How To Heal Dry Lips Fast

I have noticed that a few times a year my lips will get very dry. They become so dry and chapped that they crack up and hurt when I open my mouth. They also get red and tender as they are healing. This is also not a good look.

This is usually the case in winter when the mornings are cold and in summer when I have been working outside exposed to the hot sun and wind.

I never use to get dry lips as much because I use to work in an office environment but now I work in a mixture of indoors and outdoors so I am exposed to the elements a lot more.

I never use to protect my lips before going out into the sun at work or on cold days because it didn’t cross my mind. But after noticing that they get dry in certain conditions I have started protecting them and have prevented them from getting dry and cracking up which can take a week to heal again.

Prevention is the best way. If you also get dry lips sometimes try this to prevent it.

  • Stay hydrated. Often dehydration is the cause.
  • Wear sunscreen. A good lip balm will have sunscreen in it anyway.
  • Apply lip balm as it starts getting cold in winter.
  • Apply lip balm before you go outside if you know you will be outside for a while.

You don’t need to apply lip balm every day. After a few cold weeks or a few days out in the sun and wind your lips will toughen up and you won’t need to apply lip balm. But if they are not use to the elements you will need to apply the lip balm.

So that’s how you prevent dry lips. But what if you already have them? Once you have burnt your lips from the cold or sun there is no turning back. Your lips will have to crack up and heal which can take about a week.

Because I never use to pay attention to protecting my lips this use to happen to me several times a year. But now it rarely happens because I take care of them.

I use to ask my sisters what I can do to fix them and they recommended I put paw paw ointment on them which they spoke highly of.

Besides keeping my lips moist I noticed that this didn’t really heal them fast so I shopped around for something different.

I bought this blistex product and put it on before I went to bed and within a few days my lips were healed. It worked so much better than the paw paw ointment.

It also has sunscreen in it so you can put it on before you go out to protect your lips in the first place.

You don’t even have to put a lot on and you can’t tell it’s on. Just a little dab and apply it.

You can buy it here

That’s it guys. Save yourself the inconvenience of annoying dry lips and prevent/heal dry lips fast!

No girl will kiss you if you don’t 😛

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