How To Pick The Right Girl

How to pick the right girl

In this article I will explain how to pick the right girl.

Below is a checklist of what to look for in a girl if you want to go monogamous and/or start a family someday.

I wouldn’t recommend guys go monogamous unless they find a girl who ticks most of the boxes below because dating her will be time wasted when you could be dating multiple girls casually.

Girls usually always want more. So if you are monogamous they usually want to move in, have kids, get married, get divorced etc. so why go monogamous unless it’s with the right girl? Because the wrong girl will just end anyway.

The right girl will give you a lot of happiness. The wrong girl will give you drama, stress, anger and a lot of other negative emotions.

The right girl increases your odds of a long, happy, fulfilling family life with a lower chance of divorce and cheating.

So many guys date the wrong girls. I don’t know why they don’t just dump these girls and move on. Maybe it’s because they think they can’t get anyone else or a girl as hot as that girl so they put up with the drama.

But if you read this site and you are a man who takes control of his life and his happiness you won’t be dating girls like that. At least not in monogamy.

The list below is my checklist in a girl. But I believe it’s also a very good checklist for any man to follow if he was a girlfriend or wife to start a family with.

If you are dating a girl who fails many of this checkpoints you are dating the wrong girl.

I just want to say that the list below is very politically incorrect but in reality it will give you the best result. So if you are a feminist and reading this I suggest you stop reading this because you won’t like it.

I have also added the links to wills guide on RLD and an article on B&D which have similar advice to my list.

So without further ado I present to you the legit player wifey fo lifey test.

Pretty/Sexy enough for you

As will freeman from RLD said “I can’t fall in love with a girl unless she’s an 8 out of 10” and personally I’m the same. You want a pretty face and a body type you find sexy. Looks matter. But you don’t want a 10 out of 10 because she will be hit on everywhere you go.


She takes care of herself. She eats well and exercises.

Good in bed

In monogamy she is the only girl you are sleeping with so if she’s good or at least is getting better at sex and head you will look forward to it with her than always fantasising about sleeping with other woman because she sucks.

History of monogamy

You want to hear that she’s had long term relationships in the past.

Non-party girl

You want a girl that isn’t going out every weekend getting fucked up and hit on by guys.

Doesn’t drink/do drugs/smokes

If she gets drunk every once in a blue moon that’s fine but you don’t want a girl who is addicted to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

No Tattoos/piercings

Tattoos and piercings = attention seeking/trashy/attitude = no no.


Non-religious or compatible religion

She needs to be non-religious or religiously compatible to you. If you date a Muslim girl and you want to have a family with her she will want you to convert because she can’t have a family with you unless you do. Or if you are a Christian and she is a Muslim this will create tension. The best is just to avoid religious girls if you are looking to start a family.


She doesn’t have to have formal education but she has to be naturally smart and switched on. You don’t want a dumbass long term.


She’s usually smiley/ bubbly and happy around you. You look forward to seeing her because she lifts your mood and makes you happy.

On time/punctual

She doesn’t waste your time. She meets you at the date on time because she’s serious about you.


She’s responsible. Looks after herself and you and doesn’t do stupid destructive things.

Non feminist

Feminist are the worst woman to date

Good with money

She knows the value of money. She doesn’t waste It on stupid stuff. So later on she won’t be wasting your money that you build with her.

Similar interest/goals/plans

You guys connect well; have things in common and all that.

Non materialistic

A materialistic girl will burn a hole in your pocket, and this is attention seeking.

Wants a family/likes kids

If you want a family you want a girl who does to.

Not demanding

I see so many wives and gfs who are so demanding to their partners. You don’t want this.

Non dramatic

Excessive drama = next!

Classy dressed

Classy well groomed/dressed is better than slutty.

Natural beauty/petite

Better than fake books, cake face when it comes to wifey material.

Non attention seeking


Can repress sexual urges

You want a girl who likes sex but can repress sexual urges. Nympos are fun for casual relationships but will likely cheat in monogamous relationships.


Shy isn’t bad. Shy is good.

Girly girl

Girly girl, likes all the girly stuff. Knows her role. Non feminist.

Can trust her

This is a big one and takes time to build.

Non-social media addicted

You don’t want a girl who’s always staring at her phone and taking photos and trying to get likes.

She txt’s back in a reasonable time

Its 2017, every girl is glued to their phone. If she doesn’t txt you back for hours at a time shes not worth it. I should say she might take her time at the start if she’s playing hard to get but if shes always like that move on.

Happy go lucky

She’s happy and goes with the flow with you. Easy going.

Under 35 or 30

Personally if I was to choose a girl to spend the rest of my life with I would want her be young and sexy for as long possible so I wouldn’t marry a girl who’s already past her time as harsh as that sounds.

Comes from intact family

If her parents are still together and stable she will be used to stability.


She shouldn’t even talk about the possibility of divorce and actually hates the idea of it.

Hopefully comes from same city so no visa issues

A lot of people say western girls are not marriage material so they want to get a girl from a country in south east Asia or something but it’s always easier if she’s from your own city because you will have more in common and won’t have to deal with getting visas approved and all that shit.

No problem signing a pre-nuptial

She shouldn’t give you any issues when you ask her to sign one.

No existing kids

Personally I wouldn’t go monogamous with a single mum.

Respects you/looks up to you

She should respect you. Talks you up not make fun of you and make you feel like shit in public.

Less emotionally reactive than most girls

Girls are more emotionally reactive than guys. You just want her to be less than most.

I hope you liked reading how to pick the right girl. Hopefully now you have a better idea of what to look for.

Links to RLD and B&D

Also read his other guides on woman especially the avoiding toxic woman guides.

How to Pick the Right Wife

Thanks for reading guys. I hope I have helped.


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