How To Know If It’s A Transgender On Tinder/Online Dating Apps

Hey guys, in this article I’m going to explain how to know if you are dealing with a transgender (man acting like a woman) on tinder.

Disclaimer.. I have nothing against transgenders or anyone in the LGBT community, everyone is free to live how they want as long as it makes them happy and it doesn’t cause a negative impact on others. This article is for straight men on dating apps looking for biological women to date who don’t want to date transgenders and don’t want to match and talk to transgenders.

As I said above, I have no issues with transgenders or anyone else in the LGBT community but I don’t think it’s fair that transgenders don’t always say in their profile that they are one and they often trick straight guys into matching, talking, dating and all the rest with them who would otherwise never want to do that as they only date real women and they believe as I do that a transgender is still a biological man and not a real woman. I’m entitled to that belief the same way a transgender is entitled to their belief that they are of the other gender.

I believe that a transgender not being upfront in their profile and saying they are transgender causes a negative impact on straight men and its also potentially dangerous to transgenders. So I guess this article will save a lot of transgender men (who look like girls) trouble that may arise if they deal with the wrong straight guy.

After using dating apps for many years I can usually tell almost straight away when I come across a trans person and in this article I’m going to list everything I know so you don’t have to waste time matching and dealing with them as you only want to date biological women.

I’ve noticed a trend lately of A LOT of trans men on Tinder and other dating apps like bumble and hinge and almost all of them don’t openly say it in their profile which I believe is misleading.

While I have never gone to the point of going on a date with a transgender I have in the past matched with a few and talked to them before I realized but over time I quickly learnt to recognize the clues that they are trans and I will list them all below.

Absolutely do not be mean to a trans person even if you do feel mislead or whatever just simply swipe left or unmatch them. Deep down they are probably nice people but just simply unmatch them since you are trying to meet and date real biological women.

Ok here is a list of what to look for while you are on dating apps and you think you may have come across a transgender. Bear in mind not all girls who have some of these are transgenders so don’t assume and don’t ask them directly just in case it’s not HAHAHA!


Have a good look at their face and body, do they have manly features? Strong brow/facial structure, jaw, chin, skin, shoulders, tall, big hands (hands is a big give away) big feet, no breast, adams apple.


Often a trans person will have fake or droopy boobs or no boobs at all.


Sometimes but not often they will say it in their profile so it will say trans or TS, if every trans person did this it would be great!


Other give aways in the bio is they might have the lgbt flag in the bio which is the colourful stripe one so if they have that and they have other clues that they are trans it’s more of a give away.

Or they might have other clues like they might have “I guess you could say I’m one of the boys” in their bio or something like that.


Often a trans person will have extremely filtered and edited photos which don’t even look like real life at all, this is to hide the manly skin/features.


This a thing ive noticed with a lot of transgenders on dating apps, they use those video photos that loop, like a boomarang video of them smiling or drinking or walking or head tilting with their friends but again they are usually heavily makeupd, filtered and often extreme close up or far away and hard to distinguise.

The reason why they do this is they are trying to make it further believable that they are a real girl.


Just like the above point often a trans person will have heavy make up to the point where they look like an anime character or something.


Transgenders often go over the top with their clothing choice to make themselves look like a woman as much as possible.

They often dress like run way models so pay attention to their clothing choices if you think they look a bit like a guy.

And this is a big point, they often cover their body as much as possible so they wear long sleeves, cover their legs and also wear big sunglasses.


Extreme close ups where you can only see half their face or not their body at all or far away shots or shots where they are in bad lighting or shots from behind where you can’t see their face are good giveaways.


Often when you come across a trans on dating apps something about their photos and profile just doesnt seem right straight away and you will get that feeling, it could be the way they look, dress, act, body language, bio, or something else, they just seem off.


Often a trans person will not give you their social media so you don’t see what they look like or they will only give you snap chat so they can send you pre edited photos or extreme close ups or just not send you snaps of themselves at all. Like they will send you a snap of their room but if you ask them to send a snap selfie they won’t or they make an excuse like “I look ugly right now” but they are keen to chat via snap chat a lot.

Or they give you their social media such as insta and they have no photos of themselves or the same hard to see heavily edited close up photos.

Also a tip is do they have photos with others that look transgender, lesbian or gay?

If you are unsure whether its a transgender or not always ask for multiple forms of social media to suss it out.


If you are talking to them and for example you ask them what they are doing on the weekend and they say they are going to a LGBT bar in your city or some other LGBT event that’s a give away.

Also if you see on their social media they have friends who look like they are LGBT that’s another give away.


Often some trans guys go all out and make themselves look like models haha and a lot of guys can be tricked into thinking it’s a dream come true especially if they have not much experience with women or they are older and not used to dating apps.

If you are talking to a “girl” who seems like she’s out of your usual league in terms of looks you might want to further investigate.


Like the above point if you match with someone who you thought is a hot girl and she’s messaging you with not a second to delay and it seems unusual well then check if there is any other indication that they may be trans.


Often trans guys actually still talk like guys as in how they message you on the apps, they might talk to you as you would talk with your mates.


Often a trans guy will have in his profile “dtf” or something like that or when they message you they will be very easy to start talking sexual or be willing to meet up etc.

That’s it guys, hope that helps, like I said I can pretty much tell straight away now if it’s a trans person and swipe left but I feel sorry for all the guys out there who are new to online dating or just simply clueless and get their hopes up and date and even meet up with a transperson when they are only interested in women so hopefully this guide helps. If I remember any more points Ill add them to the list.

Unfortunately with operations, technology and filters its harder and harder and will be more difficult to be able to tell if someone is trans but if you keep following my list you should be able to filter them out and swipe left quickly. Unless you want to be friends with them I guess but that’s up to you.

Good luck with your dating and hopefully you find the girl of your dreams!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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