How Feedback Loops Work

Today I will explain how feedback loops work as they are very important.

A feedback look could also be called a “self fulfilling prophecy” as it is the same thing.

What is a feedback loop? I shall explain.

Imagine you are going to talk to a cute girl who is sitting down on the bench at the park.

Your mindset could be negative or positive before you approach her.

A negative mindset could be

“What if she rejects me?”

“She probably has a bf or is married”

“I’m probably not her type”

“I’m going to be awkward and blow it”

“I won’t know what to say”

“What if someone is watching me talk to her?”

“she’s out of my league”

That’s some examples of a negative mindset.

Despite your fear you still approach the girl but you still have the negative mindset so this causes you to be timid, shy, weak, bad eye contact, slouched, fearful, low value.

Your negative mindset already made you do these things, not her.

The girl was single and available but because of what she saw and sensed from you she wasn’t attracted, she is not the type that likes shy guys, she likes strong confident guys so unfortunately she wasn’t attracted to you.

She says no.

This causes you to feel bad and CONFIRM your negative mindset you went into the interaction with.

Now you have proof that you were right and feel even worse.

This causes you to go into future interactions the same way and often get the same negative results.

Your thoughts, belief’s, actions and results all confirm each other and you have a


Now imagine the opposite.

The girl is out of your league but you think

“Who knows, today might be my lucky day”

“If I keep approaching hot girls surely I will get one right?”

“I look good today!”

“I love rejection, it’s part of the game!”

“I’ve done this before and succeeded!”

“I can do this”

“I make it happen”

“I will go in with good body language”

“I will make her day!”

That’s an example of what a positive mindset thinks like.

You go on and approach her with strength!

She feels this and likes it! She responds well, you have a quick chat and she is keen, she gives you her number, you sleep with her.



Imagine the two clones moving through life, one creating negative feedback loops for himself and the other creating positive feedback loops.

Both clones are exactly the same, but they both have drastically different results.

Amazing right?

The power of the mind.

Feedback loops work for all areas in life, not just dating.

Strive to have positive feedback loops in all areas like relationships, business, job, health, hobbies, family, everything.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you all have positive feedback loops starting now!

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