Live At Home As Long As You Can

A lot of guys want to rush to leave their parent’s house because they want to feel like a man or have sex with girls or learn new skills or live with their friends.

These are good things but may I encourage you to stay at home with your parents a little bit longer if you can.

Provided that your parents are cool, don’t get in your space, don’t break your balls and charge you very little or no rent then stay with them!

Don’t worry about feeling like a man or getting girls or learning skills.

You can learn home skills while living at home and you’ll help your parents out this

Let’s say you don’t go to uni and worked full time from age 20 to 25 earning 50k a year (40k) after tax and keep your expenses at 20k a year (probably a lot less) and don’t get into any debts and your parents don’t charge you any rent you could bank 100k by 25 not taking into account interest on that money.

If you can bank 30k a year that’s 150k! by 25! Just because you stayed with your parents.

I know you want to get more girls by having your place as somewhere you can bring them back to but for 5 years just bring them over when you have the house to yourself or go to their house or go somewhere else and save yourself 10-15k a year in rent and bank 100-150k which you can invest or use as a down payment on a house or in some cases that could mean you own a property outright!

Now imagine if you stay at home until you’re 30 like a lot of people do. 20k a year savings in 200k by 30. 40k a year is 400k! by 30.

By 30 you own your own home outright and never have to rent or pay mortgage interest again!

That’s a very good situation to be in!

Another thing is while you live at home rent free and you’re cleaning and meals are pretty much taken care off for you it frees up your own time to work on things like your job, starting a business, working on your health and fitness/muscle, learning in general, getting girls and many other important things.

Stay at home as long as you can!

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