How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection

You know the story,

You see a girl you really want to talk to, she’s hot, she’s cute, she’s sexy, she’s your type, you really really really want to talk to her.

Maybe you’re at the club, at a party, at college, at the park, at the mall or anywhere else.

You think “I have to do this, it’s now or never, she will go soon or another guy will talk to her, I will never see her again if I don’t talk to her now”

You get ready, you are about to talk to her!

But you don’t.

You can’t, you just can’t.

You feel like you can’t breath, your stomach and chest feel tight, your heart is racing, your breathing is shallow.

This is fear, this is anxiety, this is fear of REJECTION!

A moment later, she is gone, or another guy is talking to her, it’s too late.

Your feeling of rejection is now gone, but a new feeling has overcome you. It also starts with the letter R.


For the rest of that day, and even longer, you feel regret, ashamed of yourself, you think “what if I did approach her?” “Did that other guy get her?” “What if I approached her but she rejected me?”

Around the world on a daily basis so many guys feel what I described above.

Men are crippled by fear of rejection all the time. But here’s the thing,




That situation above, sound familiar? Well that girl you didn’t approach because you were scared you would get rejected, YOU DIDN’T GET ANYWHERE WITH HER BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T APPROACH

Maybe she would have rejected you, but without talking to her, you rejected yourself

When you overcome fear of rejection YOU ARE REJECTING YOURSELF! 100% CHANGE YOU DIDN’T GET THE GIRL

In this article I will explain what fear of rejection is and how to overcome it.


The fear of rejection is ingrained in our biological wiring.

You see, way back in the early days of humanity, the fear of rejection held a purpose, back then going to talk to someone you don’t know could mean they could kill you, or maybe her cave man bf or tribe would kill you for talking to her. It’s an unknown situation. The fear of rejection gave us a purpose.

Fast forward to today and it’s unlikely anything will happen to you, besides of course if you hit on a girl while she’s standing next to her bf that looks like he’s a UFC fighter lol, but have some common sense.

Today you can talk to girls anywhere and the worst that could happen is basically she says “sorry I have a boyfriend” see? Nothing to be afraid of.

But this old fear of rejection is still ingrained in us so we have to overcome it.

It’s also a bruise to our ego, when a girl rejects you, most of the time is not because of YOU, the way you look, the way you act etc its actually because she’s not available at that time, maybe she’s married or has a boyfriend, maybe she’s a lesbian, maybe she just had a bad break up and doesn’t want to meet you or any number of reasons that she rejected you that has nothing to do with you.

But guys still take it personally! Don’t..

So what are the reasons a girl might reject you?

She has a boyfriend

She has a husband

She’s a lesbian

She’s having a bad day

She’s busy at work

She’s focusing on her school or work

She’s not looking for anything

She just had a breakup

She’s seeing someone

She’s a traveller from another country

She’s shy

She’s got social anxiety

These are only a small amount of the reasons a girl might reject you, there are tons more, but notice how none involve YOU?

Of course some girls might reject you because of the way you look or act or your style or race or culture but that’s not the case MOST of the time, most of the time it’s the above reasons.

So knowing what rejection is, what causes it and why you shouldn’t overcome it what should you do about it?

I explain this in detail in my article HOW TO OVERCOME APPROACH ANXIETY

Have a read of that, I explain it all, that will get you talking to girls for sure.

And here’s the thing, you know If I saw you approach a girl and got rejected, to me you succeeded.

I would rather see a guy try and get rejected then a guy who had a girl come up to him or something.

Honestly if we were out somewhere and I saw you try I would buy you a drink because I believe success is the journey and not the destination. And the pride of trying your best is all that matters J

So have a read of that guys and go out there and really push yourself hard to get over that fear of rejection.

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Alright boy’s hope you can get over that fear and get some girls until next time have a good day good luck!


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