wake up, get ready for work, drive to work, work, decide what to eat for lunch, drive home, decide what to make for dinner, decide what to watch on Netflix or do after work, decide what career to do in a few years, decide where to travel to.

We are constantly thinking and focusing on different things and we are constantly manifesting our thoughts into reality. This isn’t law of attraction stuff this is basic think and do things we do on a daily basis.

Where a person is and where a person will end up is a product of the thoughts and focus they have in their head.

I want you to think of a scenario.

Different people are walking down the same street. Imagine a typical street in the city/downtown area of your city that has shops on each side.

Each of these different people will be thinking and focusing on different things as they walk from one end of this street to the other. Here are some examples.

Person 1 (An aspiring model who loves fashion)

As this young woman walks down the street she’s probably focusing at all the mannequins in the store windows, she’s focusing at the fashion choices of the people walking around her, she sees an advertisement on a bus stop about Victoria Secret, she notice that there is a modelling agency sign on one of the building doors.

Person 2 (The busy workaholic businessman)

As the busy workaholic businessman walks down the street, he doesn’t see much, his thinking about work, maybe he just came out to get a quick bite or a coffee, his probably on his phone to someone, he doesn’t notice what’s going on around him, he doesn’t notice the cute girl checking him out, or the new store that opened up. His imagining work in his head.

Person 3 (The guy doing day game)

This is person is me a lot of the time. As he walks down the street, his looking for girls to approach, he notices there is a cute girl sitting down on one of the benches, he notices there is a cute girl in one of the stores, he sees a girl walking towards him that he wants to open, he notices a cute girl sitting down doesn’t have a wedding ring on. This guy is focused on getting girls.

Person 4 (The criminal)

While everyone else is focused on their own thing, the criminal is focused on crime, his looking for an opportunity. He notices that someone’s wallet is hanging out their back pocket and he can grab it. He notices someone looking at their phone on a quiet street. He knows where all the cctv cameras are located. He knows where the cops are. His focus is crime.

As you can see, everyone walking down the same street are thinking different things and focusing on different things.

It’s the same for everyone’s entire lives. What we think is what we do.

What are the likely futures for the above people? Based on the thoughts they focus on?

The first girl may become a model or work in the fashion industry.

The busy businessman may rise to the top of the corporate ladder, and maybe he will neglect other areas in his life.

The guy doing day game will probably get laid in the next few weeks or month.

The criminal will likely end up in jail or hurt.

4 different people, all ending up in different situations based on the thoughts they focus on.

This isn’t some law of attraction stuff, I’m not sure if that works, but this is basic stuff that gets you real outcomes.

Whatever you want to do and be, you need to think and focus that way.

You need to think about what you want, what you need to think, what you need to do, and you will get closer to that.

Your mind will control your physical body and you will do things to get a particular outcome.

You need to think positive, pay attention to your thoughts, are any of your thoughts negative?

While you do need realistic thoughts, you also don’t want to have any false limiting thoughts.

“I’m not smart enough” is an example of a false limiting thought. You need to tell yourself you are smart enough many times until you believe it.

See how the limiting belief isn’t really proven?

“I can’t fly” is a good limiting belief. You don’t want to jump off a building and try to fly because you believe “anything is possible if you believe it”

As a 60 year old man “I can fuck hot girls in their 20s” isn’t a realistic belief, unless you’re famous or you buy prostitutes.

You will know what thoughts you hold need to be rewired or not.

Use affirmations and visualisations to rewire your brain in the right way, attacking limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties.

Visualise yourself becoming the person you want to be, visualise yourself doing the things you need to do to become who you want to be.

And over time, with action, you will become the person you want to be.

Like I said before we are just these physical bodies, like puppets, controlled by the thoughts we have.

It’s a certainty that whatever we hold in our mind is what we move towards.

Be careful what you think, you need to think about what you think. Thoughts really are the most powerful things.

Now get focused!


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