How To Get Laid Overseas

how to get laid overseas

In this article im going to explain how to get laid overseas.

One of the best parts of travelling overseas is meeting and sleeping with the native woman. It feels great when you visit a different country and try out all the new experiences including the local woman.

I have traveled a lot in my early twenties as a single man and have slept with the local girls in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, America and Europe.

In Thailand I picked up some local Thai girls (not prostitutes) who worked at the bars I visited, in Singapore I picked up a few girls from tinder, in Japan I got a one night stand from a club and picked up a couple girls from day game but didn’t fuck them, in America I picked up one girl from day game, one girl I met down in front of the hotel and bought her up to the room in the early hours of the morning, another I met while she was having her 21st in Vegas, another one was a cute Latino girl I met in the casino in Vegas, in Europe I fucked a girl who was also from Australia after meeting her at a club in Ios.

In this article I will explain exactly how to get laid overseas, if you use my system I can almost guarantee you will sleep with one of the local girls in the country you are visiting. Because it has worked for me and it will work for you.

You won’t find a guide on how to get laid overseas like this anywhere else on the internet.

Actually that’s a lie, my system will work better for you than it did for me because I only just came up with it, but if I could turn back time (and tinder was invented) I would use my system and get better results.


During my most recent holiday to Japan, my mate was telling me how he had paid for a one month subscription to tinder plus because he was getting unlimited swipes and you get extra super likes. But what really got my attention was when he said he was swiping girls back home in Australia from Japan as well because one of the features of tinder plus was you can swipe in any other location around the world.

I paid for a one month tinder plus pass over in Japan so I could get unlimited swipes and the extra super like.

I used tinder a lot in Japan and while I didn’t get laid from it I did talk to a lot of girls on there and was still getting matches and talking to more while back home in Australia.

Then I thought about when I was in Singapore for a week smashing normal tinder (which had unlimited likes back then) although I was matching and talking to a lot of girls, and going on a couple dates and sleeping with one. The truth is I wasn’t there long enough and when I was back home I was getting all these matches and girls talking to me but I couldn’t do anything anymore.

Then it hit me. If I ever wanted to get laid in a country I am visiting, simply pay for tinder plus a few weeks or a month or so BEFORE I go and select the location I’m about to visit and start matching girls!

It’s awesome, you can be back at home looking forward to your holiday, you may be grinding at work and you can be setting up meet ups with the local girls before you even pack.

All you need to do is talk to your matches and tell them when you are travelling and tell them your itinerary and ask them if they want to catch up or show you around.

Your logistics are usually very good on vacations; you will likely be staying at a hotel in the heart of the city which is very easy for a girl to come and visit you or pick you up or something.

Although I did well in Singapore and my other holidays, it just wasn’t enough time to meet girls, date them and progress to sex. I needed more time and with this way you can get the ball rolling before you even go.

I will now explain how to get laid overseas, but there will be two versions of this system. Both are similar but it depends how you are travelling.

One system is if you are travelling like most people travel, with other people or solo, you are planning on doing many different things and seeing all the sites, you will be waking up early and you will be busy, you will be experiencing a lot and you won’t always get time to chase the local girls and get laid. If you do get laid it will be a bonus, that’s fine you can still use the system and maximize your chances of getting laid. I recommend you travel like this.

The second system is if you are only travelling to get laid. You are specifically trying to sleep with as many of the local girls as you can, you are travelling solo or with a mate/s you will support you/have the same plan, you won’t be doing much site seeing because you will be doing day game and you will be going out at night a lot doing night game. This is the ruthless system but if you use this I can almost guarantee you will sleep with a local girl even if you are travelling for a few days.


So you are going on the normal holiday, the same thing applies, use tinder before you go, get matches, talk to the matches and tell them about your plans, ask them out and set up a meet up either at a venue or straight to your hotel. As far as other ways to get laid during your visit, as you go about site seeing and all that, do some day game. And if you and your friends are up for some night game as well go visit the bars and clubs in the city and try to get a one night stand that way. The key is to have a great holiday first and chase pussy second and if you get laid it’s a bonus. This is the type of holiday I recommend because you will enjoy it more.


In system two you are only visiting the country to get laid, you may have a strong desire to sleep with South American or Asian or whatever type of girl and you need to get it done. That’s fine whatever makes you happy here’s how to do it.

Travel solo, when you travel solo you can do what you want when you want and don’t need to work around others.

Get accommodation in the busy part of the city, the hot spot, you don’t need to go expensive on accommodation but get your own place; don’t stay at some back packers where you are sharing a room with someone.

Use tinder plus before you go just like usual, set up meet ups, you will have heaps of flexibility to work around the girl because you don’t have an itinerary.

When you are not hanging out with girls, you will be doing day game. You will be in the best part of the city so there will be plenty of women.

Go do some night game, hit up a club or bar and just like usual the goal is to get laid that night! You have accommodation in good logistics so it’s easier to invite girls back to yours.

That’s it. As you can see you have planned your whole trip around getting laid. You have put in 100% so I doubt you will not sleep with a native.

As far as how to pick up and get laid, just read my guides on how to get laid, day game, online and night game.


If you can speak the local language, great, if you can’t, just speak to them in English and hope they know some, most foreigners will know some English. If not and you don’t know some local language you are pretty much screwed. Move on and find a girl that does.

That’s it guys, I hope my guide will help you on your next overseas adventure. Picking up and sleeping with local girls is one of my favourite parts of travel. It really adds to the international travel feeling and memories.

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Happy travels!

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  1. Nice article I’m going to Mexico this summer and Canada this winter hopefully I can get laid while I’m out there lol

    • Nice! Good luck Jake, and if you don’t get laid don’t let it get to you. Have the attitude that you will have a great trip regardless:)

  2. good points. I noticed that I got obsessed by online game from time to time and forgot to enjoy the trip. the best holidays were when I met girls while doing fun activities.

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