How Much Do Different Service Based Businesses Make?

In this article I will list different service based businesses and how much money you earn if you did it.

The amounts shown are rough averages based on my research and they are based on if you had the business in Australia in Australian dollars.

The list starts off with low earning and low barrier to entry businesses and then goes into higher earning higher barrier to entry businesses.

A higher barrier of entry means you will usually need a certain amount of experience, licenses or startup cost to get into business.

The below doesn’t take into consideration of expenses, tax, startup cost etc.

The businesses below might make more or less than the below amounts based on the type of work they are doing. For example a gardener might make a minimum of $30 an hour but it could go up to $100+ depending on the complexity.

Also if you scale your business by adding employees you can make more money provided that you’re turning a profit on them. This is why the higher paying service businesses are more worthwhile to scale with employees because you make more on their efforts because of the higher job cost.

Some of the figures may not be accurate so I recommend doing your own research if you are thinking of starting a service based business.


Cleaner (cleaning houses) $30 per hour

Gardener (basic gardening) $30 per hour

Car detailing (basic wash and wax) $50 an hour

Window cleaning (single level house window cleaning $200 per house windows washed inside and out)

Pressure washer cleaning ($300 for any work done e.g. drive way)


Pest control ($200 for less than an hour’s work e.g spray house) this is a good one! I know a guy that makes around 300k a year as a sole pest control business owner. His expenses are low as well because he just has a ute and the chemicals. You need to get qualified to be a pest control technician.

Plumbing, electrician, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic you need to do an apprenticeship for these jobs which takes around 3 years but if you did these jobs as businesses you can get $200 or more per hour/job easy. You will also need a van and all the tools to get the job done.

Other trades e.g. Painters, plasterer, tiler, carpenter, glazier, carpet laying/flooring, ceilings, security and audio visual technicians, mobile car mechanics, window tinters, asphalt pavers, handy man, lock smith, pool cleaning.

All these type of businesses require a level of training, experience or maybe a license to start but they are command at least $50-$100 an hour I was say.

Real estate (your own agency) fees vary but if you are on your own as a real estate agent you don’t have to pay the agency a cut of the commission because you are the agency so you might make 1, 2 or more percent of each house you sell. For example if you sold a 500k house and got 2% commission you would make $10000. You will need a real estate license.

Insurance. I’m not sure how much you would make in insurance but you would get a cut of every premium you sign up. If you got into business insurance that will make more. You will need to be qualified.

Bookkeeping. Around $40 an hour. You will need to be qualified.

Engineering, drafting, estimating, designing, architecture etc.

I’m not sure how much you would make but I would say thousands per job. you will need to get qualifications for these jobs.

Computer repair $50-$100 per hour.

Graphic design $50 an hour.

Beauty. Girls can make good money doing beauty stuff like hair styles, make up, waxing, laser hair removal, tanning, nails etc. my guess is they would make from $20 an hour all the way up to hundred’s an hour!

Personal training $50-$100 per hour.

Truck driving $60-70 per hour (you will need to buy a truck)

Forklift driving, loader driving, other machinery driving (Around $100+ per hour) you will need to buy the machine.

There you have it guys, I hope you now have a better idea of how much you could earn in different service based businesses.

Some people choose to start a service based business because you can be your own boss and there is already a proven market to get into!

And as I have shown if you go into the right business you can make a lot of money!

Please let me know in the comments of other service based businesses and any information on the pays they get!

Thanks for reading guys!

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