How To Pick Up Girls At The Gym

how to pick up girls at the gym
how to pick up girls at the gym

How to pick up girls at the gym.

You’re at the gym doing your exercises and in front of you is some smoking hot girl in yoga pants doing squats or some other exercise where her ass pops out.

You try not to get caught checking her out; you try to focus on your set.

Maybe you’ve seen her here a few times before or maybe this is the first time you’ve seen her.

Either way this girl is some good eye candy right now. You check her out when she’s not looking. Her ass is amazing. Her presence is motivating you and the other guys at the gym.

You and the other guys are checking her out and working out harder.

You think to yourself “I want her, I wish I could talk to her, I wish I could get her” etc.

So does every other guy.

Then she finishes her workout and leaves.

And you leave wishing you could get her, but you don’t, and neither do the other guys, because you all didn’t make it happen.

Does this story sound familiar? I know it does.

In this article I’m going to explain how to pick up girls at the gym.

This isn’t going to be some passive “become a personal trainer first then you can pick up girls at the gym” bullshit.

This is no bullshit and straight the point like all my other advice.

You guys are legit, you make it happen, and this is how you do it. The 2 options.

I’m giving you two options only because picking up a girl at the gym is a bit like picking up a girl at your work (if you see her regularly)

I know this can be awkward if she says no so the “softer” option is provided in case you get “rejected”

HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS AT THE GYM OPTION 1 (This is the only time you have seen her and you’re not sure if you will see her again)

This option is like what I have said. You’re at the gym, this hottie is there and you’ve never seen her before and you’re not sure if you will see her again.

What you do is the basic day game type approach.

You wait until she’s finished her set. Walk up to her. Signal for her to take out her headphones and say a simple day game type opener.

The one I always use is

“Hey I know this is random but I thought you were cute/attractive and wanted to say hi”

After that have some small talk and then go for the number close.

You can approach her just before your leave so that if she says no you can feel less awkward because you are leaving.

That’s basically it.

For more detail on this. Read my day game article here.

You will either get her number or you won’t. And don’t worry if you see her again. You’ve shown you’ve got balls to her and the other guys in the gym. She knows you like her so she’ll probably smile at you when you see her next even if she has a boyfriend.

That’s the option 1 approach.

HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS AT THE GYM OPTION 2 (you see her often and don’t want to make it to awkward)

This is similar to option 1 but in this one you don’t go so direct and try to make friends with her first.

You could open her with

“Hey I know this is random but I see you here all the time and just wanted to meet you/say hi”

Then what you do is just talk to her that day or over multiple days and uncover information/flirt with her and then ask for the date if she is single and keen.

When you see her, smile, talk to her, ask her questions, let her talk and listen to the answers.

She may uncover that she has a bf/is married or something else or you may find that she is keen on you and then you ask for the number/meet up.

That’s basically it guys, simple advice but that’s all you have to do. A lot of other gurus and sites over complicate things but this is a numbers game.

But remember “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Gyms can be great places to pick up girls. You just need to make it happen!

Good luck guys!

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