How To Pick Up Women During The Day

how to pick up women during the day

In this article I will explain how to pick up women during the day.

This could be at the shopping centre, town, the beach, at a park, at a boat harbour, gym, on public transport, at a café,  anywhere!

Most guys don’t take advantage of the opportunities available to them during the day. They will wait all week to go out to a bar or club on Friday and Saturday night or they will just use online methods of meeting women like tinder.

When you learn how to pick up women during the day, you have access to all the girls who don’t go clubbing on the weekends, or all the girls who aren’t online.

You also have access to hotter girls during the day, because that same hot girl who had her guards up in the club will have her guards down during the day when she is not as dolled up and in a chilled mood, she will happily have a conversation with you and give you her number.

Day game has the highest success rate compare to night game or online game. It just feels like the success rate is higher with these other methods because of the time frame.

With online methods you can plow through hundreds of girl’s profiles in the comfort of your home while watching TV. With night game you can talk to 10 girls quickly while you’re partying it up with your mates having fun.

But the above methods have lower success rates over all. With day game you only need to talk to a handful of girls and you will get numbers. If you are talking to 1-5 girls every day during the day, you will have more new pussy than you can handle.

Day game is the hardest method and requires the most balls; this is why most guys don’t do it. Day game can feel weird, and that’s because in some situations it is, although you can try and make the pickup seem as casual and normal as you can, at the end of the day, you are still some stranger who is talking to another stranger in a place where strangers generally don’t talk to strangers.

In a club, bar or similar venue, people are expecting to meet other people, but during the day they are not, and this can work against you.

But it can also work in favour of you. Talking to a girl straight up during the day shows you have balls of steel. Most girls appreciate it.

I encourage you guys to use day game to supplement night and online game. you’ve heard of multiple streams of income? this is how you get multiple streams of pussy haha.

I started to learn how to pick up women during the day back in 2009 when I was 19 years old. I was working in a shopping centre at the time at a kiosk that sold mobile phones. I was studying a lot of PUA type material at the time and going out clubbing every weekend. It was only after stumbling upon a natural player by the name of Paul Janka that I started doing day game. (Read Paul Janka’s book “Attraction Formula” and “getting laid in NYC”)

I remember my first day game approach, it was a girl who was working at a temporary stand close to my kiosk, I had walked past her a couple times that week and she was giving me good eye contact. Although she was giving good eye contact, I didn’t have the courage to approach her. Towards the end of that week I knew I had to approach her as she wouldn’t be working in the centre anymore. I thought fuck it I have to approach her and did it. I walked over to her and said “hey I know this random but I think your cute and want to see if you could give me your number” in the most mumbly and nervous way possible. To my surprise she said yes and gave me her number. After this I felt like a king, I was high on life for the rest of the day and was super motivated to talk to more girls during the day.

Over the years I have talked to countless girls during the day. In the city centre, shopping centres, the beach, parks, the gym, cafes, the coast, boat harbor, during the day in foreign countries, I’ve even got the number from my nurse after she checked out and embarrassing spot I went in for. It doesn’t matter, no place is off limits within reason.

I use to specifically go out just to talk to girls, like I would drive to a shopping centre or the city and have a goal that would I talk to x amount of girls, if you are starting out or have a specific goal in mind, I would encourage you to do this to. However now days I pick up girls during the day as part of my overall lifestyle, as I go about my day if I see a girl I like ill approach her. Eventually this is how I would encourage you guys to go about it. Pickup girls as part of your lifestyle.

As I write this article, today I was having a drink at a spot on the coast when I saw a hot blonde come in from power walking down the coast. She sat down by herself reading a book and as I was about to leave I opened her, had some light conversation and got her number. Easy as that. I want you guys to get to a point where you can do that to.

So how do you pick up women during the day and get her number? I will explain now.


When you are starting out day game can be very intimidating. I will write up an entire article about how to overcome approach anxiety but day game has a slightly different mindset which I will address now.

Like I said before, day game can come across as weird and creepy, and that’s because in some situations it is. But you can’t let that stop you, embrace it and push forward.

You need to approach girls you like, you only live once and you need to just do it.

All you are doing is making her day, she may be initially surprised or startled that you approached her, but don’t take this the wrong way.

There is nothing illegal about what you are doing, you are just simply engaging in conversation with another human during the day.

If you don’t go and talk to her, she will eventually leave and you will beat yourself up about it, if you do talk to her even If it goes nowhere you will at least know that it didn’t and you tried.

The first girl is the hardest, but after that you will be super confident and motivated.

If you are starting out I suggest approaching girls who are working in stores first or the ones who are stationary somewhere.

Another way to feel more comfortable and have more fun is go with a friend and day game together, maybe go to a bar first and grab a drink or two to loosen you up, or take some phenibut.

A good game which is actually from the pua community is to give $50 to a friend and he can’t give it back to you until you have approached 5 girls, this is fun and powerful.

Another thing you can do by yourself is go out and tell yourself you cannot go home unless you have approached x amount of girls!


Ok so you see a girl you like, she may be walking towards you, sitting on a bench, eating, working out, sunbathing, whatever. You should approach her. This is how you do it.

The girls who are stationary like sitting down at a bench are the easiest, the way you approach these girls is simply walk up to them nice and slowly with relaxed open confident body language, smile look them in the eyes and say “excuse me, I know this is random but I saw you from over there and I just thought you were attractive/cute/stunning” she will say “oh thankyou” “hehe” or just smile, as soon as you finished saying that put out your hand and say “what your name?” exchange names and say “what are you up to/up to today”

Now if the girl is walking towards you, what you do is wait for her to walk past, then turn around and walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder, when she turns around say “hey I know this random but I just had to stop you and talk to you”

Another way is if she is slowly walking towards you, you can put up you hand, smile and say “stop for a minute. You’re really cute I just had to stop you, how are you? What’s your name?”

Sometimes you will be “rejected” in this opening phase with a simple “oh thankyou but I have a boyfriend” or something similar, sometimes you will get a girl who is more of a bitch but usually that’s as bad as it gets, no need to be scared guys, you are just talking to girl and making her day.


Ok so she has told you what she is up to, just ask her a couple open ended questions and feedback what you can.

“Oh yeah so do you work around here?” “How long have you been there? Do you like it?” “What are you up to tonight? This weekend?”

Just simple, basic boring small talk. No need to be interesting or funny.

After about 30 seconds of so you don’t need to talk any more, close her.


Closing is simple; just say something like “ok well I gotta head off now, what’s your number and ill text you later?” or “ok well I’ll let you get back to it, what’s your number anyways ill text you later”

A powerful way to get do this is to take out the phone before you say this, stand side by side with her and show her your phone screen with the keyboard already putting in the number, the area code for example where I live its 04, so I as I’m about to close I’ll take my phone out, put in 04 and ask her.

After you get the number just say “nice meeting you” “have a nice day” and walk off slowly and confidently. You will be on her mind all day.

That’s all you have to do!

A lot of guys online will tell you to try and get the instant date to build more rapport or whatever but it isn’t necessary.

Just get in there, make some small talk, get the number and you’re done. No need for anything more. Of course if you are looking for a relationship you could try and have an instant date with the girl to screen her for qualities you like before you number close her, or if you are trying to get laid and you live close to where you met her you can invite her over for a drink then and there, but in most cases don’t attempt an instant date, you won’t get one and it’s not necessary, just get the number and get out.

After you have the number just follow my lay guide on what to do next. Basically you invite her out on a date and go on from there.

Now not all the numbers you get will convert into a date, but that’s the same with any other method. Just accept it and move on to the next girl.

I hope you enjoyed my article how to pick up women during the day. Now get out there and talk to some girls!

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