Help Me Help People

I started this website because I had knowledge that I wanted to share to the world that I know will help people.

Throughout my life I learned things that I originally had all in my head but I wanted a way to share my value with the world so I created this website.

My site has lots of valuable information about money, business, mindset, girls, getting laid, becoming happy, being smart, health and fitness and much much more!

If I have helped you in any way I’m very happy about that! Even if I have helped one person I’m happy!

I really love it when I get a positive comment on my site it means a lot to me! Thanks guys!

So if my content has helped you please tell me so in the comment section of the article it means a lot to me.

But I would really like to help and provide value to a lot more people, as many as I can!

But to do that I need some of your help.

I’m not asking for much but all I would like you to do if you like my content is simply

Leave me a positive comment

Share the article using the social media tabs on the left of screen

Post the content link in any relevant forums or sites that you visit

And any other way you can share my content so I can reach more people

That’s it guys I’m not asking for any money lol

My content is free, it always has been and it always will be.

But if you can do those things for me I will appreciate it very much.

You will be helping me help people and that means that you will be helping people which will give you good karma

Ok that’s it guys! Thankyou in advance! Talk soon!


  1. Sir,

    Install a HTTPS/SSL certificate in your website, so the web will rank higher in google.Usually servers offer this for free and there is external services what do it for free also.
    It is a way to “autohelp” yourself.

    • I didn’t know what that was thankyou I will look into it.
      Also I explain who I am on my home page but I dont want to put photos and lots of information at this stage sorry🙂

      • jajaja, I know Mr Admin

        but people feel more attracted when the blogs are personal and if there is a personal explaining with a face and personal brand is always better. If you choose the “Mr Admin” way, you must know there thousands(or more) blogs like yours.

        I know is hard because when I started my youtube channel I was feeling not ok.

        Regards Mr Admin

        Thanks Just A Guy(aka Mr Coherence).

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