How To Attract A Girl

how to attract a girl
how to attract a girl

In this article I will explain how attraction works and how to attract a girl.

Although the year is 2016 and we are a highly civilized species, humans are still very primal. We still think like we did thousands of years ago when we were living in small tribes, we are still very animalistic.

Although individual taste may vary, the majority of women are universally attracted to the traits I have described in this article, especially sexually attracted.

A lot of guys say they don’t understand how woman work. After you read this article, you will better understand them.

This article will answer a lot of questions you may have asked yourself regarding woman and attraction.

This article will be one of my longest and most in depth; it’s the result of a lot of thinking, learning and observation over the years.

The below sections are not in any particular order.


Women are attracted to muscles, plain and simple. From an animalistic level, muscles show that you are better able to hunt/gather/fight/build etc. and that you have access to more food. But that doesn’t mean the most muscle wins, there is such thing as too much muscle, a perfect example is extreme body builders, they are so big and unnatural that they are freaks.
The reason extremely muscular guys are not attractive to woman is because they are not fast runners or fast at anything. This shows that you would be at a disadvantage on an animalistic level.
So the ideal man is muscular but also fit, think athlete, like a football player or MMA fighter, these guys are strong and fit, they are perfectly all round fit, and that is what is most advantages in survival in nature on a primal level.
Why do you think girls like guys like Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Matthew Mcconaughey? Yes they are famous actors which gives them status but it’s also because of their body, they are muscular and lean.
Look up something called the golden ratio; this will explain the exact shoulder to hip ratio you should be at for your height that is the most attractive.
Low body fat is attractive, you don’t need to be at a ridiculous 3% or anything like that but you shouldn’t have a gut, low body fat shows that you are fit and fast, if you have abs that’s attractive.
There is scientific research that proves that woman are attracted to muscles, especially when it comes to short term encounters/one night stands.
If you don’t believe me pay attention the next time you are out in public, which guys are taking girls home? Which guys are walking around with hot girls? Granted if they don’t have the other attractive traits explained in this article they will be muscular and lean. Or look at profiles of hot girls on Instagram, a lot of times their boyfriends are at least somewhat muscular and lean.
What woman say and actually do are two different things, woman will say things like “oh I like him because his nice to the waiter” or some bullshit but not admit she feels attracted to a guy because of his body, it’s possible that the attraction with woman and muscles is so subconscious they don’t even know it themselves.
They may like you when you were fit and strong and break up with you when you got skinny or fat and weak, they may say it was for other reasons but a lot could do with attraction.
A more clear way of seeing this in work is alcohol, go to any bar or club and watch what woman do after a few drinks, their real side shows, they will grab your muscles place there hand on your pec when you are flirting with them or straight up approach a muscular lean guy since there inhibitions are low.
When I was a young teen deep in the PUA mindset of “nothing else but game matters” I recall having a friendly argument with my cousin and my uncle that muscles don’t matter and you just need the right personality to attract woman, they were saying bullshit it does matter but I was inexperienced and arrogant at the time and felt like I was the smart one who knew all, how wrong I was.
It was only after years of going clubbing and observation that I noticed that the muscular lean guys got the hottest girls that I realised.
Why do you think so many guys are obsessed with the gym? They might go for different reasons or at least say they do, but I guarantee that these guys a predominantly motivated to gain the approval of woman, whether they consciously or subconsciously believe so.
If all these guys were stuck on a deserted island with no woman forever do you really think they will go to the gym with the same burning motivation?
Take two completely equal clones, one clone is skinny or overweight, the other is muscular and lean, which clone is a girl going to choose to fuck? Yep, life is simple guys.
Not to say you can’t have a good sex life while being skinny or fat, you will just need to work harder, being in shape will do a lot of the work for you, more so then “game” and “routines”
Look at animals in a pack, take lions for example; the biggest baddest lion fucks all the lionesses in the pack, humans are similar.
The same area is health, healthy is attractive, having diseases and illnesses or even complaining that you feel sick or have a headache etc. will work against you, it shows that your odds of survival are low.
So what can you do to max out your attractiveness in this area? Simple, build muscle by eating right and going to the gym, do cardio for cardio health and to be lean, eat a healthy balanced diet to ensure your body has all the nutrition it needs to be healthy and strong.
Doing this will increase your muscle, fitness, lower fat, raise testosterone levels, improve immune system and many other benefits to your life besides being attractive to woman.
Taking steroids is optional, personally I don’t and have never taken them but the call is on you if you want to use them, definitely don’t use them if you are under the age of 25 and know that using steroids is risky, unhealthy and illegal.


Height is a huge one, one of the most important attributes when it comes to being attractive to woman or to society in general.
There is a lot of scientific research that proves that tall people have it easier in life, they get the hotter girls, they get more jobs, they are more popular and make friends easier, they are respected more, they make more money and many other things.
In out tribe example, being tall, similar to being in shape, shows that you are better able to hunt, fight, gather, build and that you get enough calories and are in good health.
Take two equal clones, one is 5 foot something the other is 6 foot something, the taller one will go through life easier, getting girls easier and getting jobs and making money easier, even If just a small percentage but a definite increased percentage, hey life is unfair deal with it haha
I have personally seen first-hand the power of being tall, I have a few friends that are 6.1 and 6.2, they both get pussy, and I mean hot girls.
I have heard girls say countless times that they like that they are tall.
I’m 6.0 foot by the way and while I’m tall enough to not be disadvantaged in this area, I would love to see my results if I was just a bit taller.
When girls dress up to go out, they like guys that are taller than them when they are in heels, a good guideline is about 5.11, being over 5.11 is good, 6.00 is even better, 6.1-6.3 is even better.
If you are below 5.11 just know that you are disadvantaged when it comes to being attractive to woman, you want to make sure you are scoring high in other areas, this is why you often see short guys turn into gym junkies or try to get rich or high status, they are trying to increase their attractiveness/value.
You rarely see short guys getting a lot of hot pussy especially one night stands even if they have a good face, they would have to work harder than the tall clone equivalent.
But being extremely tall can work against you though.
Like I said in the body section if you don’t believe me open your eyes next time you are in public, who are the hot girls chasing, fucking, dating? They may not be tall if they score high in some other attractive area explained in this article but a lot of times they are tall.
Although there is not much you can do to improve in this area there is a few things you can do. Have a short haircut, it will make you look taller, wear high shoes or get insoles, wear slimmer clothes, stand up straighter.
Sometimes you will hear people say things like “why is she with him? He is ugly” well if he is out of shape has an ugly face and doesn’t look like he has money or status is he tall? Bingo.
I use to work at a kiosk in a shopping centre and most of time the store wasn’t busy so I was sit there and people watch all day, it was here I noticed a lot of hot woman with tall guys, I was fortunate enough to be provided with a large enough sample size of people to find patterns and tall guys with high value girls was one of the patterns.
This is one of those attractiveness areas that woman will actually openly admit to liking.
I saw a meme once that said “you know what I call guys below 5.11? Friends” haha brutal!


I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger
Money is attractive to woman; plain and simple, money is attractive to everyone.
In our tribal example, the man with the most resources is the most attractive; a woman knows consciously or unconsciously that if she goes with this man, her chances of survival and the survival of her offspring increases, he is able to provide better food, shelter, clothing, security etc.
Fast forward to today and the same motivators exist, woman (especially as they get older 25+) are attracted to money.
Take two equal clones again, the clone with the high value home, cars; lifestyle etc. will be more attractive.
And I’m not talking about gold diggers, gold diggers are those woman who will directly go after a rich man just because of his money, they want to spend it for materialistic reasons and will happily date an old rich man hanging out till he dies and they can get a cut.
I’m saying that universally, money is attractive to woman.
In a clubbing/one night stand party situation, money has less weight, looks matter more in these situations.
But if a girl does find out about your money, she will be more attracted to you.
You will find many prank videos on YouTube of a guy trying to pick up a girl and getting rejected then he walks over to a Lamborghini or some other high value car and she immediately changes her mind.
Money matters more in poor countries than it does in richer countries, this is because a lot of people in these richer countries are already middle class and comfortable.
Having money will go an even longer way in some poor country, just be some tourist in Thailand or something and you will see how people respond to you, they know you have money.
Money matters more to older girls as they start to want to get married and have kids, they have grown up now and no longer want to get railed by jacked tatted guys in club toilets haha, now they want a stable man with wealth who can provide value to their life and the life of their offspring.
This is why playing the whole I have money look doesn’t get you too far when you are in your teens and twenties, unless you live in a poor country that is. These younger girls are more concerned about partying and sleeping with the hot, cool guy not the skinny sleazy guy who overspent on Prada sunglasses, a Versace t-shirt and a 2008 BMW 320i.
But as you get older money matters more, you will be at an advantage with the higher value older girls.
So what can do in this area? Well to attract the really hot novelty girls you probably need to be super rich, a business owner, pulling in real money, not some lawyer or something.
But to be financially well off and attractive you can, own a house, preferably a nice one in a nice area, own a nice car, don’t have a lot of debts and don’t complain about financial difficulties, have a good job that pays a decent salary, basically read my other articles on my site about money.
I should mention now that doing these things in this article will not only make you a more attractive human man, but also improve your own life.


Status is power. Imagine our ancient village scenario again; the guys with the most status would be the leaders, priest, medicine man, military leaders, king etc.
These guys have power and influence, woman are attracted to that because them and their children will be protected and have the best chance of survival and live a higher value life.
Status is also beneficial to a woman on non-evolutionary reasons, take two equal people but one has more status, he is a movie producer, naturally he will be more attractive as he can offer her a more higher value life.
Fast forward to today, who has status? Think celebrities, athletes, singers, rappers, millionaires, billionaires.
Status can also be displayed more narrowly; a woman might be attracted to her boss because he has more status in the workplace.
A girl might find her college professor attractive because of his status however this same guy would not be attractive to a girl who doesn’t go to that college or care about the subject at all.
Status is displayed in kids and teenagers with the “popular kids”
When you have status, you are higher value, you are higher regarded, you will not be kicked out of the tribe any time soon, in fact you are more valuable in the tribe than most.
Sometimes you will see a smoking hot girl with a guy who doesn’t look that great, he isn’t tall, he isn’t built, he has average style and you wonder what she is doing with him. Often if you dig deeper you will find he has status in some way, he may be a very popular guy, be a successful local DJ, be a successful local athlete, or he could be big time famous or something.


I believe we are all humans and we should all be treated equally however it is human nature not to treat humans equally as you will read below. I understand that what you are about to read may be offensive however It is not my intention to offend you, this is just what I believe in based on my own personal observation and research.

You may have heard the saying “opposites attract” while this may sometimes be true I have come to the conclusion that opposites don’t in fact attract and people tend to stick between there race/culture/tribe.
In our ancient tribe example, someone who is in the tribe looks the same, acts the same etc. is more accepted, more familiar, similar, higher value.
In modern society, look around you. Here are a few examples I have noticed.
A heavily tattooed girl will generally be attracted to heavily tattooed guys.
A girl who is into hip hop/rnd will be attracted to a similar guy.
A white girl will generally date white guys.
An Australian girl will generally like Australian guys.
A surfer girl will generally be attracted to surfer guys.
Hipster girl > hipster guys
Dark skinned Asian girl > dark skinned guys like Latinos, Asians, Indians
Japanese girl > Japanese guy
English girl > English guy

You get the idea, if you are an Indian guy who wants hot blonde white Caucasian girls, I’m sorry to tell you but you may have a hard time getting them as you belong to a different tribe. If you want that heavily tattooed punk girls or surfer girls, the best you can do is become a part of that tribe (get tattoos, surf etc.)

Although I was born and raised in Australia, my background is 100% Greek/eastern European, I look Greek (dark brown eyes, dark brown hair) When people first meet me they ask if I am Greek or Italian.

Now I have found that girls who are Italian and Greek are naturally attracted to me. They match me more on tinder. They random add on Facebook or show interest when I’m in public. See what I mean.

I also find it harder for me to get with really Australian girls, especially blonde Caucasian girls. Those same girls usually are attracted to lighter feature Australian guys, who may have a western European background. See what I mean.

I know this will sound extremely racist but white people still hold the highest status in society. Often time’s opposites do attract when an Asian girl likes white guys or some girl from a different race wants a white guy.

Sometimes a girl might want to try out a different race/tribe. That Asian girl might want to fuck a black guy to try it out. But often they will not end up together in a relationship because of the differences in tribes, unless of course they are both into hip hop or something and find the same tribe like that.

Do you understand what I am trying to explain?

Religious with religious
Educated with educated
Novelty girl with peroxide blonde hair, fake tits, lots of make up with doushy novelty guy with tattoos, swag, fake tan

The list goes on, while girls will sometimes fuck or date or even marry someone from different tribes, in general they stick to familiar tribes.

I have actually noticed a pattern that people are marrying people who look like the female/male equivalent of themselves; they could pass as brother and sister! I personally know of a couple newly weds or couples that look relatively similar, it’s weird I know.

Like I said before, if you particularly like girls from a particular tribe, the best thing to do is to join that tribe by becoming one of them. But only if becoming that tribe is something you want to do yourself. I like those punk covered in tattoo girls the same as anyone else but that’s not me, so I won’t get covered in tattoos with spacer earrings to associate with that tribe. I will still do my best to fuck girls like that as I am, and I have succeeded in the past, but I know my odds are significantly disadvantaged.


What is it with woman’s attraction to tattoos, piercings, guys with swag etc.?
This is a tricky one to understand, it took me a while to figure it out, but here’s how I believe this works.
Imagine in our ancient village scenario that one of the villagers decides to tattoo himself one day. As the villager walks around the village others are looking at him and his tattoo. They are intrigued, curious, maybe angry, attracted. They go up to him and ask him what it is and he tells them. Now two things can happen, either the villages can kick this guy out of the village for being a freak or they can accept him. They decide to accept him. The villager did something out of the ordinary and was still accepted into the village, he must be of high value for that to happen. That’s what the woman of the village think, and suddenly, guys who have tattoos or ornaments, rebel, who are different but not completely segregated from society are attractive.
To cement this point further, think of people who dress gothic, they went too far, they are extreme, society rejects them as freaks, and woman are not attracted to them. But woman are attracted to the guy with tattoos and piercings because of the above reasons, he is difference but not a freak.
Where I live in Australia, tattoos are huge, a lot of guys have them, I remember when I was 18-19 not many people had them and the guys who did have them seemed to get a lot more attention. Now days almost everyone has them and their attractiveness has decreased. This is because they have become main-stream. Woman are becoming desensitised to them. They are no longer a sign of being different and still being accepted into society like in the above example and as a result they are less attractive.
I personally don’t have any tattoos or piercings. I have thought about getting some in the past and I did have piercings but I believe if you are going to get something it should be because you want to get it not for reasons like attracting woman.
But if getting tattoos or something is something you want. You may help your success with certain woman especially if you live in a place where not many people have tattoos or an edgy style.
So Australia seems to be overly tattooed, however when I went to Japan recently I found out that tattoos can be looked down upon over there. I even saw a sign at a spa that said if you have tattoos or look like you cause trouble you cannot enter. Talk about discrimination haha.
So japan would be an example of a village that kicked out its villager who got the tattoo. Same might go for some other countries.
It’s not just tattoos and piercings, its “edge” “swag” “peacocking” you might be wearing some different style or something that stands out. So long as it’s not to over the top that you get rejected from society, you may increase your value in the category.
Ever seen a hot girl with a doushy looking guy with piercings, a sleeve and a red snap back? You guessed it.


Pre-selection means woman will be more attracted to you if you already have woman in your life.
There are numerous studies that prove that woman think a married man is more attractive.
Girls will be more attracted to a guy if her friends want him, or are with him, or suggest she go for him.
Pre-selection displays that the guy has a high enough value to be able to attract and retain woman.
Imagine you are walking down a restaurant strip looking for a place to get dinner, the street has a few different restaurant’s but you see one that has a line almost going out the door, you might not consciously realise but your subconscious mind will be telling you that this place must be good, this place is high value, if everyone else eats at this place it will be wise for me to eat here as well.
Pre-selection is why social circle game is one of the easiest way to meet and fuck woman, if her friends haven’t talked you up yet, she will automatically feel safe and more trusting of you because you are not an outsider, you are already in the pack.
Often a woman will speak more highly of a man she has met through social circle as opposed to cold approach, especially if her female friends introduced them. This guy might not even tick a lot of other attraction boxes but will still be regarded highly because of the pre-selection.
When a woman sees a live performance of a singer like Justin Bieber and sees all the screaming girls that are hugely attracted to him, her subconscious mind is telling her he is a man of high value, in this case not just for his pre-selection, but he ticks other boxes described in this article such as status, money, looks/body, edge etc. While her subconscious tells her this, she won’t even know it herself, but she will say things like “omg Justin Bieber is so sexy” a.k.a “omg Justin Bieber will be a wise man to reproduce with as he will improve mine and my offspring’s chance of survival and ensure a good life”
However, bare in mind that if the man’s attraction level Is a lot higher than the females, she may doubt herself and think “why would this guy stay with me” this creates a bad environment for her to raise children in if the guy leaves.
Pre-selection takes an extremely obvious form when a bunch of woman, usually drunk are watching a male stripper. All these woman are going crazy at the one guy which causes them all to go even more nuts, obviously they are just having fun, but they will still be more attracted to this guy. A similar situation is in the show “the bachelor” with all the woman competing for the one guy’s attention but if this same guy was dropped into a crowded venue all those woman might not give him the time of day.
We are more inclined to buy things that our friends own or recommend. If you are shopping for an Xbox or PlayStation and all your friends have play stations and tell you to get one, naturally you will be more inclined to get a PlayStation, even if you have weighed up the pros and cons and the Xbox is the better purchase.
Often a guy will upload a photo on social media of him with a girl or talk about “how many bitches he gets” or tries to subtly tell a girl about his pre-selection (girls are really good and sniffing this out) in an attempt to express pre-selection. He believes an expression of pre-selection will gain respect from males and attraction from females. Pre-selction is best displayed subtly.


Sometimes you will hear a woman say she likes an intelligent man. What she is really saying is she likes an intelligent man because he has or is better able to obtain status and/or wealth. Enough said.


Personality or “game” covers a few different areas. This is the area most pick up artist types focus on the most, instead of implementing the above traits into their lives, they try to express them verbally to the girl through stories, routines and a few other tricks.
Social skills is a huge personality plus, when you have good social skills you are easier able to communicate and make friends with other villagers, this will increase your power, status and basically benefit you in every other area.
Most high value guys have good social skills either naturally or obtained them as a result of their lifestyle.
Confidence is another huge one, it shows that you are sure of yourself and are high value, and naturally if you had the above traits would you really walk around with your head looking at the floor all day?
The same goes for body language, if you really were high value your body language would show it.
Yes you can do the pickup artist thing and fake all this but it’s easier to actually become an all-round higher value guy and you confidence, social skills and body language will improve as you improve.
Humour is a big one, it shows confidence, social skills, intelligence and high value, plus, who doesn’t like someone who can make them laugh?
Sexual innuendo is another attractive personality trait; it gets the girl thinking on sexual terms, she knows that you are not afraid to talk to her on sexual terms. Only a higher value guy would talk to her like this.
Being cocky and challenging (to an extent) can be powerful. If you were a high value guy you would have a lot of options so you wouldn’t be all submissive to her, she would work for your approval, she knows that you have other options and other things going on in your life.
It’s also human nature to want things that are in limited supply, for a limited time, hard to get, challenging etc.
These are just some things that make up an attractive personality, there are other things that I will write about in time but the above are probably the most powerful.


What is attractive to a woman changes as she ages.
In general it goes like this.

Kids and teens (in high school) she likes that cute boy look, long fringe to the side, skater boy, think one direction, Justin Bieber when he was younger, etc., the popular guys in school, the cool guys, the guys with some style or edge.

Teens to mid-twenties, she likes the cool popular guys as well, but now she has had sex and realises she likes more masculine guys, the guys with good bodies, strong and lean, tattooed, swag, cool, maybe some local status, the dj at the clubs she goes to, the bouncer, the club owner, money isn’t as important to her at this age as she isn’t looking to settle down, she might like a rich guy for the fun of it but usually at this age it’s a lot to do with looks and popularity.

Late twenties and beyond. She’s grown up now, she’s bored of fucking the hot guys with swag who are broke, now she’s looking to settle down, she’s looking for marriage material now, she may still be attracted to the cool looking guy but he will have to have other things going for him, she’s looking for money, health, personality, masculinity, she’s not looking for pre-selection anymore, she wants a guy who won’t leave her and her kids. She’s looking for Mr Right.

That’s basically how it goes down throughout the ages guys, play according to your age, if you are in high school or in your early twenties, playing the “I have money look” won’t get you as far as you may think, and playing the guy with swag won’t get you as far as you think in your 30s and 40s if that’s all you have going for you.


Woman want a man, not a boy, they are biologically hard wired to be attracted to men.
This means strong jaw, beard, strong forehead, rough hands, tan, and all those things.
They like guys who can fight, build shit, cut trees down, catch fish, do outdoorsy things, and do manly things.
They like guys who will lead them, protect them, dominate them, fuck them hard and pull their hair like and animal haha.
This should be a pretty simple one to understand fellas, woman want a man not a boy.


You’ve probably heard of guys rating girl’s looks from a scale from 1-10, while this sounds superficial it actually has some truth in real life. For guys also.
That 10 out of 10 girl generally fucks or dates guys who would rate 8-10 in looks, unless he scores highly in the other categories mentioned above.
In general you can go 2 point above your looks threshold. So if you are an 8 you can pretty much fuck the hottest girls. If you are a 4 then you will probably not fuck the hottest girls no matter how good your “game is” the best you can do is max out your looks and build up the other areas mentioned above.
Obviously you can fuck and date girls from all the levels below your number as well.


Ok, so let’s recap this very simply so you can understand.

A universally attractive guy is someone who has

Height, good looks, some lean muscle, fit healthy
Style, maybe some tattoos and accessories
An attractive personality
Is pre-selected

Think David Beckham, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy, Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Rappers like Chris Brown, Tyga, Drake.

These are just some examples of guys who are maxing out in this to make it obvious. These guys would be able to fuck bucket loads of the hottest of the hot girls if they wanted to.

Now let’s flip the switch.

A universally unattractive guy is someone who has,

No money, broke, unemployed, in debt
No status in any way, not many friends
Short, out of shape, unfit, unhealthy, skinny or overweight
No style, boring clothes
Not masculine, boyish
Doesn’t have an attractive personality
Is not pre-selected


Well you have 3 choices

1) You can get upset and give up, you can complain that you don’t have anything attractive about you and take the easy way out and not try to become a better man. This is weak and if that’s what you want to do this site is not for you, unless you want to help yourself then I can help you. I want to help you.
2) You can accept yourself and improve, you may not be tall, or you may be bald, or whatever, but you can do whatever it takes to improve yourself and max out your attractiveness, you can go to the gym, get in shape, get you finances in order, start meeting woman, start doing things in your life so you make friends and build some status in some area that you enjoy, improve your style, etc. doing this will improve your attractiveness and as a result you will attract girls of higher quality.
3) You can be yourself and just do what you want and just hang out with the girl or girls who like you for who you are haha. This is probably the smartest and most logical thing to do but hey if humans thought smart and logical we would all be driving electric cars and focusing on helping each other and the planet and most of the above would be obsolete. So you could choose option 3 but just remember when your wife sees that jacked up guy in that Ferrari driving next to you there will be a little unconscious voice in her head telling her to get creampied by him haha. That’s natural selection for ya.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my article and learned about how attraction works and how to attract a girl! Any comments or questions please write below.

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