How To Tell If A Girl Is Interested In You

A lot of guys don’t know how to tell if a girl is interested in them.

They also don’t know how if a girl is interested in them or if she sees you as a friend.

When I was starting out I didn’t know if a girl was interested either but once I got experience I know very quickly if a girl is interested in me or not.

When you start talking to girls you will start to see patterns in how they respond to you.

In this article I will list how to tell if a girl is interested in you, how to tell if she just sees you as a friend and how to tell if she is not interested in you.

These lists are not a strict rule, which means if a girl is not showing you all the signs she is interested doesn’t mean she’s not, or vice versa if she’s showing you not interested signs doesn’t mean she’s not interested but most of the time the list will show you the truth.


She approaches you and starts a conversation

She locks eye contact with you

She gets eye contact with you and smiles

She subconsciously puts herself in your space, for example let’s say you are standing at a party and she Is sort of lurking around you within a meter or so

She faces you, her body is facing you

She tilts her head and faces the side of her neck at you

She touches her hair as you are talking to her

She plays with her glass, straw, or something else as you are talking to her

She fidgets/adjust her clothes as you are talking to her

She has her legs crossed towards you not away from you (her inside of thighs are facing you not the outside)

Her pupils dilate

She maintains strong eye contact

She licks her lips/nibbles her lips

She applies lip gloss

She is laughing, smiling, giggling

She is leaning towards you, close to you, into you

She is standing very close to you

She touches you, playfully hits you, pinches you, hugs you

She tries to make the conversation flow very well

She asks questions

She gives good detailed answers

She sounds energetic, interested, enthusiastic

She ask a lot about you, she seems very interested in you

She asks personal questions

She asks about you and other girls

She invites you out

She introduces you to her friends

She tries to kiss you

She says you smell good

She is very relaxed and in a good mood with you

She’s very happy with you

She wants to make you happy

She laughs at your shitty jokes

She starts conversation with you on tinder/bumble

She replies to messages fast

She answers your messages and asks you questions

She re initiate’s conversation if you go quiet

She uses lots of emoticons and looks like she’s interested by the way she messages you, uses xx, xo

She asks you out

She’s easy to make plans/dates with

She fits you into her schedule

She wants to see you

She says she misses you

She enjoys sex with you or makes it look like she does

She doesn’t put you down in the bedroom

She doesn’t put you down in a serious way

She asks you “what are we” “are you seeing anyone else”

She talks about sex, sexually

She flirts with you

She teases you

She invites you over


She asks you for opinion on guys

She says you’re her friend “you’re a really good friend” “you’re one of my best friends”

She treats you like a friend

Doesn’t flirt with you

Doesn’t touch you

Doesn’t talk sexually to you

Asks you to do her favours

Asks you to help her with lots of things

Always wants to go out for lunch dates, brunch dates, dinners, movies but never come over or lets you go to her place

Pulls away when you try to escalate on her by trying to hug, touch, and kiss her

Talks to other guys in front of you, flirts with them, gets their numbers/social media in front of you

Doesn’t care if you talk to girls in front of her, doesn’t get jealous

Is too comfortable around you, wears no makeup, is gross, isn’t trying to be attractive to you

Will talk to you heaps on social media but when you ask her to hang out she goes quiet

Gets screened out very quickly when you try to move things forward with her (asking her out)

Tells you “let’s just be friends” when you tell her you like her

She only talks to you when she wants advice, help or to tell you how she’s feeling

She gets a boyfriend and still talks to you and wants to hang out with you and want her boyfriend to meet you

She tells her boyfriend you’re her gay friend

She complains about her past and present relationships to you

She introduces you as a friend


You approach her and say something to you and she completely ignores you

You’re trying to open her and she doesn’t even look at you

You approach her and she immediately turns her back to you

You try to open her and she replies “why” “I don’t know you” “who are you” “I don’t think I should give you my name”

She immediately says “I have a boyfriend”

You approach her and she looks like she’s shocked, irritated, disgusted, scared, bored, mad

You approach her and she starts getting social anxiety looking around the room as if someone will see her next to you

You approach her and she says go away or pushes you away

She doesn’t answer any of your questions

She answers your questions in blunt one line answers

She doesn’t ask you any questions

You tell her about yourself and she goes “okkkkkk” “wowwww” “interestinggg”

She rolls her eyes at you

She doesn’t reply to you at all when you message her

She insults you

She disrespects you

She flakes on plans

She says she’s busy

She takes ages to reply to messages

She doesn’t try to reschedule

She seemed interested but when you ask her out on a date she goes silent

She agrees to a date but when you reconfirm she doesn’t reply

She says yes lets catch up but when you ask for her number (usually on tinder) she doesn’t reply

She agrees to a date but when you try to make a place and time she goes silent

She keeps reinforcing that your just friends

She avoids touching

She doesn’t introduce you to her friends, family

She avoids you

She never initiates meet ups with you


Ok guys that’s a good list to get you guys to understand where you are with the girl that you’re dealing with, now this is what to do with each of the 3 types of girls.

Remember what I told you about yes, no and maybe girls?

The first list, the girls who are interested are the yes girls, congratulations! You should continue forward with these girls and escalate into kissing, sex, relationships etc.

The second group would fall under the maybe category of girls, what you do if you are getting friend zoned is try to move things forward and escalate on her to show her that you like her more than a friend.

Try to flirt with her, touch her, talk a little bit sexual, tease her, be cocky funny, ask her on a date, make moves on her.

She will either go along with it and you won’t be in the friend zone anymore or she will be screened out and you won’t be wasting your time with her anymore.

The last group, the not interested girls are just that, not interested, they are the no girls!

Don’t worry about these girls, a lot of them are toxic or just after something else, have boyfriends or for some reason OTHER THAN YOU don’t want to engage with you.

Don’t take it personally; rejection is part of the game, for every no girl you encounter you’re getting closer to the yes girl.

There you have it guys, hope that helps, shoot me a comment below If you need any more help.

Good luck!

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