How To Pickup Younger Women (18-25)

A very hot woman in her late twenties or 30s is a very powerful thing in this life. Where ever she goes she will get a lot of looks, attention, hit on etc.

Pretty much everything guys do subconsciously is to be attractive to a woman like this. They go to the gym, make more money, improve their status, buy cool cars, improve their personality and many other things.

The biological reasoning behind this is simple. A man’s purpose on this planet is to breed with high value women. When a man can “get” high value woman it reaffirms that he is a man capable of reproduction with a woman who is high value (highest chance of healthy offspring)

That is why the hot girl in her late twenties/30s above is such a powerful force.

Now what if that same girl was 18-25? She is VERY HIGH VALUE!

Same girl, just younger, HIGHER VALUE.

Sure, hot woman in their late twenties, 30s and older can still be hot, but those same woman in their late teens and early twenties were in their physical prime!

I know this isn’t politically correct to say that but it’s the truth on a biological/cave man level.

Going back to the above example. A man is very attracted to young hot woman because it subconsciously signals to him that his offspring with her will be healthy and have the best chance of survival.

This is why a man is attracted to young woman with youthful faces, tight skin, firm bodies, perky breast, nice ass and all that.

Why else do you think you are somehow attracted to that? It’s weird I know haha but that’s how we humans work.

When a man knows he can get young hot women he will feel happy, confident, and his testosterone will go up, especially if he sleeps with her.

When a man knows he isn’t attracted to and/or can’t get laid with young hot women he will feel less happy, less valuable, less worthy of healthy reproduction.

So basically pretty much every guy wants to bang young hot girls regardless if he says he doesn’t, is married, is in a relationship or whatever.

It’s ingrained into his dna to spread his seed with as many young hot girls as he can.

In a fantasy land (or if you’re a pornstar hehe) A guy could just bang as many young hot girls as he wanted to but in reality we have something called competition (other men)

Competition for a young hot woman is fierce! She is always getting guys young and older hitting on her, messaging her on Instagram, tinder, bumble, facebook, getting invited to fun events, after parties, getting favours, having heaps of Instagram followers and more.

As she gets older this will decline a bit or a lot but while she’s young this is how it is.

Now, because this girl is in her prime and is so high value, she has the choice of whoever she wants to sleep with/date.

She isn’t going to sleep with any guy; she’s going to sleep with the hottest, high status, cool guy.

In this article I’m going to explain how to best increase your chances of picking up young women (18-25)

I will explain how to best increase your chance of getting a young woman who is very hot like in the above example but also if that’s out of your reach you can still pick up less hot young woman as I will explain.

With this guide I can guarantee you will sleep with some younger women. Here we go.


What is life like for a younger woman at the age of 18-25? She is usually at college or maybe she is starting to work, try different jobs/careers.

She still has a strong social life, her and her friends are going to parties, events, clubs, she knows a lot of people, guys, bouncers, club promoters, young cool interesting good looking guys.

She is going to do a lot of travelling, seeing the world, road trips.

She has dreams, ideas of what she wants to be, who she wants to be. Maybe she is really hipster or goth and can get away with having such an extreme look/style because she’s still young.

She might have piercings, tattoos, cool/interesting style, hair.

Shes really unreliable, flakey, emotional.

She may not want to settle down, have kids, have a long term boyfriend at this stage.

She may be addicted to social media, getting followers, sending snap chats.

She gets a lot of attention and she loves it. This causes her to feel happy, entitled, high value.

That’s some of what life is like for a younger woman. Now let’s increase our odds of picking her up.

check out this article about how women are at different ages.


Your chances of picking up a younger woman is way higher if you are already young yourself! If you are in the 18-30 age bracket you will find it a lot easier to pick up and sleep with woman who are around that age.

I’m 28 at the moment and already I find it more difficult to pick up young (18-22) girls, im at a 10 year age gap for some of those girls at my age which is why it’s more difficult.

Also if you are younger you might also be going to the same clubs, parties and events as her so your lifestyle is more conductive.

If you are younger congrats if you are not don’t worry because as I will explain there are ways to sleep with younger women even if you are older.


A 9, 10 girl in the age group of 18-25 can get any guy she wants. Even the 7s and 8s can date a lot higher because their young age makes them high value.

You want to be as attractive as you can be. You want to be tall, good looking, good body, cool, edgy, high status and have money.

Read my article on how to be attractive to women here.

But with younger woman there is a bit of a difference. They care about wealth and status a lot less than older woman.

At this age being good looking, being cool, having cool/edgy style, maybe some ink goes along way.

If you are under 30 you can try to max out your looks, coolness, dress in a style that the dudes shes banging are wearing.

If you are over 30 I wouldn’t suggest trying to look “cool” because you will just look stupid. Just dress well for your age, max out your attractiveness and follow the other steps.

As an older man 30+ you still want to make sure you look as good as you can for your age. If a young woman had a choice between an older man who worked out, had good posture, ate well, was healthy, tan, had good style, had some accessories over an older man who was slouched, pale, weak, skinny, skinny fat, fat, with bad style, no cool accessories and just wasn’t sexy at all who is she more likely to pick?

Some younger woman have a fetish to sleep with an older man because an older man has experience, maturity, class. When she fantasizes about sleeping with an older man it will be guys like don draper from mad men, George Clooney, brad pit, Bradley cooper and Mathew Mcconaughey. She isn’t fantasizing about an unattractive low value older man.

Status works in a different way to, if you have high status in the corporate world she won’t really care but if you are the club promoter or dj at a club she visits often that holds more status.

Also if you have lots of instagram followers she will notice lol.


Like I said above even the less good looking younger woman have high status because of their age so they can usually date up.

So if you’re not an attractive guy but still want young women you can lower your standards and go for the 1-7s or something. A lot of these girls will date lower value guy’s regardless of their age.

I know you want the hot younger women but like I said their value is very high at that age, competition is fierce and if you find you aren’t getting them regardless of what you do you might want to lower your standards and pick up the less physically attractive ones.

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I talk about picking up and dating younger women in this article as a guy living in a western country (Australia) where the dating scene is more brutal. Similar scenes would be USA and the UK.

I have travelled the world and I have found that the hardest places to pick up woman is Australia in first place followed by England and USA with some countries in Europe. Saying that American girls are way easier than aussie or uk girls in my opinion.

But what happens when you geo arbitrage your sex life? What I mean by that is picking up girls in countries where they are way easier/nicer like Asia, latin America and many other countries.

Also when you do this you have an edge with your race, accent and value.

For example. Being an older white man in Asia goes a lot way. Just because you’re a foreign white man it will show that you have wealth and higher value. This will make picking up woman in general easier!

Because it’s easier to pick up woman, it’s easier to pick up younger women there as well!

Also these women in these poorer countries often are a lot nicer and have better values than the girls in the western countries so they might not be as difficult to date.

It’s in these countries that wealth goes further than “coolness”

You can live in these countries or just visit and get laid. Check out my article how to get laid overseas here.

If you want to make this work by living in your home country.  Go for girls who are visiting on vacation or have recently moved to your country on a working holiday visa or permanently.

If you’re lucky you can pick her up before she realises that her value is shooting up in the western world because she is a 8,9 10 out of 10.

My friend recently picked up a very hot Columbian girl who has only been in Australia a few months. If she was here for a lot longer and realised how hot she is, how much dudes would message her once she got on tinder, snap chat and Instagram her standards and sense of entitlement would shoot up. (No offense to my mate lol) but I’ve seen it happen time and time before.

Another benefit of picking up foreign girls is your accent! I did well in America because of my aussie accent. I could tell because I was just talking about basic shit and the girls were smiling.

Hit on the hot foreign girls!


What would happen if you approached 10 young  woman? Ok maybe you won’t get anywhere with any of them, what if you approached 100? Maybe you would get a few, what about if you really went for it and approached 1000? You will definitely get at least one even if you are lower value/older.

If you really want to pick up younger women then increase your odds! Hit on as many as you can in day game, night game, in social circles, online on tinder and bumble, everywhere!

There are young women out there who prefer older men. They might have a fantasy about dating and sleeping with and older man. Even if they don’t admit it.

Some younger women want an older man because of the more sexual and life experience, class, conversation that is more mature than the young guys she usually talks to and other reasons.

When you play the numbers game eventually you will find these girls!

A quick tip for playing the numbers game online is set the age range on tinder and bumble to 18-25 and swipe away.

You can’t talk to a lot of young women and not pick up at least one. Go for it.

Read my numbers game article here.


Talking to younger women is the same as talking to women of all ages however it sometimes helps to make a few changes in the way you talk to them.

Be cocky, funny and playful. This goes a long way with younger less mature women. Poke fun at her, make her laugh, say things like “im too old for you this isn’t going to work”, tease her, be fun and funny but don’t be a clown, use push pull, “neg” her a little bit.

Don’t be too serious. Don’t try to impress her with talking about your career, status, wealth, intelligence as you would with an older women, you’ll bore her. Younger women have short attention spans and are distracted by the next shiny thing lol. You want to keep her engaged in conversation but being fun, attractive, funny, cocky, flirty etc.

If you’re younger talking about “cool” things goes a long way with younger women. Things like smoking weed, getting fucked up at some party or talking about events that are coming up.

Pre-selection goes a long way with younger women to. If she indirectly hears or sees you with other women she will be more attracted to you.


You will have more success using face to face avenues to pick up younger girls. What I mean is day game, bar game, night club game, beaches, beach parties, music festivals. Anywhere where you can get face to face with a girl and she can experience your whole vibe.

The trouble with online only game like tinder, bumble and other online dating apps is that you are limited in conveying your whole package.

She might see your photos, bio and age and swipe left. She may even not go into your bio but just see your age and/or photos and swipe left.

But when you approach a young woman cold in real life she not only sees that you are an older man who has taken care of himself but she can experience your high value vibe through your personality, body language and other things.

You find your results with younger girls go up a lot just by simply hitting on her in real life!

Remember her value is high at that age and online she is spoilt for choice with all the dudes on tinder, bumble, snapchat, insta hitting on her.

She doesn’t see the guy’s real personalities online she just mentally categorizes them based on things like looks, followers, coolness and whatever else she can determine.

So she might categorize you as below her threshold value if you approached her online but if you came at her during the day you could make the threshold and end up picking her up and sleeping with her.


Younger girls are often really flakey. They have the attention span of a gold fish!

On Sunday you might have got her to agree to meet up for a date on Wednesday but it doesn’t happen because she doesn’t reply or she’s “busy with uni” or “my friend is going through a rough time and needs me” or “omg my car is broken and I have all this other drama in my life” etc.

Young girls are often flakey on meet ups, txt backs and it can be frustrating.

This is why you should try to go for the same day/night lay with these girls if you can!

If you go out one night and you get talking to a young girl and she’s keen on you, don’t take her number in an attempt to meet up with her a second time! A lot of the times she won’t even text you back the next day! By that time the night life excitement has worn off or she gets a few guys sending her funny snap chats or she’s to pre occupied with her Instagram feed.

If you have a young girl keen on you, go for the same day lay!

This goes for any time you do night game aswell!

It helps if you have rock solid logistics.

If you met the younger girl from online dating or day game then you will have to pitch the meetup but if you met her at a bar, club, beach party, festival or something like that go for the same day/night lay.


Ok so getting a job to meet younger women is more of a passive way to meet them and get laid but some jobs are really good for this!

Here are some jobs that will help you meet younger women. Whether you are young or older.

Club promoter. This is probably the best job because your job is all about meeting lots of people and building social circles. This job will help you with relative social status and playing the numbers game by meeting girls a social circle way. Once you meet girls and other girls see that other girls know you and are giving you attention your pre selection value goes up which is very good. I know a guy in his 30s who isn’t very physically attractive (think IT nerd look) but his job was club manager at a popular night club. Because of this he was dating some very hot younger girls.

Dj .This job is good for social status and will help you meet lots of girls however you will be busy behind the decks so not as good as club promoting.

Bartender. You will be busy behind the bar and but you will still meet plenty of girls.

Photographer. A lot of girls these days are getting professional photo shoots to try and get famous on Instagram. If you become a photographer for them you will meet heaps of them. Also you can be a club photographer.

Working in shopping malls. When I use to work in a kiosk in a shopping mall I met a lot of girls.

That’s some jobs that will help you get out and meet more girls/increase your status and social circle. If you want to make some extra money and meet girls go for it!

Oh and um… PORNSTAR! haha


If you don’t want to play the numbers game, become more attractive to younger women, lower your standards or you’re not young, don’t worry, I have the option for you! You can pay for it!

There are escorts that are hot young woman around the age of 18-25 that you can simply exchange x amount of dollars and sleep with them.

For example in Australia you can sleep with a hot (9 out of 10) girl for around 300 for half an hour which includes full sex.

I know a lot of guys will have some morals against paying for sex but I’m just giving you the option. My site is all about helping you guys get what you want!

For some guys, simply exchanging some cash for sex is a better deal than spending time and money trying to bang young woman.

You don’t have to work on your attraction (which is hard because a hot young woman is very high value) play the numbers game online, day game, night game, go on dates (which cost money anyway) deal with the flakiness of younger woman, or have to lower your standards.

You simply exchange say $300 for half an hour with a young hottie.

The downsides to this is its very expensive (supply and demand) you could get in trouble if it’s illegal in your city and there is the risk of STD’s

You want to make sure it’s legal in your city before you do that though, wear a condom and don’t blow all your money on escorts.

I don’t personally see escorts but I know a few very hot girls in my city who are escorts so I know it’s an option for guys.

Another option of paying for it is sugar daddy game on sites like seeking arrangements.

I don’t know anything about this but I’ve heard basically you are dating a younger woman, paying for her, buying her things and she may have sex with you. I’m not sure. Either way these options involve paying for sex more directly.

That’s it guys. If you follow my article. I can guarantee you will get some young women in your life very soon no matter how old you are or whatever you look like.

A lot of guys out there will try to sell you information about how to get younger women and charge you a lot of money for it and it might not even help you!

I just gave you great information for free because I want to help you improve your life. All my articles are free. I don’t make any money from this site as of today. This site cost me money lol!

If I helped you and you want to help me out a bit. You can send me a donation via pay pal at the top of my site. Up to you though no pressure.

Have a great day bud good luck out there!

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