I Buy Lotto

I never use to buy lotto tickets. I thought to myself “what’s the point, the odds are so far against me I’m better off saving the money” which is true, however after hearing of people winning millions over and over again I thought “hey I might as well be in it to win it”

After all free money is free money. The best way to get money! Imagine winning a million dollars. Do you know how long you would have to work to save that? A lifetime for some people. Imagine winning that in your twenties. You are set for life!

So this year I started buying lotto tickets. But I still take my old advice. I only spent about $100 a year on tickets. This way in 10 years I’ve only spent a grand.

What I’ve been doing is buying a $20 combo pack which gives me a couple games of each night’s lotto for a week and I’ll buy that combo pack every couple of months.

I find it fun. And because I have a low cap I know I won’t waste heaps of money on lotto in my life.

The odds are so bad I don’t know why anyone even try’s to increase their odds buy spending thousands on lottery tickets.

There is a guy at my work who won $8000 the other day on lotto! I thought this was awesome but after talking to him he told me he spends $100 A WEEK on tickets! This is $5000 a year! And he has been doing that for a long time.

Whatever amount you want to spend on lotto is up to you, personally I think $1000 a year is the absolute max!

So buy a lotto ticket here and there. Who knows you might be that lucky winner J

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