Live Half For Today And Half For The Future


This morning I was talking to a guy at my work. This guy is in his late forties, has never been married or has kids, smokes cigarettes, does weed and other drugs, eats mostly junk food and has a pretty much doesn’t give a fuck about anything. But he is one of the most friendly, happy, outgoing guys at my work.

He asked me if I had any plans to go away over the Easter long weekend and how he has done lots of weekend road trips and how fun they were and I should go away as well because it’s fun and that’s what life is all about.

Then he told me that he use to have a mate that always use to reject his offers to go on these road trips with him and his mates because he didn’t want to spend the money. His mate never spent any money at all.

Because he didn’t spend any money he was able to pay off his house quickly, but guess what, this poor man died at the age of 52! From a heart attack.

He worked and saved all his life and was never able to enjoy it.

He then told me a story of another guy he knew who died of a heart attack in his early thirties!

This reminds me of a guy I knew, he was slim, healthy, never smoked but died of a heart attack at the age of 51, and I do recall his mates giving him shit because he never use to buy them a round of drinks or something because he was tight with his money.

I hear stories like this all the time, people randomly dying young, way before the usual age to retire.

I use to be very tight with my money, saving as much as I can and doing calculations of how much I would have when I reach the age of 40, 50, 60+ but as I got older and heard more and more stories of people dying young from cancers, heart attacks, attacks, car crashes, accidents and all sorts of other ways it made me think I need to live more for today.

Does this mean I live like that guy from work and chain smoke and drink every night and spend all my money on gambling and other crap? No! If you live like this you are asking for health and financial problems.

It means that I live for today as well as the future.

For example you might be paying rent or have a mortgage. What you could do is set aside an amount you can use to pay extra repayments on your mortgage or if you are renting into a savings account or something.

And you set an amount that you will use to enjoy your life this year! You could go on that holiday, put it towards a car you want, treat your family to something, buy some other thing or experience, whatever you want.

This way you look after yourself in the short term and you’ll still do well over the long term.

And with your health, like I said if you live like the above guy you are asking for health problems down the road right?

But I have known of people who are extremely anal about their health and they had problems or died younger than most.

What I do is eat healthy MOST of the time but I do have junk food and alcohol as well. This way I get variety but should still be healthy.

The guy at my work said he believes “when your numbers up your numbers up” while there is some truth to this statement I don’t agree. I think some people are unlucky but for others you can live longer by being healthy and making good life choices.

Will freeman from RLD made a good video on living half for today and half for the future here. I agree!

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