How To Pick Up Girls At The Beach

how to pick up girls at the beach

Today I approached two girls at the beach. I got one of the girl’s numbers and the second girl I approached looked like she was in her twenties but was in her teens so I walked away.

One thing I’ve came to realize is that the beach is awesome for day game! This is because it’s more of a relaxed environment, the girls are usually sitting/laying down in one spot or in the water or something, and you can see their body so you can really know if you find her sexually attractive or not.

Compare this to regular day game like in a shopping centre or so where the girls are busy, walking somewhere, fully clothed and with something on their mind.

At the beach it’s nice and relaxed and girls are usually very receptive to an approach from what I’ve experienced.

How do you approach girls at the beach?

It’s very simple. When you see a girl you like, just walk/swim up to her and say “hey I know this is random but I thought you were cute/attractive and wanted to say hi/meet you/introduce myself”

That’s it. No special lines or tactics.

Sometimes you will be with friends and your friends talk to her friends or you’re playing with a ball and it rolls to them or something and you get more of a softer opening into a conversation but I just go for it with a girl I find attractive. Read talk to girls you like.

After you open her she will be flattered and either get into conversation with you or politely tell you she is taken.

You don’t have to be scared and worried about talking to a girl at the beach it’s one of the easiest ways to do day game and if anything you will make her day by talking to her.

I bet you were looking for “the secret” way to get girls at the beach but I just gave It to you. Just talk to her man. Go after what you want in life. Get it done. Alright.

Good luck guys.

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