How To Avoid STD’s

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Chlamydia is a very common STD (sexually transmitted disease). If you are sleeping with different people without wearing a condom, chances are you will catch chlamydia at some point.

The reason being is girls can have chlamydia and may not even know that they have it as they do not have any symptoms. When guys catch it they can also not have symptoms but usually you can tell when you have it.

Symptoms may include (about a week to a month after having sex)

Clear, white or yellowish discharge from penis

Burning or itching sensation when urinating

Unusual light green colour and smell to urine

Personally I have caught chlamydia or otherwise known as “the clap” 3 times now. I have also slept with 64 girls so I’m not surprised.

The good news is chlamydia is easy to fix, your doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics and after a week of symptoms you will get rid of it.

But after catching it 3 times I’ve had enough of it, chlamydia will make you not want to sleep with girls anymore, making you think they are all infected, and in general it’s a buzz kill to casual sex.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to avoid catching chlamydia and other STD’s, as well as reducing your risk of an unwanted child.

I’m not going to go into other more serious STD’s like syphilis, AIDs because they are not so common, basically don’t fuck hookers in a third world country raw and you should be ok.

The advice in this article is what I wish I did all along and will be doing from now on, I’m telling you guys now so you can enjoy casual sex without the unpleasant side effects.

So what’s the amazing breakthrough of knowledge I’m going to share with you?



Always wear a condom guys, don’t let your dick enter a chicks pussy without one on, I know it’s not the same feeling but it’s better than the feeling of chlamydia.

Headjobs you can get without a condom, you can still catch something from just getting head from a girl however the chances are a lot lower, but if you can, get head with the condom on to be safer.

Even if your dick just touches a chicks pussy that is infected you can still catch something, so always wear a condom.

I made the mistake of not wearing one because I didn’t have them on me, or I was to drunk or I just didn’t because the girl was on the pill.

Even if the girls on the pill, she can still get pregnant so always wear a condom.

If you are in a relationship wear one as well because ive seen an example of psycho girls trying to trap guys forever by not taking it and getting pregnant.

Just say it’s your choice to wear a condom and if they don’t respect that then they are not right for you anyway.

If you don’t like the feeling of condoms, I will link you to the condoms I use that almost feel like you’re not wearing one.


The simple advice of WEAR A CONDOM should be sufficient to enjoy fucking as many chicks as you want without the worry of STD’s and kids.

You should remember the rule of ABC (Always Bring Condoms), keep two in your wallet or in that small pocket in the pocket of your jeans, keep some in your car and at home so you will never be without them.

Avoid going down on a girl that you are not in a relationship with because of bacteria, I recall one time getting really sick with flu like symptoms after going down on a girl and that may be the cause.

Use Listerine after kissing and going down on a girl if you can. This is some non-mainstream advice that I read about on goodlookingloser but it seems like it would work.


I have read online that raw garlic is a very good anti-bacterial and antibiotic, when you chew it or smash it, it creates a special chemical that fights bacteria, cooking garlic destroys this chemical.

If I catch chlamydia again or even some other type of infection like the common cold, I’m going to chew and swallow a couple raw cloves of garlic a day and see if the infection disappears. Just be sure to be using the Listerine because you are going to stink haha. At least you won’t have any issues with vampires though 😉

Obviously if you catch an infection you should go to the doctor and get the antibiotics but you can also try the garlic and it might reduce symptoms or even cure it.

Other things to try out that have been known to work are aloe vera, cranberry juice and green tea.

I would advise that you drink a lot of water when you have chlamydia because it reduces the annoying symptoms of the infection, just be sure not the drink much water a few hours before a urine test because you might test negative when in fact you are positive.

That’s all my advice I can give you guys on how to avoid a STD and accidental kids, I hope you found it helpful,

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment sections below.

Happy Fucking 🙂

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