How A High Income Saves Time

In this article I’m going to explain how earning a high income will save you years or even decades of your time! Are you confused? Its ok many people don’t even think of this but I will explain.

A lot of people will not take a higher paying job because of a number of reasons such as they don’t want to be a manager and manage people, they don’t want to do the extra hours, they don’t want the extra responsibility, stress and other reasons.

But I want you to hold that thought and now learn why you may wish to reconsider and go for that job that has a higher income.

Imagine this scenario. You work a job in a warehouse doing basic duties like driving a forklift, stock takes, getting pallets ready to be picked up and some other basic duties. You like this cruisy job because it’s pretty easy and you work Monday to Friday 7-3. This job pays $50,000 a year (quiet a low full time income in Australia at the moment. After tax you’re clearing about $40,000 a year.

So you make about $800 a week after tax which works out to be about $20 an hour after tax.

This means that 1 of your diminishing life hours that you will never get back is worth $20. Think about that. Your time is irreplaceable unlike money and you’ve just exchanged 1 hour of your limited time for $20.

After a decade you have earned $400,000 after tax. That’s before your expenses.

Now your friend who you’ve been working with at the warehouse for the last few years has decided to take the job opportunity of warehouse manager which pays $80,000. You were offered this opportunity but you rejected it because of the extra work.

Your friend now makes $80,000. After tax this is $60,000 which is $1200 per week, $30 an hour.

Your friend clears $20,000 a year more than you.

After a decade of working together your friend has cleared $600,000 which is $200,000 more than you.

While you both have been working there Monday to Friday 7-3 (your friend may have put in a few more hours than you when needed) your friend has actually saved wayyyy more TIME than you.

“I don’t understand we both used the same amount of time there!” you say.

Here’s the point of the article I want to get across.

Divide the extra $200,000 that your friend made by your hourly rate of $20.

That = 10,000. That means your friend has saved 10,000 hours of time that you will have to spend working at $20 to make that extra $200,000.

Divide 10,000 hours by 8 hour work days. That’s 1250 extra work days you would have to work. That’s 250 5 day weeks and almost an extra 5 years of work!

Think about it. every day you can’t be bothered waking up to your alarm clock, forcing yourself to eat breakfast, sitting in traffic, doing your job which you don’t like and talking to co-workers you don’t like, then sitting in traffic again then coming home and relaxing and think how you don’t want to go to work the next day.

Well if you stay in the lower paying job you HAVE TO DO 1250 MORE OF THOSE DAYS!! 5 YEARS MORE OF THOSE DAYS! To catch up to the manager who already made that amount while working only slightly harder than you.

Do you understand?

A lot of you might be thinking “but what if I don’t care about making that extra 200k? well now im going to explain how the manager saved even more TIME.

Both of you guys have identical sized mortgages at the start of the decade when this scenario started.

Both 400k mortgages that have a fixed rate of 5%.

In the first year. the manager puts the extra 20k in his mortgage which saves him $1000 a year in interest.

That $1000 is equivalent to 33 hours of life hours for the manager and 50 life hours for you which is roughly 1 a week.

So let’s say the manager never put in any extra in his mortgage except that first years 20k, he will still save 33 hours of life a year that he didn’t have to work to pay for that interest. Over a decade this saves 10k or 333 hours. Or 500 of your hours.

But each year the manager puts in and extra 20k per year and by the end of the decade he reduced his mortgage by 200k. Saving him $10k per year in interest and life hours!!! You do the math!

Now do you see why you may want strive for a higher paying job?

That’s just one example.

What about the people out there earning 100, 150, 200++ a year? They are saving a lot of time!!

Even if you have a high paying job and you hate it with a passion you could still bang out a few years and get yourself ahead on earnings and paying down interest if you want.

I know a guy who makes 800k a real estate agent. For simplicity sake let’s say he makes 400k after tax. In 1 year he is ahead a decade compare to the warehouse worker who clears 40k a year. in 1 year he could literally pay off the 400k loan and be debt free and secure for the rest of his life!

Yes my friend has a high sales, high pressure job and pretty much works 8 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week. But even if he did this for just 1 year he would be ahead. Imagine doing 5 years!

I hope you now understand how a high income saves you time. This doesn’t just apply to jobs. If you have a business income it’s the same concept.

I will now list some high paying jobs that pay over 100k in Australia. Granted some jobs require a lot of education and training but others do not.

The point is you may want to strive for a higher income whatever you do.

Jobs that pay a high income are

Management – managers, supervisors


Working in mining

Heavy diesel mechanics

Real estate agents/property sales





Certain finance and accounting jobs

These are just some high paying jobs. Your path may be different. Perhaps after some experience you can take an opportunity to get a promotion in your field. Maybe you need experience and or education. Or maybe you will go into sales instead and try to earn the big bucks. Or perhaps become a trade assistant in mining, oil and gas and make the big bucks.

Whatever you do. Now you have a new perspective on how EARNING MORE SAVES YOUR DIMISHING LIFE HOURS!!

Good luck everyone!

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