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get laid

Welcome to the get laid section of my site.

I know I have wrote articles about money, health and other areas but now I would like introduce a topic I have great passion and experience in. That area is woman.

From the age of 15 all I wanted to be was a player.  I wanted to pick up and fuck as many hot girls as I could; I wanted to be attractive to woman. I made a promise to myself back when I was a shy introverted 15 year old that I would make “getting good with girls” a top priority in my life.

Now at the age of 25 I can say I have achieved that promise to myself.  I now have 10 years of experience in attracting and picking up woman with the intent of getting laid or going into a relationship. I am confident I know a great deal more than the average man in this area.

Although lay count doesn’t hold much weight and I will explain why in the future, as of writing this article I have slept with 70 + woman.

I have hundreds and probably thousands of hours experience in picking up girls in bars, nightclubs, during the day, online and through friends, I have approached thousands of girls and been on many dates, I have picked up girls in different countries during my travels, I have read all sorts of e-books on the subject, I have experimented with tactics and self-improved, I have thought long and hard in this area, I have helped my friends, I have had many frustrating experiences and failed many many times, I have been rejected hundreds of times, although I will explain why that is a good thing.

So as you can see I am an authority on the subject, there is a reason I named this site legit player. There are a lot of people out there who claim to know what they are talking about but I can guarantee you I and a lot of the guys who run the sites I recommend on this site have been there and done that. You should listen to these guys and myself over PUA (Pick Up Artist) types first because we will give you the most common sense realistic direct information that will give you the best results.

I’m not getting paid for these articles, I do it for free, I do it to help guys like you because there is a lot of guys out there who haven’t had the chance to learn and experience what I have. So to turbocharge your learning curve I am going to give you what I know for free.

It’s a tough world out there for you guys, to get laid with different girls consistently is not easy, yes we have 3.5 or so billion woman in the world but we also have roughly the same amount of guys, competition is fierce, but most guys suck, most guys won’t learn or be prepared to do what I did, I am going to teach you guys and push you to do what I did. It won’t always be fun, but when you have successes it feels great, some of the times I felt most happy and alive was when I cold approached some hot chick and got her number.

I want you guys to have control of your own lives, not to take shit from woman, they get away with too much, 2 out of 3 divorces are initiated by woman, most married men are controlled by woman, some guys might look tough on the outside but a woman will pussy whip them into submission. I don’t want you guys to be like that. Now don’t get me wrong, I love woman, I just want you guys to live happy and successful lives and enjoy the woman in your life.

You may realise that this life is not for you, and that’s ok, it’s not for everyone, go back and do what most guys do and wait until you meet a girl safely in your social circle and get married to her because she’s the only girl that fucks you, only to get divorced in the future because she wasn’t right for you. Do what most guys do and sleep with the average of 7 girls in your lifetime. But if you want to get laid with as many different girls as you can or find the right woman for you, read on and take action. If you want choice, read on and take action, if you want to take control of your fucking life, read on and take action.

I hope you enjoyed reading my introduction to the get laid section of my site.

Let’s do this!

Legit Player,

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