How To Get Laid From Instagram

A lot of guys want to know how to get laid from Instagram and in this article I will explain just that!

This article will not explain how you can seduce some insta famous super hot girl that has hundreds of thousands or millions of followers who gets dm’d by heaps of random dudes every day that she doesn’t check.

This article will explain how to give yourself the best chance of how to get laid from Instagram with a cute girl who lives in your city.

Now this won’t be easy guys, this isn’t tinder where a girl is expecting to be hit on, this is you randomly trying to pick her up on Instagram.

So how do you do it?

I’m not going to explain how your profile should look and how your pictures should look and all that because if you’re following my site you will already be or on your way to being in shape, dressed well, getting outdoors, doing new experiences, travelling, having girls already so maybe you have some photos with girls, not being broke and just in general having attractive photos. Read my how to be attractive to women article here.

Now let’s get straight down to how to pick her up.

Ok so your profile might be on private, that’s fine if you want to keep it private but when you are trying to pick her up leave it on public. You can always turn it back to private after.

What you will do is find the girl you want to pick up, this girl will be a girl who lives in your city that you find cute and ideally doesn’t have heaps of followers and isn’t getting dm’d hundreds of times a day.

If she has less than 1000 followers that’s good but don’t let me stop you trying to pick up some insta famous girl in your area.

Ok so you what you do is turn your profile to public then follower her page, hopefully she sees your page and likes what she sees and follows you back.

Chances are she won’t though as everyone on Instagram wants to follow hardly any people but have lots of followers so if a random guy follows her chances are she will gladly let you follow her and not follow you back.

If her accounts on private she may ask you if she knows you or something. Just say “hey just a random add I thought your photo looked nice”

So let’s assume you followed her, she hasn’t followed you back.

Next thing is simply send her a message “hey how are you?” or maybe a SIMPLE situational opener “hey how are you nice photos”  “nice travel photos” “hey nice vibe your page has”

Because she hasn’t followed you back your msg will come to her as a message request but she can still see that.

She will either ignore you, see the message and ignore it or reply back to you.

If she replies back to you keep talking to her and go on from there. As far as what to say to her from this point on read all my other articles.

If you don’t get anywhere with this girl move on to another girl.

It’s a numbers game, imagine hitting on 100s or 1000s of girls on insta this way. You will get someone.

Here’s a quick tip, when you are on tinder and bumble lots of girls will have their insta names in their profiles so at least you know these girls are single and looking so go the extra mile and DM these girls.

That’s it guys, simple advice but it works! You just need to keep trying different girls you like until you get one!

Good luck guys!

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  1. omg seriously, this “advice” is useless, there is absolutely no content. just text her “hey how are you” like all the other dudes wow…and if you just spam approach many girls IG will block you!

    • Hey bud sorry you feel that way but the reality of it is no any “line” is going to help you get laid from Instagram if you don’t have an attractive profile (read my attraction article for more on how to be attractive to women) to begin with.

      And I’m not sure if you would get blocked from Instagram if you msg to many girls I’ve never heard of that just message a few girls then.

      You’re welcome to read my other articles that will teach you more if you’re struggling to get girls man.

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