How To Have More Energy

How to have more energy

Hey guys, in this article I am going to list ways that will give you more energy.

I have found these ways to give me more energy so I believe they will work for you as well.

A lot of people want to know how to have more energy because they have busy not so fun lives so hopefully this list can help you all.

I’m still learning of ways to have more energy so if you have any ideas that I have not listed here please write them in the comment section below.

Ok here we go in not order.


You need around 8 hours of sleep a night. Think back to a time when you have 6 or less hours of sleep the night before. The next day you had low energy and felt irritated.


Sometimes you will feel tired and brain dead during the day, usually in the afternoon. Taking a quick 10-20 minute power nap makes a big difference to your energy.


Simply eating food will give you more energy. Think back to how you feel before your lunch break, often you feel like you have less energy and need a break. Then after lunch you have energy. The body burns food for energy. Bare in mind that sometimes people feel tired after eating a big heavy meal with lots of carbs or junk food so figure out what works best for you but overall food will give you more energy. You will get the most energy from healthy natural food.


Vitamins like a multivitamin and other vitamins like ginseng give you energy because they make up for the nutritional gaps in your diet if you’re not eating enough healthy food. Some vitamins like ginseng and guarana you won’t get from your food so experiment with them and see how you feel.


We need enough water during the day for energy. You will know you are drinking enough when your pee is a straw colour and not dark yellow/orange. Sometimes all it takes is a couple glasses to get you hydrated and you will feel the difference.


Working out will make you are more energetic person because you are getting oxygen rich blood pumping throughout your body multiple times a week.

Another way you get more energy from working out is your body gets fitter and stronger so usual day to day duties like walking and lifting light things become a breeze for your body so it has more of a surplus of energy.


High energy music like EDM or rap/hip hop gives me energy. Music will make you have higher energy because the fast beats pick your brain up and get you more alert.

Also because you’re listening to your favourite music your dopamine is getting released which makes you feel good which makes you more energetic.


Anything that makes you feel good and releases dopamine/serotonin will make you more energetic.

Things like listening to music, doing something you like, playing games, exercising, having fun, watching something you are interested in, eating chocolate and whatever else makes you feel good.


If you lay down on the couch all day you might re charge if you were really tired before but eventually laying on the couch will lower your energy. if you are doing this and feel tired get up and go for a walk outside or get moving some other way, clean the house or something. Simply standing up and moving will get you more energy.


Coffee, green tea, black tea and other forms of caffeine is a drug and will definitely give you the boost you need.


A mind trick to get more energy is to simply tell yourself “I will feel more energetic” “I will create more energy” or some other affirmation like that.

Another way is to start acting energetic and your mind will start to do it.

Another way is to visualise yourself being energetic for a few minutes before you need energy or think back to a time when you were energetic and put yourself in that moment then you feel more energy.


Often we don’t have energy because we are bored, like at our job. Doing something that motivates you or something you are passionate about will give you more energy.

Setting goals and to do list will give you a sense of purpose and a mission.


Feel tired after work? Have a shower! You will feel refreshed after. A colder shower will give you even more of a boost.


Get outdoors, go to the beach, go hiking, go for a bike ride, walk around your neighbourhood.


A quick tip is to take some deep breaths to get oxygen in your body and an instant energy boost.


Refrain from ejaculating for a few days and you will have a noticeable increase to your energy.

That’s it guys hopefully that helps and if you have any other ideas put them in the comments below.

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