How To Get Laid From A Nightclub


In this article I will explain how to get laid from a nightclub. This isn’t a guide on how to meet a girlfriend at a nightclub although that is still possible.

But first, what is night game?

Night game means picking up girls at a night spot like a night club or bar which is a very different environment to picking up girls during the day, online or through your social circle.

At night the girls are all dressed up and have their defenses up, they may be drunk or on drugs, there is plenty of male competition, loud noise, lights and other distractions and many other things working against you.

Night clubs can be better than online dating in the way that the girls can be insanely hot.

Although the odds are working against you, you can still get laid consistently from night game if you have the right plan. I will give you that plan now.


I turned 18 in the line of a popular club in my city. I remember the first time I walked into that club. It was packed with people. The music was loud and awesome and the lights were awesome. Hot girls everywhere. This was way better than any house party I had been to.

That year I went out every weekend with my friends getting drunk and trying all the clubs in my city. It was around this time I was reading up on game and pick up artist like mystery, style, savoy.

I was trying out different things every weekend at the clubs but unfortunately I wasn’t getting much results.

Around the age of 19/20 I started following Paul Janka’s natural day game advice in the club and using more of a numbers game to get numbers. My plan was approach as many girls as I can and quickly get the number and move on to the next girl. My plan was to meet up with the girls during the week and try to get laid. This plan actually worked to some degree. I was getting laid more than I was when I was 18.

Around here I started going out with one of my best mates who is a natural player. He doesn’t know about the seduction community or anything but he had a determination to fuck as many girls as he could. His game plan was simply meet the girl and take her home or go back to hers that night.

He got laid a lot! Almost every weekend my mate took a new girl home without using any of the game that I was learning about. It didn’t make sense. Granted my mate is a slightly taller than me good looking guy with some muscle mass and tattoos. But it was his focus on laying the girl that night that got him the results. Although there were some frustrating fruitless nights sometimes for him to.

After seeing first hand my mate’s results and realising that I rarely ever got a response or met up with a girl that I got a number from at the club that night I decided to change my game plan.

I changed my mindset and it completely changed my results. I started getting laid a lot more. I started bringing girls home, to her house or to my car or some other isolated spot and fucking her.

It makes sense because most girls are not in the same vibe they were in that night. If you just got the number she will just remember you as some random guy she met that night.

As you start fucking girls from clubs you will notice it’s harder to convert them into fuck buddies or even a relationship compare to if you picked her up during the day or online because of the stigma.

My mate that can get one night stands easy can’t retain girls and this is why. They see him as a one night stand.

So from now on keep in mind “Sleep with her that night”


I will tell you this now, night game sucks. It is one of the worst ways to try and get laid.

These are some of the reasons night game is working against you

  • The clubs are dark, noisy, smokey, lights flashing
  • The girl is all dolled up and knows guys will be hitting on her so her defences are up. Even an average looking girl during the day can look pretty decent when she goes out.
  • You have to line up for ages if you don’t have VIP while the girls get to walk straight in.
  • You have to pay entry fees, drinks, taxi/uber, table/bottle service.
  • Male competition.
  • She may be drunk or on drugs.
  • She’s with her friends who can be cock blocks.

That being said you can still get laid consistently with the right game plan.


This is the mindset of most single girls in the club.

“Hi, my name is miss club girl. I’m 18-25 years old. I’ve had a busy week with work/study and tonight I’m going out with my girls! I’m going to get all dolled up so I look good like my girlfriends and because there will be other girls looking good tonight! I want to look as good as or better than them! I just want to let loose, dance and have a good time! I may get drunk or do drugs, I know that because I look good guys will be hitting on me all night haha, now obviously I don’t want to sleep with them all so I will politely or rudely reject them however if I come across a guy who’s particularly cute or that I like I may hook up with him in the club and may even fuck him. Although I might fuck him I doubt I will ever date him because he is just “that guy I met at a club” Because I’m 18-25 I don’t particularly care if a guy is rich I’m more into his looks, style, edge, status (coolness) at this age, if a loser approaches me and my friends reject him I won’t stick up for you so you leave but if I like you and my friends try to cock block you I will stick up for you and they will warm up to you. But other than that I’m just out to have a good night with my girls, look good, dance and take photos for Instagram and snap chat”

That’s her mindset, have you guys ever thought of things from her mindset? Now you know.


I noticed a massive shift in my results once I changed my night game mindset from “collect numbers” to “get laid that night”

Plan to talk to up to 10 or more girls a night if you have to. Night game can be tough and “rejections” are very common as a lot of the girls expect to be hit on. Be prepared to put in some approaches to find the dtf girls.

Have to mindset that you are out to have a good night regardless if you get laid or not. But you are still going to put in work and talk to girls. Once you get to convo going you are going to screen them for sexual availability. If she’s sexually available you will close the deal.


In the clubbing world, particularly if you live in a first world country, she doesn’t really give a shit or even knows if you have money or intelligence.

The club is high energy and fun, what she sees is much more important.

Male competition is fierce, you are competing with every other dude she has the option of choosing.

You want to make sure you are looking your best, here’s a list of things that help,

  • Be tall, it helps if you are taller than most guys, if not just wear shoes with height and have good posture.
  • Have strong, confident open body language. Look up and make eye contact.
  • Be in shape, have lean muscle.
  • Have a good haircut and be well groomed.
  • Dress with style. I don’t mean hipster or anything. Wearing a well fitted plain black or white t-shirt and fitted jeans will go well. Just dress well with some style.
  • Have some edge. Accessories, a nice watch, piercing’s, maybe tattoos, it helps. Think of it like peacocking but not to the extreme that the seduction community did it to.
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun, talk to your friends, smile, laugh, dance just look like you are confident and having a good night.

Read my article on attraction here for more on the above.


Visual screening

Have a look around first, what girls do you particularly like?

Is she making eye contact with you? Often if you pay attention you will see a girl who is making good eye contact with you or she looks like she’s scouting the room on the hunt for guys. These girls are golden as they are into you or at least out looking for dick. Don’t waste these opportunities. Approach these girls if you like the look of them.

What’s her vibe? Style? If she looks like a pure virginal girl wearing clothing that covers up a lot of her body your odds of sleeping with her that night may be lower. Look for girls who are wearing more revealing clothing and have more of an open outgoing vibe.

Is she on her own? With a friend? In a group? Or with guys? Girls who are on their own are the easiest. If she’s with a group she may want to stay with them all night and leave with them. If she’s with guys she may have a boyfriend or the guys might get jealous and violent. Use common sense. That being said you can still have a go and if she has a boyfriend just excuse yourself and go to talk to another girl instead.

Social circles

The easiest girls to approach are the ones already in your social circles. Maybe you came as a group or met her through friends once you were there.

She already is familiar with you so you are not going in cold. If you are friends with her friends she will think higher of you as well.

Another reason social circles work well is because you may all be heading back to the same house after so it’s easier to isolate the girl and get laid.

Cold approach

Stay off the dance floor. It’s the worst place in the club to approach girls. This is where most guys fail. The girl is in her group and as soon as you open your mouth if she is not interested she just turns her back and faces your group. She’s use to guys creeping on her on the dance floor and expects it. Don’t be one of those guys. If you must approach via dance floor, the best advice I can give you is don’t open your mouth, look like you are enjoying yourself and having fun dancing and try to start dancing with her. Once she is dancing with you then you can start talking.

Ok so as for the rest of the girls around the club what do you do?

Once you have seen the girl you like, walk up to her and simply say “hey having a good night?”

I know it sounds simple but just simply saying hey and asking how her night is going is going to better than any bullshit line or canned opener you will try.

Judge her energy. If she is chilled waiting to get a drink or sitting down you can come in at a medium energy but if she is high energy, drunk, dancing you need to come in with a higher energy.

The key is to come in with energy at or slightly above her level.

Night clubs are high energy noisy places so you need to be confident, talk loud and clearly and have good energy. Look at her eyes not at the floor.

Situational openers also work well. For example you might be standing next to her and something interesting happens around you guys and you can comment about it to her.

Once you have said hey and asked her how her nights going ask her a few more basic questions like “so who you here with” “what’s the occasion?” “Do you come to this club much” “what did you do before?”

Just ask some basic questions to break the ice and get her talking. During this opening stage is where you will get “rejected” a lot. That’s fine. It’s very easy to get rejected in a clubbing environment. Don’t take it personally; you have screened her out which is good. Now go find a girl that is DTF.


So you have opened the girl and she engages in conversation. This is good. Now keep having a light friendly conversation with her to build some rapport.

During the opening and conversation you can and should initiate some touching. When you went in to open her you can place your hand lightly on her lower arm and during the conversation stand close to her and talk into her ear which works well because the club is noisy.

This will work well for you if you are taller than her and in good shape because she will be sizing you up when you do this and if she’s into you she will like it.

You need to screen her at this point as well. Just because she’s engaged in conversation and into you doesn’t mean you can sleep with her that night. You need to find out some info about her.

  • Does she have to be up early tomorrow?
  • Did she drive and have to drive her friend’s home?
  • Does she have a bf or is married?
  • Does she need to be somewhere else after this club?

See what I mean? You need to find out her logistics. If it’s obvious you can’t sleep with her that night and you like her is when you grab her number.

Clubs are not places to get into a deep and meaningful conversation about her life goals or something. They are fast paced, high energy places so besides keeping the conversation light and friendly. You want to make sure you are a little bit cocky, funny and using some sexually suggestive phrases.

Tease her, be a bit cocky, be a little bit of a creeper (in a funny way) tell her how sexy she is, dance with her, grab her but when your dancing with her, just be playful and get her thinking in a playful sexual way.

After all this she will be into you and sexually charged so kiss her. Don’t wait till after the club to kiss her you should be doing it while you guys are vibing.

The best way is to just go in for the kiss when the feeling is right. After you get some practice you will know. When you guys are close together and flirting like crazy just lean into her and kiss her.

Or just say “I want to kiss you” or “I’m going to kiss you now”

Now it’s rarely just a quick kiss in the club, you guys will be making out like crazy like some 16 year olds haha.

Just keep going and enjoy yourself. Kiss her some more. Escalate the physicality and sexual innuendo and proceed to the final step.


So the girl is interested in you and you are dancing/grinding and kissing in the club. You have already screened her logistics out so her leaving with you could be an option.

You don’t want to be kissing her and grinding with her all night until the club closes. Once she is hot and ready you need to get her out.

You don’t actually need any special lines for this like some pua types will say. She is already interested and dtf. Just tell her “let’s get out of here” “want to come back to mine and I will drop you off tomorrow?” “Want to come to mine for a drink” or just grab her hand and say “come on lets go”.

If you don’t want to take her to your place and you can’t go to hers another quick lay option is to take her outside directly to your car, park, behind a building, anywhere isolated really.

Once you are kissing the girl, dancing/grinding with her or she shows other signs that she is DTF just playfully grab her hand and say let’s go or lets go outside get some fresh air and take her to your car or to some other quiet spot and start making out with her some more and go on from there.

She’s already basically fucking you in the club anyways so once you have isolated her it should be easy to progress.

Not all girls will be up for fucking in some random spot (more than you think though) but a lot will be up for fucking in your car. It works well because you don’t even have to catch a cab home with her you simply go from the club to fucking quickly because the sexual energy is high.


The best time to approach girls is from when the club opens till the middle of the night. Once it gets too late every girl has already been hit on a million times and she’s almost rejecting everything at this point.

It’s hard to advise you what time exactly because different clubs open, peak and close at different times but for example if the club opens at 9pm and closes at 3am I would say it will be harder to get results from around 1.30-3am.

Should you drink or not drink? That is up to you. Drinking can make the night more fun and you will have higher and more fun energy and also have lower approach anxiety. But being drunk can hinder your game.  I use to drink when I went clubbing but now days I don’t drink much, maybe a couple drinks because I usually drive my friends plus I don’t want to drink much anymore for health and money reasons. This works well because I have my car ready to take a girl home or into the car to get head or fuck. It also saves me money by not wasting it on drinks and cabs.

Getting drunk can also have an effect on the strength of your erections. Like I said it’s up to you if you want to drink or not. If you don’t want to drink you can also do what I do and take a caffeine pill, guarana and/or phenibut which will give you a good energy for the night in a much healthier alert way.

When should you get the number? You can get her number anywhere after you open her and she engages. But don’t make the mistake I did when I was younger and spend the whole night collecting numbers. I remember on many occasions I had a girl who was very dtf and after kissing and grinding her I got her number and left her. Stupid. Getting numbers from night game has a really shitty success rate. It works better at bars and more chilled places but from clubs it’s better to follow my plan and sleep with her that night.


There you have it guys. The legit player non bull shit guide on how to get laid from a nightclub. I guarantee if you follow my plan you will be getting laid way more than you are now from night game. Night game is actually the worst way to get new lays compare to the other methods but by using my guide you will maximize your results and getting new pussy without having to waste time on dates and all that with the other methods.

Be sure to check out my original lay guide here for some more advice!

Good luck and Have fun! I hope you enjoyed my article how to get laid from a nightclub.

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