How To Get Laid (The Legit Players Lay Guide)


This is the Legit Players how to get laid guide. This isn’t a how to get a girl friend or wife guide.

This guide is purely how to meet and sleep with a new girl in the most easy to understand, efficient, no bull way possible.

Feminist and political correct types might not be too impressed at this guide. But this is what will work best.

Whether you are a virgin or have slept with a lot of girls already this guide will help you.

Using this guide you will probably sleep with several girls this month.

Now I wouldn’t use this guide as a lifestyle. This is all in. This is temporally making your whole life about getting laid. So you will get results. But if you do this forever your life will be out of balance and you won’t be happy. But worry about that after. It’s time to get laid.

So here we go.

This guide will work best if you are not working and have lots of free time. But I have assumed you are like most guys and work full time.


I am going to talk to as many girls I can. If I see a girl I like I will talk to her no matter what. Getting laid is a numbers game. Rejection is part of the process. I will always be closing. Moving things forward. I won’t waste time with girls who are playing games. There are plenty of sexually available girls and I will focus on them. Girls want sex just as much or more than I do. I am not trying to “seduce” every girl; I am sleeping with the girls who I want to sleep with who also want to sleep with me.


If you are new to this approaching girls cold will be hard for you to do. Check out my article on approach anxiety here but for now the best advice I can give you is “JUST DO IT”

Have you heard of the quote “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” ? Well you don’t sleep with 100% of the girls you don’t approach.

You might be so scared to approach a girl you can feel your stomach coming out of your throat. But if you don’t talk to her nothing will happen and you will go home feeling like a pussy wondering what if. But if you do approach her you improve your chances of something happening by a positive percentage.

Imagine Tyler Durden from fight club has a gun to your head saying “if you don’t approach that girl you will be dead” haha!

Just do it. The first girl is the hardest but once you approach the first girl it gets WAY easier and fun! You will realize it’s not that hard. Just do it.


There are 3 types of girls. Yes, no and maybe girls.

Yes (sexually available) girls are exactly that. Yes girls. You will ask for their number and they will give it to you. You will ask her to meet up and it’s easy. She will. Everything runs quickly and smoothly with these girls. They don’t make plans and then cancel. They don’t take hours to reply to msgs. They are usually easy to talk to and flirt with. These are the types of girls that will have sex on the first date and be happy they did. They respond well to you escalating throughout the whole process from meeting to sex. A good way to highlight a yes girl is remember when you had a girl who you thought was below your league and she was showing lots of interest in you.

No girls (sexually unavailable) these girls are easy to define. They are not available and most of the time it has nothing to do with you. They have boyfriends. They are married. They are lesbians. They are the feminist. They are too shy. They are leaving the country tomorrow. They only want to meet guys through friends or a million other reasons. The point is MOVE ON, NEXT. You can’t “game” these girls and change their mind. Just say have a nice day and move on to the next girl. There’s plenty of girls out there who will make things a lot easier for you.

Maybe girls. These are the trickiest and where a lot of guys get caught up. These are the attention seekers. These are the girls who friend zone guys. These are the girls who won’t sleep with you unless you go on a lot more dates. These are the girls who might seem interested but for some reason you might not be able to escalate. These girls are defined in too many ways to list.

The best way to overcome maybe girls is to follow my system. As long as you are always pushing further. You will screen out maybe girls. She may be chatting to you all day and sending you snap chats but when you ask her to meet up she makes an excuse or goes cold.

So keep following the guide and you will screen out the maybe girls. Maybe girls will either be screened out or you will sleep with them and confirm they are yes girls.



First thing I want you to do is think about girls you already know and want to have sex with.

You may have gone to school or worked with them before and now you have them on Facebook. They might be girls you met out before. Whatever.

Now I want you to msg all these girls a simple “hey how have you been”? Don’t worry if you are being random most girls will appreciate that you are curious about them.

Now go through and have small talk with these girls. Don’t try and be funny and interesting just plain simple boring small talk. “How has your weekend been” “what do you do now” “what are you getting up to this week” etc. etc.

A weird thing I have found out is boring simple small talk (initially) works wonders, which is weird because I always hear girls say how they like interesting, funny conversation.

I believe this works because of these reasons.

When you try to be funny and flirty initially it shows that you are trying to hard to impress the girl and also it doesn’t matter how boring and basic your initial conversation is if she likes you she likes you.

Maybe girls will love you being witty and funny but when you ask them to hang out watch how they change and make excuses. The simple boring conversation is all you need to screen out the right girls.

After a bit of small talk. Ask her to catch up for a drink. Just say “hey we should catch up for a drink sometime soon”

The yes girls will say yes.

After she says yes. Just ask her what night she is free and make plans to either go somewhere for a drink or invite her over your place for a drink. A lot of girls will be fine with that.


OK so you have msged all the girls you already know and want to fuck; now I want you to download tinder on your phone.

Now go on tinder and swipe right on every girl you like until you max out likes. You get a limited amount of likes on tinder until it resets 12 hours later but what I do is max out my likes when I wake up that way that night I can do it again so I max out likes two time a day and I still get tinder for free.

Now same with girls you already know. Go through and make plain boring small talk with every girl you matched with on tinder.

There are a lot of fake accounts on tinder. Some signs it could be a fake account is,

No mutual friends, no Instagram connected, photos that look old or from another country.

Read my how to spot a fake account on tinder article here but for now just do your best and talk to all the girls on tinder you like and try to move things forward.

After some small talk ask her catch up for a drink. The yes girls will say yes. Ask for her number.


So when you are going about your day I want you to always be on the lookout for girls you like.

I want you to go to populated areas like shopping centre’s, into town, tourist areas, any place where there are lots of girl and talk to at least 1 girl. But try to talk to up to 5+ if you can.

You might be on your lunch break and see a hottie sitting down at a table.

Walk up to her and say “hey I know this is random but I just saw you and thought your were cute or attractive and wanted to meet you”

Have a playful vibe as you say this and have a slight smirk. Try to keep as relaxed as you can and make eye contact.

Then say “what’s your name” “how’s your day going” “what are you up to today” after about 30 seconds or a minute of conversation just say straight out ”what’s your number?” before you say this pull your phone out of your pocket and face the screen to her. I usually already type in the first two digits of the number (04 in Australia) so that when she sees the screen the number has already started and she needs to complete it. I figured this out some time ago but it works wonders.

The yes and maybe girls will give it to you, the no girl’s wont. Don’t worry just say have a nice day and move on.

So now you have talked to a bunch of girls that you already know, new girls on tinder and a few during the day and you have set up a few meet ups.


If it’s Friday or Saturday night or any other busy night of the week and you have no meet ups planned. I want you to go to a bar or club either with a mate or by yourself.

Night clubs are ruthless environments. All the girls are done up and have been hit on all night. They know what you want. Even an average looking girl will get a lot of attention in a night club. All the girls egos are inflated and there shields are up. All the guys in the club are competition. You are competing with noise, lights, alcohol, her friends, other guys, other clubs or things she could be doing.

Night clubs and bars are probably the worst places to pick up girls in terms of approach to lay ratio. But saying that. They are the only places where you will find so many girls concentrated into one area. Night clubs are the only places you can pick up a girl and you guys have sex after 10 minutes of meeting.

I spent years going to nightclubs and still do occasionally. You can get laid from nightclubs. You just need the right plan.

For too long I went to night clubs and my game plan was to get phone numbers and meet up with the girl another time and while I did get laid this way it wasn’t the most effective.

Going for phone numbers in the night life sucks, most of the numbers I got went nowhere. This is because the girl was tipsy and in a high energy club state at the time but is not anymore and is not interested in meeting up with some random from that night at the club. She might be hungover and down the next few days so her mindset is the complete opposite of when you guys meet. Plus by then she might of asked for your social media or something and determined there was something about you that made her not want to catch up again.

Like I said my mate was the king at getting laid from night game and that because he closed that night.

When I realised this and started to go for the one night stand I started to get laid a lot more.

Check out my how to get laid from a nightclub article here but for now this is what I want you to do.

Like the rest of the method getting laid is a numbers game but in the night life you will need to play bigger numbers.

Hit on at least 10 girls at the venue. Just walk up and say the usual “hey how are you” “having a good night” “who are you here with” “where did you guys go before this”

Have a solid frame, stand up straight, hand lightly on her upper arm as you open her, slight smile, talk loud and clear enough, don’t look at the floor.

Stay away from dance floors; you will have a really shitty hit rate.

The best places to hit on girls in clubs is around the bar and outer areas where girls sit down or stand where it’s not as noisy and they can hear you.

You will want to be higher energy as clubs are high energy environments. Don’t be too high energy just match her energy.

See how she responds to your approach. If she seems interested keep talking to her.

You can be more physical in clubs as it’s accepted. Start slow with a hand on her waist or forearm as you speak into her ear.

The game plan for night game is to leave the club and go back to yours or hers or somewhere else where you guys can have more “fun”.

So you are talking to the girl and she is interested and is responding well to your physical escalation. You should try and kiss her.

The best way to kiss a girl is just to go for it. Yes girls will let you do it and if she seemed interested she shouldn’t back away. And if she does, just smile it off and don’t act like it fazed you, try again later. Girls usually like that you tried anyway so long as they were showing interest of course.

So you are talking, dancing, kissing and flirting with this girl what you need to do is get her out of there. Don’t be those guys who will make out in the club with the girl all night.

Just ask the girl to come back to yours for a few drinks or some other excuse. You don’t need to be to convincing with this. If the girl is interested she will come home with you. Other things you could say is “we should get out of here” or “want to get out of here and continue this at my place” or “want to come to mine”

If after speaking to a girl you are certain you won’t be able to sleep with her that night but you still want a chance at doing so at a later date just get her number. Just say “what’s your number we’ll catch up for a drink sometime”


So you have talked to the girl and she has agreed to meet up with you for a date. Where do you go?

The first option is your place. It won’t cost you any money or energy and you will have the most likely chance at having sex.

The best way to get girls to come straight to yours is after she agrees to catch up for a drink say “cool. Well we can go somewhere for a drink or you can just come over to mine if you like? Up to you”

A lot of girls will be fine coming straight over for the first date but if she rather you take her out then proceed to step two.

If you are meeting up with a girl you might want to date or be friends with then you can take her to the movies or dinner but since we just want to get laid. You will only be taking her out for drinks at a quiet lounge type place hopefully not too far from your home or hers.

The reason being is if you take a girl to dinner it’s too formal and it’s not the best place to encourage sex after. The girl is sitting across from you and you are both eating and will be bloated and tired later. It also means you have to spend more money on the first date as girls generally expect you to pay.

Movies also suck because you sit next to the girl and can’t talk to her the whole time.

Taking a girl for drinks is the best if you just want to get laid because you can sit next to the girl while you both get relaxed after a couple drinks and it’s more of a flirtatious environment.

So what do you talk about with the girl?

It’s not very hard. You just need to ask questions and let her do the talking and then just feed the conversation.

Most girls love to talk. Just ask her questions about her life and let her talk then share your similar experiences to build some rapport.

While you guys are talking. Try to throw in some humour and sexual innuendo from time to time to get her thinking along those lines.

Have relaxed open body language and maintain good eye contact.

Physical escalation is good to; some playful touching here and there will make her more comfortable with your touch.

Once you guys have chatted for a while and got more comfortable around each other you should take the party elsewhere.

If you want to get her to come to yours just say “what did you want to do now? Did you want to just come to mine and watch a movie or something since it’s still early?”

By this point she would be pretty comfortable and attracted to you so there is a good chance she will take you up on your offer.

If you don’t want to take a girl back to yours you can suggest going for a drive to another location.

Choose a nice place like a park or next to water or something and just chill in your car talking some more, playing songs and talking about them or whatever just chill in your car once you guys have got to that other location.


So preferably you have got a girl back to your house or hers. It is really easy to get laid at this point provided the girl is a good yes girl. Remember this guide is about meeting girls who want to have sex with you haha.

Once you guys are having some drinks or watching a movie or whatever just lean over and go in for the kiss. If she is into you she will start kissing you no problem. She’s probably been waiting for it all night.

After you kiss her for a little while start rubbing her crouch from the outside of her pants and she will get hornier.

After that pull down her panties and play with her. Don’t jam your fingers in like a teenager. Just lightly rub your fingertips over and inside her and you will feel her getting wet.

Kiss her neck while you are doing this and nibble her ear and down the side of her neck and she will get really worked up and breathing and moaning heavily.

If you are erect by this point put a condom on and put your cock inside her and sleep with her.

Remember guys NO means NO and if she doesn’t want to sleep with you and she’s not having fun STOP.


If you haven’t slept with the girl by about the 3rd date it might not happen anytime soon so you might choose to stop investing time and energy into that girl unless you really like her and want to continue to date her.


So there you have it guys, The Legit Players Lay Guide. Using this plan you will sleep with a new girl soon. I hope you enjoyed it and I have helped you.

This is a rough plan guys. I will write specific articles about each of these sections to give you more in depth information but this simple to follow plan will be enough.

Using this plan I guarantee you will get laid within the next month. You will probably get laid within a week or even 24 hours using this guide.

Try it out and let me know how you go in the comment section below and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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