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Online dating has really taken off in the last few years with the introduction of Tinder and the smart phone. Prior to that, online dating has been around for about 10 years or so but it was not as popular.

I remember having a play around on plenty of fish around 5 years ago and didn’t like it because there weren’t many girls on there and the girls that were weren’t exactly easy on the eye. I decided to stick to picking up woman in real life in clubs or during the day.

Fast forward to 2013 and I was on holiday in the USA. I heard of a new dating app called Tinder that you can download on your smart phone so I downloaded it and gave it a shot. I swiped away while I was on the last few days of my holiday in Vegas and talked to a few girls on there. At the time I didn’t really put much into it, I ended up chatting to a few girls and adding some on Facebook and left it at that. After that I didn’t really use the app, I may have deleted it or just didn’t use it.

In 2014 Tinder gained more popularity and I heard more of it, I went on holiday to Singapore and I decided to give it another go, I swiped away all day in my hotel room when tinder gave you unlimited likes and by the end of that day it said there was no one new in my area, I had actually been through every tinder profile in the whole of Singapore! Now out of all these girls I only met up with one in the six days I was in Singapore but it was a start, this was when I realised the potential of Tinder.

In 2014 I was unemployed and focusing a lot on day game, me and my cousin were going out during the day and hitting on girls. One of the first girls I hit on was really shy and thought it was a joke or a prank. After some small talk I asked for her number and she gave it to me. As she gave me her number she said something that CHANGED EVERYTHING, she said “this is like tinder in real life” I was mind blown, after years of people meeting through cold approach in real life, this is how I realised that the times have changed. She was saying that her getting hit on in real life was like TINDER but in real life!

After this realisation I really started to use tinder, and by now it was much more popular, everyone was using it, hot girls who wouldn’t be caught dead on an online dating site a few years ago were now on tinder. Tinder made online dating totally acceptable and “in”

Now at this time you could still get unlimited likes, I swiped away until there was no one else to swipe and I talked to as many girls as I could. A few days in and I set up a date with a hot blonde from south Africa, we grabbed coffee on the first date and the second date I fucked her at her house after going to the movies with her.

This was my first tinder/online dating lay and it further reinforced my new belief that online dating was going to be the best way to get new pussy from now on.

During my unemployed days while I was going out to do day game almost every day, I had a few fuck buddies on the go, one was a girl I met at a club, one was from day game but the rest were from tinder!

I was working so hard approaching during the day when I was easily getting girls from swiping In the comfort of my own home! Instead of approaching random girls in town or in shopping centres who may have had a boyfriend, been married or for whatever other reason weren’t available, I knew that every girl on tinder was single, and if I matched them, that increased my chances even more.

I used tinder all day every day even when I started working full time again. To me it was a numbers game, I swiped until there was no one new in my area and I talked to all of the matches I had that I liked. I made some basic small talk with them and asked them out, some girls didn’t reply to my first message, others chatted for a bit and went know where but others were interested and we caught up for a drink.

Out of the girls I met up with, I fucked 1 out of 2, it was during this period I slept with a lot of girls.

It has never been an easier time for a guy to simply get some new pussy or find a girlfriend that’s right for him thanks to the popularity of online dating. Think about back only 30 years ago and the only way to meet a girl was to pick her up during the day or at night at a bar, then you had to get her home phone number and hope her parents didn’t pick up when you tried to call her, then if you make plans to meet up with her, you have to hope that she actually shows up, and if she didn’t, you have no way of contacting her, dating would have been really hard, I think this is why so many people during this time met someone through their social circles and got married, fucking a bunch of different girls was hard work.

Now days you don’t even have to leave the couch and you can line up multiple dates or even just invite the girl to come straight over your place and within minutes she could be giving you head.

Or if finding the one special girl is what you want to do, now you can effectively screen girls online for what you are looking for.

Think about how powerful this is, someone could be a master pick up artist or spend years perfecting the art of getting laid in real life and you could smash there results just by using tinder. I’m not saying it’s not a good idea to get better at picking up woman in real life, it definitely is fun and rewarding and you should make it apart of your strategy, I’m just saying how much more efficient it is online.

Which brings me on to this point, online dating is actually the worst and best way to pick up woman, worst as in you will literally have to talk to 10s or even hundreds of girls to get laid, girls are more reluctant to meet up with a guy they don’t know who they met online, although I think over time this will change. However, it’s not like you are busting your ass out there making cold approaches in the awkward day game environment or in the noisy club with drunk girls and competition everywhere, you are just simply messaging away on you smart phone while watching TV or something.

This is why online dating is the best way to get laid; you can quickly and easily talk to many different girls in one day. As I write this my phone is vibrating from messages and matches I am getting on online dating.

Online dating has grown in a big way and it is here to stay.

In my next article I will explain how to get laid from online dating.

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